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Home made ghost house

macros72   posted:1/26/2011 4:54:23 PM  
I once read in a parnormal mag about a dolls house hand built to look spooky had attracted the real thing.  Yes it sounds crazy but other readers eventually gave accounts of similar experiences.  Anyone know anything on this?
godlypunk   posted:1/27/2011 3:14:19 PM  
Not sure if it is the same thing or not but I bought a large painting back in the late 90's. The painting was awful, old wagon wheel etc. But I like the dimensions, rectangular 2' by 5'. I whitewashed over the painting and created my own. I was rather poor at the time so this was more affordable than trying to buy a new canvas and frame it. I painted a version of Stevie Nicks from the cover of her album "Rooms On Fire" where she resembled Alice In Wonderland. Behind her I painted in a pillar with a blue crystal ball on top of it. I titled the painting "Blue Lamp" and hung it in our hall.A week later we kept waking up to hear the dog going crazy barking. My wife raced downstairs and saw a blue colored light disappearing into the painting while the dog was barking with his paws on the bottom of the painting staring into it. See I painted the picture long ways so that it resembled a door frame. Five feet tall by two feet wide. A few days later we were both sitting out on the front stoop with the screen door behind us. As we talked we would turn our heads toward each other in conversation. Suddenly we both noticed something behind us inside the house. We both turned at the same time to see a little blonde haired girl running around the corner from the hallway. She was kind of transparent but you could tell she was blonde by the tone. Of course there was no one there when we went inside to find her. This kept occuring for several more weeks before finally getting quiet.So the question we both had was; Did I create some kind of dimesional reality when I painted the picture, or was it an already existing reality that used my interpretation to come through.Not sure if this is the same phenomina or not.
macros72   posted:1/28/2011 6:50:19 PM  
found/remembered where i saw the article - Fortean Times
gemini663181   posted:2/19/2011 2:01:58 PM  
Most things that we touch or manipulate as human beings have a bit of some type of dimemsional interaction. Most people do not know what we are capable of because they are in the material rather than the spiritual. If you paint or create something you have crossed the portals that most of us cant see or percieve. We are very powerful beings and we have the ability to control our reality. What you do through art is a science and what we do as carnal beings also can create life. We just have to imagine that the reality that we live in is just one part of what we are not who we are. I hope that you use your gift for the benifit of our species because you most likely have a gift that you have yet to realise. We all have a gift but we have to travel through some of this material plane to accept what that gift is  a good example is the picture of Dorian Grey this is a story of a painting that contains the spirit of a man. The Stevie Nicks thing is real I have a great collection of the albums of Fleetwood Mac and it is a rumour that she and the rest of the Band were witches. If you study the album covers and the lyrics you can see why people who have knowledge of the craft such as myself believe that there was a hint or many hints of the craft in their songs as well as album cover art. I hope that you can grasp what you may have as a gift and use it to the best purpose. Look at the cover art for rumours by Fleetwood Mac and notice the balls hanging from the crotch of the lead singer as well as the clothing of Stevie Nicks it is symbolic of sex magick as well as the lyrics you will find that with most things in this world there are messages hidden in all art and in music as well!!!
gemini663181   posted:2/19/2011 2:07:01 PM  
If you can look up Mick Fleetwoods life story There are some hints to the Stevie Nicks stories!!!!
gemini663181   posted:2/19/2011 2:15:54 PM  
The stories of lindsey Buckingham and Christine Mcvie  are also pretty interesting and their time in sausalito california are also a good study. This is just a method of tracing the origins of the events that you are experiencing. There is much more if you have the gift!!!!!
erysian   posted:2/21/2011 1:06:51 PM  
The Japanese make houses for the dead, which by some accounts become haunted. Is that because the dead are drawn to it, or is it something to do with creating the thing with that in mind? Ripley's Believe It or Not, there was mention at one point of a house built by a town for the devil, which somehow 'became' haunted. Not sure if the picture relates or not, but interesting.

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