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death by giant meteor

nugglebunny81   posted:12/22/2011 2:21:23 PM  
im sure most of you have heard about apophis. but many people dont really know about the defcon one drill during the passing of elenin this past september 26th-29th under the infamous denver airport. just food for thought. we well may be in for it. im not trying to create panic or anything, but more trying to remind how precious life is and how much we should be thankful for. i know i post morbid things but i wouldnt if i didnt think them important. video by neil degrasse tyson about apophis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaW4Ol3_M1o one of many sites documenting defcon 1 drill http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1639979/pg1
Levinus   posted:12/23/2011 6:19:46 AM  
What an excellent speaker! I watched the video, and he had the same instructive quality that Brian Greene does. Very well done.

Yeah, Apophis is a beast. Unfortunately, my scientific mind can't rule this one out. It does indeed rank high up on the list of "Oh NO!" for scientists. He spoke the truth. I'd have to ask some astronomers about the calculations and trajectories.

One thing he didn't mention. The "Key hole" concept has a good side to it. If Apophis passes above or below (or next to) that window, Earth does something awesome to it. It might actually sling it out of our way. Gravity is cool. But we'll see I guess.

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