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Haunt in Caulumet West, Kennesaw Georigia

RG499   posted:1/18/2014 2:27:36 PM  
I have lived in Calumet West about two years now and I live a few houses up from the pool. If no one has heard of this place just do a web search for haunted places in Georgia and this place is pretty much on every list by different websites. I can say for sure this place is haunted by very dark entities. I never had anything weird or unexplained happen to me before I moved into this neighborhood. But, since I have moved here I 100% believe in the paranormal now. I have seen 4 apparitions, 1 that my friend and I saw at the same time in my basement. I've had violent poltergeist activity happen right in front of me, and I have caught several negative E.V.Ps in my living room. I even had things follow me to college. Take my word for it and don't taunt and provoke whatever is here like I did because it will come after you. I truly believe whatever is here is demonic. I have had 2 different dreams where I was possessed by a demon and was attacking my family and screaming demonic names that I have never even heard before in my life. But, after this happened, I Googled the names and sure enough they were the names of notorious demons. I also know a couple of other people who live in this neighborhood who have experienced things. I went down to the pool once around 2 in the morning and was provoking and I was standing out in the open not near anything and something violently tugged on the back of my shirt. Also there was an extremely loud crash and movement right behind my friend and me in the tree line of the woods and then it was completely silent. It was not a tree falling, it was not an animal because there were no footsteps afterward, I am an avid hunter and outdoors man and I know what animals sound like in the woods and this was no animal and there was no wind blowing. My advice is to just stay away from this place because it is truly evil, but if you must go investigate whatever is here, the exact coordinates to the spot that the most activity is reported at behind the pool in the woods is 33.97781, -84.68112. I have had many more things happen that I can't even count. If you want full details of what I have experienced just message me. If anyone else has had any experiences here, please post them in the comment section. I would love to here them.

I have a video I took on my Ipod about a year ago where I captured several voices on the audio but I never heard with my own ears. The reason I shot this video was my dog was growling at the corner so I grabbed my camera and started provoking and this is what I got. There was two voices that were distinct that I noticed right away and after listing to it over and over I noticed possibly a few more. I would like to hear other people's opinions on what words are being said or any skeptics could give me a good explanation on how these voices showed up on the video without me hearing it with my ears. The first thing is what sounds like a grunt or a growl and it is at the 38 second mark. I'm not too sure what it is. It could be the floor squeaking. I've tried to recreate it in that spot but I can't. The second one is a voice right at the 1:02 mark and it sounds like it says monster or monstri which is Latin for monster. Right when it happens my dog looks in the kitchen and there was no one in there. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth ones I just recently noticed and their sort of feint. Right as she looks in the kitchen at the 1:06 and 1:07 mark there is a feint voice that says something then says "stop looking". There is also a voice I noticed on the audio program at the 30 second mark that says "we don't" after I'm asking to make the dog bark.The fourth one is at the 1:15 mark and it sounds like its saying Ryan, which is my name . The fifth one is at the 2:00 mark and I'm not positive what it says. To me it sounds like "were going to chase you".There is also a strange hi pitch sound/voice at the 1:37 mark that sounds sort of like help me.The last one to me is the creepiest. It's at the 2:17 mark and it says demon of you . As you notice I am opening the door to go look outside to see if there was something out there that was upsetting my dog and there wasn't. I have tried multiple times to recreate the last voice and haven't even come close. You can see that the TV was on but it was muted and there were no other appliances on and I was the only person in the house. If you use a good pair of headphones you can hear them a lot better. When I caught all of these on my Itouch I never heard anything with my own ears.So here it is.


UPDATE: I just found this new audio enhancement software for free and I cut out and cleaned up and enhanced the E.V.Ps so they are much clearer. It wont let me post them on here so if anyone would like to hear them email me at [email protected]

Also I originally posted this on Strangeusa.com and that page has more details and stories in the comment section if anyone is interested in hearing them. http://www.strangeusa.com/ViewLocation.aspx?id=65261&Description=_Calumet_West__Kennesaw__GA

I apologize for the typo in the title, for some reason it wont let me edit it.

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