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How old is the Earth really? Some very good hints

Omen502   posted:8/13/2011 10:41:18 AM  
  I have been listening to dr. Kent Hovind for a few years now and find that he is educated and has done his research.  I have never heard anyone come up with as many good points and facts as he has and respect the man incredibly.  I cannot say what is the actual truth but can anyone explain it better?  Please try
Omen502   posted:8/13/2011 10:43:16 AM  
monica1968   posted:8/13/2011 12:03:31 PM  
Well according to the sumerian cunifrom text [famously desiphered by Zecharia Zitchen} planet Earrth is much much older than the perported 6.5 billion yrs old....The earth was much bigger than it is today aswell.....a huge gouge out of the pacific ocean will testify than it seems as though the earth at some point healed itself as closed in...i am wondering if this is apparent because of the shape of earth...it appears more spherical compared to other planets in this solar system...The cuniform also stated that earth was called the watery monster it also didnt used to sit where it does now either, It used to be further back...roughly where mars sits today although i cannot elaborate as to whether this is mere specualtion or otherwise.   Mars used to be nearer then sun and had a climate that was lush not dissimilar to earth is now.  also on Earth found embedded in  rock  around southern Africa were found some spherical balls..the makeup of the metal composite material was a mystery and when they were boken open what was found was some sort of sponge material..Because of where the were found these cannot be dated any later then 2 billion years according to the sedimentry testing od the rock samples it was found in..One can only hazzard a guess as to their function, my theory is that they were some sort of monitor testing the viability of restarting life or testing for radioactivty after said catastopic events in space. Of course i could be way off the mark,  these are other peoples writings but taken with other facts and such like is an opinion i lean towards....Ps there is also ancient writings or records that show the moon wasnt always here either that turned up about 100,000 years ago, the moon is too big in relation to earth but thats is another story...
JOSMAN087   posted:8/13/2011 12:16:56 PM  
I have not personaly heard or read anything describing that myself.  But if it was a sponge material it could harbor bacteria that traveled here on it.  Possibly createing the algea that started life on Earth.  Seems probable.
monica1968   posted:8/13/2011 1:36:02 PM  
the sponge was encased with a metal alloy...inpervious, i am trying to track down the article itself for  further clarifaction but my memory of it was written by an eminent geologist in this field.....more to follow, but these speres with found 100s ft down and were sealed, the general consensus at the time of findings were some sort of testing or measuring of the atmosphere here on earth i suppose after another catastrophy..more to follow in this
monica1968   posted:8/13/2011 1:36:56 PM  
 /follow on this
monica1968   posted:8/13/2011 3:02:09 PM  
 CHECKOUT THIS WRITE UP....www.dottal.org/evidence_for_a_new_history.htm......i thinkits very relevent to what i was trying to say....aaah just found the peice supporting my theory regarding the spheres and much more....jman .....enjoy
Omen502   posted:8/14/2011 5:48:25 AM  
O.k.  This is what I like.  first of all thank you monica and Josman for replying.  My intentions was for you to see a video but it didn't work in the forum.  I like your answers.  Please watch  the youtube video  Dr. kent Hovind-  How old is the earth.  The video I believe is part one of his series but he explains some good facts.  I am wondering your opinion of this. 
monica1968   posted:8/14/2011 8:54:05 AM  
 gosh omen may think i am dumb here but i cannot find the link on age of the earth...but from what i have gathered he is saying is pretty much the things i believe so i will carry o searching ......
monica1968   posted:8/14/2011 3:34:30 PM  
Found it....is two hours long....but if anyone is new to this concept then this is the man to watch.......then if you want some light reading then the books by douglas j kenyon....forbidden history [prehistoric technologies forgotten] he also did a book on the forbidden science and did a brilliant piece on the god particle interviewing someone who rediscoved it....all the sciences long long forgotten...and finally he did one on religions.....is the only one i havent read ..Yet..this planet has been reinvented so to speak many times..by i suspect by many races....although the tablet showing a human looking towards dinosaurs cannot be ignored......neither can the bones found along caves high up along the grand canyon...[all were found to be men..and as time went the grave goods became less ornate and infact being rather simple in comparison.....At a time when it was just men [hybrids/clones], thinking on the strility of a mule...they cannot breed until there genetics were figured out by the more recent set of creators....non of which i would consider to be god..GOD does not equal creation.....creation comes from technology.....not from god....The one true god would not have been so vain to need to create humans god is for tyhe spiritual side of us only but that is another matter....BRAVO OMEN....cracking subject
Omen502   posted:8/14/2011 7:13:31 PM  
  Thank you,  but I give all credit to Dr. Kent Hovind.  I hope that this will shed a new light on topics maybe turned "sour" by what I would call "power debates"   I don't remember where I heard it or even how it was said but what stuck with me was that beliefs are bullets of the wicked.  This statement made me think for a moment.  I mean how can this be?  Well the conclusion I came to and correct me if you think I am wrong but in a world where alot of us are under the influence of twisted teachings,  passed on beliefs,  and generations of tradition have hindered our decision making skills.  I think not only are these "bullets" pointed at our own head but we like to use them in the heat of debate as weapons for the opposing.  We should take a step back every once in a while and consider the options.   Keep an open mind.  I am no exception and am guilty also.  We all like to believe in what our ancestors believed.  In a sense to "keep us fresh".  But just because they believed it doesn't mean they were right.  I am not saying anyone is right,  but I know Hovind has helped me in my "hour of need".  I used to think that everyone needs to believe in something.  I may have been wrong.  Maybe everyone needs to have faith in something or someone.  Even if it is just to keep us sane.  I encourage anyone reading this to watch the video and would say all of them are must sees.  He speaks of the same issues plagueing us today,  the so-called conspiracies,  chemtrails, 2012, nwo, and more.  I just watched a video where he is speaking of the possible connection between the mandatory vaccinations of our children and linking it to thier auto-immune diseases and sometimes death.  If this is true then maybe we all need to focus less on what happened and focus more on the "now".  I think if I help one person in thier fight against the very thing that is devouring our spirituality,  then I have done my job. 
spiritech0   posted:8/14/2011 11:59:09 PM  
givemebutterflys   posted:8/17/2011 12:39:34 PM  
 the earth is bigger because we live work and play in our own feaceses and rotten ancestors we are dirty parosites living short lifes. the quick we die out and perish the better
monica1968   posted:8/17/2011 2:11:17 PM  
 butterfly......which planet are you on.....the earth isnt bigger because of shit.....is actually smaller than it was originally.......gosh you have a down on the human race.....and you are one of them....or are you ? 
Omen502   posted:8/17/2011 9:21:23 PM  
OK. . .  I dont know about you but i dont do any of them things in my feces.  Anyway the feces we do come into contact with is the mcdonalds that you eat.  I do not believe the earth was smaller I have not seen any evidence about that.  But I am still trying to find out what this had to do with the video?  If you think all humans should die I have to say "you first"  I mean my programming makes me feel I want to live.  I will pray for you givemebutterflies.  the opening of your eyes is but a new beggining.

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