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E book "Above Top Black"

keltic_cherokee   posted:12/30/2010 5:04:55 PM  
Hi   I need some help tracking a book down.Several years ago (approx 7 yrs)  I purchased an ebook online entitled "Above Top Black". It was an account of a man who participated in some research which included communicating mentally with an entity possibly alien. It was a good book.  I lost it when my computer crashed. Now I can't find it again to reload from the web.Can anyone tell  me the site to go to so I can re download it?Any Help appreciatedKeltic Cherokee
0x6a656666   posted:12/30/2010 11:55:47 PM  
Was it "Above Top Black" or "Above Top Secret"? Sounds familiar. I think it used to be on the site abovetopsecret.com before that site became more business like and forum-based.
keltic_cherokee   posted:12/31/2010 9:48:15 AM  
That may have been it.... The "Top Black" was a level of classification mentioned in the book. The basic premise was that this individual was in the military and he got involved in a project where he sat in a cubicle or trailer or something , and had contact mind to mind with an entity. I wanted to find it again and re read it.Thanks for responding

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