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What The Churches don't teach Us...

monica1968   posted:1/14/2012 9:46:45 AM  
All religions of all denominations in this world have secret teachings of Karma, reincarnation, And advanced beings who are our creators, and there is no judgement, only by ourselves, that this is a place of learning not punishment. The churches know full well about the cycles of birth and death,how reincarnation works,and the spirit-side, the place we go after our lives here and of the many other beings around the cosmos. But to withold that sort of knowledge over someone else creates power, and ego, which all churches are guilty of partaking in. Imagine how packed the churches would be if they were to actually teach the truth, but that is not the churches way of enlightening, for they would lose that power to control.
Our soul is vast, i guess it could be likened to an XBOX, when our soul breaks away from the source, its the same as an Xbox, until the soul takes form its only a soul, much the same as XBOX without the game, we plug in XBOX, and insert a game, on that game there are many levels, a few challenges and rewards, there are hidden chambers and cheats shortcut if u r clever, well much can be said for us, our soul takes form it puts on a costume then plays out that game/life, with the same guise as the XBOX game, challenges levels, and rewards, along with the hidden chambers of knowledge, all knowledge is accessable to everyone, you just got to be at the right level to receive, some knowledge can be obtained by cheating and used in a poisonous way, but its only useful on that level, so what is the point,you wont have the knowledge to go further if you cheat, and you cant go from level one to ten without the others in between, but its up to us all to look for the clues, they are always there, just may not be where you most expected.
breeld   posted:1/14/2012 4:43:44 PM  
That was a very good explanation/demonstration, Monica. I`m still trying to figure out reincarnation. I`d have to say I believe it about 85%, but would really like to know 100%. How did you acquire this surety that we reincarnate?
monica1968   posted:1/14/2012 6:01:06 PM  
I have past-life memories, and any doubt that i may have had it was real was put to one side when my mother and i shared the same image memory, it also makes perfect sense once you understand that you are an eternal being, who has lived thousands of lives off and on Earth, although once you get your mind past this concept i will stretch it a bit more,for there is many facets to this, if we are to talk about basics then one would start with death. We may shed our bodies we return to spirit, but we keep our identity of who we are, when we pass over we immediately assess the life we have just lived. what could we have done better or different, or simply just came to learn a particular lesson, or even just to observe. When we incarnate on Earth because of Freewill and karma its easy to get pulled into situations either by having children or relationships, we get bogged down and create situations that keep us tied until all karma is repayed. there is of course a get out of jail free card on this one, if you can identify what needs to be addressed in this life and perhaps resolve the situation by asking the parties involved for forgiveness, or in the least to release each other from destructive patterns, because by doing this you all see that continuing with negative traits will keep you bound to each other whether you like it or not. by seeing the pattern you are half way to addressing the issues that keep you bound.
breeld   posted:1/15/2012 6:14:13 AM  
I`ve only had one memory that may or may not be past life memory. I am white, but when I see a little black girl with braids and beads in her hair, just for a flash, I`m not me-I am someone braiding and beading that hair. It has happened often enough that it makes me wonder. It`s over in an instant, but always leaves me with a stange, almost excited feeling. I am a barber/hairdresser, but have never braided and beaded hair. Like I said, don`t know if it`s past life, but sure is weird.
monica1968   posted:1/15/2012 7:56:41 AM  
Well go with it, when you got an hour sit down and meditate, our minds will always open if we allow, then go back to the scene, place yourself there, now imagine the smells, try and look around soak up the atmosphere,and how you may have been feeling. Our minds are powerful, and will always give us clues to any of the issues we are having in this life.
The subject of past-life has been met with some reservations, especially as it seems that many people look up and say that they were Julius Caesar or Cleopatra or some other fanciful character. Well it is possible that its entirely plausible and now i shall attempt to explain why this maybe the case. When the majority of people have been incarnating on Earth for a while it becomes easier to understand the workings of Earth-life, as all lives are recorded every part[emotions etc]. But what of the new wave of souls that are coming in, what have they got to be able to understand how Earth-life works, to a gentle soul who has never experienced violence the heaviness of 3d life can shatter their spirits, they have nothing substantial to cling onto, so the powers that be who are our Creators/custodians have devised a system, what they do is overlay someone else's life experiences, its called imprinting, the person who is new here would never know that it wasn't his or her lives, it doesn't matter, but it seems that sometimes this isn't enough, you can tell one of these new souls, there are 3 age brackets late 50s- early 60s then late 30s-early 40s and late teens to early 20s, they are very sensitive, and have real aims to come and incarnate to help people here wake up to who they are and take responsibility for our part in making this a heavy world, full of negative vibes, but things are changing, people are now waking up to the fact that 3D earth is just a playground and school, they are waking up to the fact that there is indeed much more to life if we look for it
monica1968   posted:1/15/2012 8:05:53 AM  

In Reply To:
breeld  posted:1/15/2012 6:14:13 AM  
I`ve only had one memory that may or may not be past life memory. I am white, but when I see a little black girl with braids and beads in her hair, just for a flash, I`m not me-I am someone braiding and beading that hair. It has happened often enough that it makes me wonder. It`s over in an instant, but always leaves me with a stange, almost excited feeling. I am a barber/hairdresser, but have never braided and beaded hair. Like I said, don`t know if it`s past life, but sure is weird.
Is there anything amiss in this life at present ? Is there a sense of belonging in that memory, or one of being alone ? you are being shown this flash for a reason, its up to you how you proceed, all of us incarnating here have to be all faiths all creeds in turn but in no order to completely understand every situation, so it absolutely normal to be of another race in the past-life context. the above post was for you awswell, i wrote this in as an afterthought.
jaguarsky   posted:1/15/2012 10:35:22 AM  
I believe there are two types of "reincarnation". Firstly I believe in genetic memory. Scientists are pretty darn sure that some animal species have it; elephants for instance. So why is it so far fetched to think that we might also?

I have had some very vivid memories of standing on a foggy quay in a long dark woolen dress and heavy wool shawl. I had the feeling that I was waiting for someone. I have also felt the rush of wind into sails as I watched the tall ships sailing in New England. I kneviscerallyly how it feels when the wind seizes the sails and how the ship feels under your feet as she catches and begins to move forward. I have never been on a sailing ship in my life; this life. But my ancestors came from Ireland and England to this country iW's's and then another branch in the earlW's's. Those intrepid predecessors would certainly have known that feeling.

But, I also have had some vivid memories of a Greek temple where I was a servant and had as a small child had quite connection to the Goddess Isis. Which I must say twisted my fundamentalist parents into tight little bunches. I also used to sit for hours making clay (mud) mummiforms. I don't know why. My hispanic roots go back to the Sephardic Jews I am told, so perhaps one group of my ancestors came out of those Greek and Egyptian parts of the world: the Mediterainian, Middle East and North Africa, not to mention all of the land that those civilizations conquered. Oh, I also knew how to belly dance and dance flamenco by the time I was four. Again, my behavior left my folks less than pleased.

All of my memories I believe can be explained by genetic memory. That concept seems only logical. Following that thread it leads us to the subject of immortality. If everyting that all of my ancestors learned and experienced is somehow stored in my DNA, then they are indeed immortal. As long as my line continues.

But I have come across enough situations where there seems to be no relation to an ancestor. The memories and physical markers sometimes seen in reincarnation stories have no possible association to the subject who has experienced them. Although I do think that if one could dig deep enough there may be some slight connection, such as a grandparent hearing of or seeing an incident that left a great impression on them and then passing that information through genetic memory. Even taking that into account there are many cases which simply defy any other explanation than spontaneous reincarnation of one soul to a new body, without any familial or cultural connections at all.

I do know that ALL things are connected. I don't have the vaguest idea of how this might work, although apparently it does and well. Sometimes the string is long, sometimes short. Sometimes it takes many strings of varying length and strength to make a connection. It is something for the scientists and sages to contemplate and even then it will make no difference what they decide. It just is what it is.
monica1968   posted:1/15/2012 4:42:25 PM  
OOOh jaguar what a cracking piece, and your explanation would certainly explain why we would incarnate into particular family lines, perhaps for the specifics of this life-time we lead now, we are said to choose the parents and situations with various people, that if we were to choose the same people we would need that particular genetic material to lead this life, to create the conditions for us to learn, or teach, and that we all come from the same source, no matter what costume we wear then that is all we need to know for total peace of our souls.
macros72   posted:1/15/2012 6:15:14 PM  
I have a "oddness" memory about the ancient Egyptian period. I recall a brief "memory" of being stood high upon a hill. I observe something below, many others are with me, some chanting and laughing etc. Below us is a gigantic cube made out of stone blocks! Those around me seem amazed and shocked whilst I just stare.

Now, I know such things have never been found in Egypt so it must be some garbled, miss mash memory?
breeld   posted:1/15/2012 6:30:28 PM  
Well jaguarsky, I, too believe in genetic memory. Or cellular memory. I even asked my mother if she had braided and beaded hair, in case it was a memory passed down from her. (She hadn`t.) My great grandmother was a full indian, and it crossed my mind that could be where the memory came from, but I know it`s really not. I can even see the hair, the parting and sectioning off, etc., and it`s nothing like Indian hair.
So how would one determine whether a memory is from reincarntion or inherited? I will try the meditation, as Monica suggested, to see if I can get anything further. I just have a problem meditating. I fall asleep.
spooky1   posted:1/15/2012 7:03:56 PM  
I too have a problem meditating, I cant keep my mind from spinning with thoughts. Danm A.D.D. !
breeld   posted:1/15/2012 7:36:56 PM  
Spooky, I have the Jose Silva cd`s. They work,somewhat, but I just always try doing it myself. Guess I need to go back to the cd`s again.
JOSMAN087   posted:1/16/2012 4:14:03 AM  
Cant go from level 1 - 10? Speak for yourself, lol. J/K. But good way of putting it.
breeld   posted:1/16/2012 7:30:22 AM  
Josman: Were you referring to the Silva cd`s? Well, I do great-he talks me down really easily, and I`m all dreamy and floaty-then he gets to the part that says "feel your feet and legs (etc) feel as if they don`t belong to you." Well, there goes my mind-trying to think and feel. I`m thinking "how the hell do I make my feet and legs feel like they don`t belong to me?" "How is it supposed to feel?" And on and on. So I just get frustrated give it up. If I could get past that, I`d probably make some progress. But at least I don`t fall asleep with the Silva ones. lol

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