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Time lapses, anyone?

0x6a656666   posted:5/20/2010 8:24:02 AM  
Went out on the porch the other night at 3:15 AM or so--the woods wasn't making a sound. No crickets, birds, frogs, anything. Went out on the porch today at the same time, the woods was going crazy with noises. Same weather, both times. Someone suggested "time lapse." Ever have any yourself that didn't involve large quantities of alcohol? 
jaguarsky   posted:5/20/2010 1:06:51 PM  
If there has been an intruder in the woods, person, domestic pet, or some other denizen out hunting, and an alarm was sounded by one or more of the night critters, it is quite common for every little thing to become silent so as not to become dinner by giving away their position. Happens all the time. Or, it could have been a time lapse, slip, warp, etc...As for having experienced such myself...Dude! I totally missed the 70's!! They tell me I had a wonderful time.
0x6a656666   posted:5/20/2010 1:36:04 PM  
I was hoping to bank on the time lapse explanation. LOL
tapuout4985   posted:5/21/2010 10:07:33 AM  
Once, when I was driving home at night, I had a time lapse of sorts.  To my perception I went from being about 5 miles north of my house to about 15 miles southeast of my house in a town I had never driven to before all in a split second.  The best explanation I could come up with without dipping into the paranormal was that I had fallen asleep, but some subconscious part of my brain was able to take over and keep me on the highway, but didn't have the understanding of what was going on to get me home.  I guess it would be similar to sleepwalking.  The road isn't straight and after about 8 miles or so I would have had to make a left turn at a T intersection.  The problem with this explanation is that I'm exNavy and used to spend days on end on watch and working, so I've learned how to stay awake.  I wasn't even tired that night as it was only shortly after sundown.  The whole instance left me with a sick feeling.
spiritech0   posted:5/21/2010 2:26:15 PM  
My wife has gone through time lapses while driving, and she still does.  She tends to make more u-turns trying not to get lost than driving from point-A to point-B.  I used to worry about her driving alone, but for the past five years, she's attributed her experience of "letting the car drive itself" to her guardian spirit - "Charlie".  She says that he's the one that makes sure she doesn't get lost and end up in a ditch.  She doesn't like to drive anyway.  But she does tell me that time flies by like a tiny bug: you think you can follow it's path - then - poof! - it's like it blinked out of existence.  I wouldn't bother with this website if I hadn't experienced weird phenomena, and so I have no reason to doubt her.
hedotfan   posted:5/25/2010 3:36:05 AM  
I was on a break in class, so I went to the student lounge to eat. it was 9:00 am. break is 10 minutes long. I ate for five minutes including the time it took to get down to the cafeteria(I keep close tabs with my cell phone clock so I'm not late for class, because there are penalties for being late) then left for the elevator, got on the elevator and went straight to the fourth floor. that took 3 minutes. the wierd thing: I should have got there 9:08. I got there at 9:13.  there were five minutes of unaccounted for time. I went over it over and over and over again. it was so wierd.
macros72   posted:6/1/2010 5:40:46 PM  
I can remember taking the dog for a walk on a sunny sunday evening and began to feel ill - flu bug - I leaned against an old stone wall for five or ten minutes deciding whether to continue the walk or go home.  I headed back home.  This short trip out and back took around 30 minutes.  When i got home i was asked where I`d been - the clock said 9.15 pm.  I had left around 7pm!!!  I suppose the flu played with my senses too much.  I suspect i must have walked slower than i normally would.  I ended up bedridden for 3 days.Still puzzles me though as around 2 hours seemed too much.  
lisa caruso   posted:6/9/2010 7:54:00 PM  
i was playing the sims at 12:23 am, i always have a habit of glancing at the time...anyways, i had been playing for about 45 minutes when i had to go pee. well, never in my life has it took me very long to pee, but when i got back to the living room to continue my game, the clock said 5:30 am. i was dumbfounded....i thought the clock somehow malfunctioned...so i checked other clocks and even the t.v. news for the time. all 5:30 am. i still didn't believe it so i went outside to see the beginning traces of dawn. i still, to this day do not know how i lost about 5 hours going to the bathroom. this is only one of many time lapses throughout my life.
Hug-A-Bug   posted:6/13/2010 12:11:46 AM  
 I too had a driving w/o memory occurrence happen to me many yrs ago.  It wasn't until recently that I studied brain waves and learned about the Theda wave (trance like state).  I realize what happened.  Theda waves are produced by doing repetitive chores/motions.  This allows the person to relax, catch some zzzzzz's while the waking body preforms the task at hand.

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