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The First Documentations of Haunting's

Chuck TIPP Founder   posted:4/9/2012 11:37:31 AM  
The First Documentations of Haunting's

By Charles Swearengin

Do you ever wonder when the first documentations of haunting began in history? You may be surprised.

Ancient Rome is one of the first places in history were documentation about an alleged haunted house.In a letter writing by Pliny the young in the year (A.D .62) to a roman patron Lucia's Sara were he describes owning a villa in Athens were no one will rent because of the ghost that haunts it. According to Pliny the ghost would rattle chains and take the form of an old man with a beard.

Around the same time period a Greek biographer Plutarch (A.D.46) wrote in life of a ghost of a murdered man that was haunting the baths at Chaeronea. Greeks also believed cemeteries and graveyards to be haunted by these evil spirits from the dead, these locations of the final resting places were highly avoided. Public ceremonies of mourning became a sacrificial ritual to ward off the evil in the case of a possible return. The ancient Greeks also invited spirits to annual feasts to honor the families of the dead; although once the feast had ended the spirits were kindly asked to leave and to only return during the same time next year.

King Hsian (827-783 BC) according to Chinese legend executed his minister, To Po, on false charges even after being warned that Tu Po's ghost would seek revenge. Three years later, according to historical chronicles, Tu Po's ghost shot and killed Hsian with a bow and arrow before an assembly of feudal lords.

The first Poltergeist ever recorded was in 856 AD at a farmhouse on the banks of the River Rhine in Germany. The spirit tormented the family by throwing stones, banging on walls and making fires. Even when several priests armed with holy relics came to visit, they were scared away from the house followed with a hail of stones.

An apparition of a ghost was documented from the year 1211 which at the time was the Albigensian Crusade. Garvase of Tilbury wrote that the image of a boy named Guilhem who was murdered appeared in his cousin's home in Beaucaire near Avignon in France. Speaking through his cousin, Guilhem allegedly held conversations with anyone who wished to speak with him until the local priest requested to speak to Guilhem directly, this lead to an extended disquisition on theology. It was believed that Guilhem also narrated the trauma of human death and the unhappiness of his fellow souls stuck in Purgatory. He also reported that God was most pleased with the ongoing Crusade against the Cathar heretics which was launched three years earlier. The time of the Albigensian Crusade in southern France was marked by intense and prolonged warfare with constant bloodshed and dislocation of populations which were the context of the reported visits by the murdered Guilhem.

Our history on earth is full of ghostly haunting or activity around the world. One of the most famous ancient stories may be the story of Jesus Christ as he is believed to have rose from the dead and spoke to those still alive.We also have stories of ancient battle field ghost still fighting even after death from every corner of the earth.

Some of the earliest forma inquiries into apparitions and hauntings began in the mid 19th century primarily in England. One of the first groups formed in Western society was the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) which was founded in London, England in the late 1880s. As an interesting side-note, the SPR and psychical research has been in existence for about as long as physicsts have been studying quantum mechanics.

One of the first major treatises published by the SPR is also one of the first major works on the topic, The Census of Hallucinations appeared in the late 1890s followed in 1901 by the landmark work of the then late F. W. H. Myers Human Personality and Survival of Bodily Death.

In the 20th century the scientific field of parapsychology came into existence worldwide. There are a few hundred people working in this field in the entire world. Parapsychology is perhaps the most under-funded and least represented in terms of workers in the field of all the sciences. This is particularly astounding considering that parapsychology is one of the few sciences that actually seeks to unify or integrate notions of physcial science with scientific psychology.

Modern "paranormal investigators", "paranormal researchers", "ghost hunters", "ghost researchers" and "ghost investigators" are not research parapsychologists. These latter groups do not adhere rigidly to the scientific method and often mix metaphors of physical science with metaphysics and spiritiuality in their work.

Just think until just resent haunting were not investigated one day the haunting we investigate now will also be ancient and will be documented like never before and when you are in a location trying to find the truth remember this you are writing and making history and one day some body maybe researching what we as investigators left behind…

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