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psychic forces,near death experiences & sleep paralysis

mArAyA   posted:7/3/2011 12:54:48 AM  
hey guys,i have heard some people who face to near death experiences got some psychic forces such as telepathy,healing some ailments etc.parapsychologist say it happens through out the tomporal lobe.when we are facing to a near death experience it stimulate our temporal lobe.they say psychic forces comeup through the temporal lobe.as well as i have heard temporal lobe could be stimulate because of sleep paralysis incidents too.but i'm not sure exactly about it.i wanna know from you guys,is exactly sleep paralysis experiences stimulate our temporal lobe and could it awake psychic forces ??
stormmey   posted:7/4/2011 9:11:20 AM  
im not sure even what part the temporal lobe is. and ive had this nde...but i have had phychic exp's before and after. yet they happen when im in a close open place with god, threw life ive seemed to shut down at times of stress, ya know i have a saying, that people sometime go tp sleep in prayer, its to me like visiting god on valume .... meditation with god, spending time with god... is when this temperal lobe thing just flairs open for me.

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