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astronauts & UFOs

spooky1   posted:11/13/2011 10:12:19 PM  
Hey everyone. New to the site. Anyway. About a year ago I was dating someone whose father used to work at NASA.he found out I was into everything paranormal & said u should talk to my dad about what happened when astronauts used to come back. He said they would all talk about seeing large super shiney flying objects.that were never on radar.so. I asked.his father,who was never that interested in UFOs, do u believe.they r real? He though a bit & said yes.I do.I always thought they were real, now I NO!
breeld   posted:11/14/2011 5:06:29 AM  
Interesting! I personally have never seen a ufo, but enough people have reported seeing them that you have to know they`re seeing SOMEthing. Wouldn`t it be wondeful to have a conversation with an actual astronaut and know what they`ve seen?
breeld   posted:11/14/2011 5:07:24 AM  
wonderful oops
0x6a656666   posted:11/14/2011 5:14:46 AM  

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breeld  posted:11/14/2011 5:07:24 AM  
wonderful oops
LOL....you can edit your own posts now, breeld.
breeld   posted:11/14/2011 5:37:45 AM  
Jeff-Thank goodness-I`m full of errors.lol
JOSMAN087   posted:11/14/2011 11:22:41 AM  

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0x6a656666  posted:11/14/2011 5:14:46 AM  
LOL....you can edit your own posts now, breeld.
WORD, nice new site jeff. coodoes <---lol<---maybe ill edit that l8r.

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