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The Integration of Trans-humanism

Omen502   posted:11/16/2011 7:43:37 PM  
I posted a thread a while back on bionic implants, well, I had to post the newest addition. The neuronal computer chip. Now it may be possible to remember things since it was one of the basic functions we were never taught correctly in school. Is that what they are going to use it for? Hmm... Well seeing as how DARPA is the one funding it... I seriously freaking doubt it!

Omen502   posted:11/16/2011 7:49:23 PM  
Maybe this is what they will put the chip in. Something with the capability to hunt humans in the future. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you The Ostrinater!

itscrazytime   posted:11/17/2011 9:42:31 PM  
What could possibly go wrong?

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