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Chase Kloetzke

keithf   posted:3/29/2012 2:31:51 PM  
SIMPLY THE BEST ---Chase Kloetzke, born and raised in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, is known for her drive and involvement in the
UFO/Cryptid/Paranormal fields of study and investigations. One of her many cases included a "Close Encounter of the Third Kind". The report and event broke through the news wires and internet blogospheres!

She began her path of volunteerism as a young activist that wore and displayed a bracelet of a known Vietnam soldier Missing In Action for decades. This lead to her work with war veterans and participation in war reenactments designed for the preservation of the historical significance of their contributions in service. This Vietnam War Demonstration Team participated in a war game competition in Jamestown, Va which notably took first place.

As a personality known for taking corners on two wheels, her background and interests include to this day, sky diving, rappelling, gymnast, cheerleader, certified EMT, Search and Rescue Unit volunteer, martial artist, kickbox instructor, licensed private investigator, phenomena and anomaly hunter/investigator, and radio broadcaster.

Chase earned her Master Trainer/Master Instructor title while employed with the Department of Defense. She was responsible for designing specialized programs and the supervision of the success of Force Readiness and Elite Force Protection. This was achieved by understanding the goals and requirements of physical and mental assignments, expectations and demands on today's military and civilian anti-terrorism units.

Chase joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1996 and was fast-tracked to Deputy Director of Investigations and Star Team Manager through 2011. She was responsible for the design, structure and supervision of a national rapid response team. This included the most experienced investigators and assignment to the most sensitive, complex and extraordinary cases reported. Adding MACT CON as a tracking program to identify flaps and trends near airports, military bases, sacred sites and nuclear bases was also to her credit.

As of 2011, Chase continues to lead and network with a class of highly trained investigators and production specialists in collecting and reporting evidence and events surrounding anomalous cases and this includes a membership with Wolfepack Paranormal headquartered in Tennessee. As a trusted contact and known for aggressive and thorough research and investigations, Chase delivers a team of professionals devoted, tested and experienced with decades of independent case work and public results.

Chase is also a reoccurring guest in the media and stands aside other talents, such as, Richard Dolan, Nick Redfern, Jerry Pippin, James E. Clarkson, Jimi Hughes, Peter Robbins, Mack Malony, Michael Rambacher and other esteemed researchers. She has, with Producer, Joe Champion, developed a series of Special Broadcasts with a new show called "ENCOUNTERS. This program enlisted a Line-up of Richard Dolan, Nick Redfern, Peter Robbins, Mack Malony and Chase as the Broadcasters behind the Mic.

Chase is a Co-Host of a UFO/Cryptid/Paranormal Radio talk show Project White Paper, with Michael Rambacher that first aired early 2011.

As a highly sought after media guest, lecturer and investigator, she finds the balance to spend time with her family that she insists is her greatest achievement. Chase currently lives in Millington, Tennessee where she commands her own intimate brigade consisting of her husband of 25 years and a Naval Submarine Officer, her two Naval and Marine Corps sons David and Peter, beautiful daughter-in-law Andrea, adorable Grandson Ryan and her faithful canine companion Rascal.

They are the bedrock that supports her quest for her continued effort in research and contributions in finding answers and evidence to the mysteries of our world.

This Bio has been compiled and written by Big Feat Entertainment.

Chase is represented by Professional Business Management Agent, Keith Fournier.
weldkatom   posted:3/29/2012 3:08:57 PM  
Now THATS my kind of woman!!!
spooky1   posted:3/29/2012 4:07:42 PM  
That was great thank u

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