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visons I guess


oraculum   posted:8/14/2012 6:56:37 PM  
First off I'm not crazy or at least I don't feel crazy.Strange things have always happened to me and my mother before me, of note I see the dead even had a few speak through me. Ok now things have changed, most nights I'm plagued by visions and they are mostly bad fires, death, explosions, and strange colors covering the sky. I can smell the fire and feel the heat and b no I'm not religious and think I'm seeing hell.
My question is this do you think I'm seeing what had happened or what might happen I've had six total now and I'm hoping there will be no more.
Thank you for this sight and the help it may provide.

oraculum   posted:8/14/2012 7:12:12 PM  
Site... Not sight sorry
Jaxerback   posted:9/2/2012 10:08:45 PM  
It might be sub-concious "memories" of a previous incarnation.Try past life regression therapy.
Sounds like you are remembering a war.WW 2 I would say.
Levinus   posted:9/3/2012 7:43:22 AM  
I'm not really surprised you are seeing things like that or dreaming them. Every day there is news of death and destruction, and the media loves to find it and broadcast it. Earthquakes, hurricanes, or today...a bomb in Pakistan.

You might just be having anxiety or fear. It seems to me that there is a general consensus among everyone...a sort of unspoken agreement that "something" is about to happen. Or that things are changing. Everyone is a little on edge, and I bet there might be a little mass hysteria brewing.

I would assume you are just sensitive to a lot of the chaos these days. However, if your visions prove to be prophetic...accurate...you should share that. Do they feel like things that are GOING to happen? Do they have a sense of familiarity?

I don't really believe in hell. There isn't quantitative evidence for it. But there IS quantitative evidence that suggests people can witness future events, or current ones remotely.
oraculum   posted:9/4/2012 8:27:40 PM  
Levinus they are very familiar places to but in a detached sort of way, like deja vu. I also don't believe in hell but these visions are full of things I cant put a name to and that's the main reason I don't share my visions.
oraculum   posted:9/4/2012 8:29:22 PM  
jax I would like to have regression but I have no idea where to start???
Jaxerback   posted:9/5/2012 4:24:34 PM  
Google the word "hypnotherapist" along with the general area in which you reside.You should get a few results.
Then do some background research.Its easy these days.
Give it a go!!
LincolnGenghis   posted:9/7/2012 3:44:39 PM  
Could have to do with life events also.
There was a story I remember from years back
From a cencentration camp survivor, he said
the time he was there he had great dreams
And it was not until he was free and safe and out
Of that situation that he started having the
Most horrible nightmares. It was almost like
His subconscious had put all the bad stuff
On hold until he was in a better place in his
life to actually process all the horrors he went

LincolnGenghis   posted:9/16/2012 1:22:47 PM  
LincolnGenghis   posted:9/16/2012 1:22:52 PM  
oraculum   posted:9/16/2012 7:57:38 PM  
I have nothing big nothing at all effecting my life
0x6a656666   posted:9/20/2012 8:35:13 PM  
I'm sure there has to be at least one or two big things. How about your indespensable ego? Mine affects me all the time.
Orphen   posted:9/23/2012 2:34:44 PM  
you're seeing a part astral world.
oraculum   posted:9/23/2012 11:40:51 PM  
I understand the astral plain and stuff but why is it so profound all of a sudden...
P.investigator   posted:9/30/2012 11:41:48 PM  
hey don't listen to these people because what you are seeing are premonitions; especially if the deaths you are seeing are strangers' deaths. Try and use your power instead of fighting it
gary107   posted:10/4/2012 8:15:30 PM  
I understand the notion of premonitions, I think you should place yourself where you can make the best use of such visions. This Oct. 15th is a likely date for an attack by Israel on Iran, persons may start to have premonitions because their minds are fearful of what is developing. Do not fear the deaths of billions of people. It is possible for humankind to live pass such events. There has been decades of preperations and trillions of dollars spent on the likelihood of this happening, it is with regrets that the energy place into this occurance increased the chances of the event happening. HIV/AIDS has given decades of Biotech development we did not have in the early 1960's. FIV [feline, cat] disease was added to show which group had done the work and which social class favoured this technology. They do so love their horses, but the release of an EIV virus at this time would be as cruel as the release of the FIV was. FIV was release because cats were gods to those who are written to have enslaved those folks and apartment owners dislike the smell of cats their renters may own. It was an attack both against both the poor and also the believers in the Koran. A CIV directed against dogs would only divide folks along the wrong lines. Leave it in the hands of God.
gary107   posted:10/10/2012 10:31:15 AM  
there are people who want the attack this Monday to help Mitt R win our national elections in a few weeks. This will be the first time Atomic bombs are dropped during military action since Aug. 1945. The bunker bombs will come first, then the stealth bombers will follow with their A-bombs. The world will blame the USA for selling these weapons to Israel so that they could carry out this strike. Fill up on gas and buy gold before
Monday, then just hold tight. Your "visions" will make it to television.
gary107   posted:10/11/2012 2:08:45 PM  
There were bright colors in the sunsets of Guam, M.I. in 1960 & '61 after the Atomic blast air test on Johnston island. The colors will be great, but the "breakmanship" will determine how much of the Earth will get to enjoy
them after the attack this Monday.
oraculum   posted:10/13/2012 3:56:07 AM  

In Reply To:
P.investigator  posted:9/30/2012 11:41:48 PM  
hey don't listen to these people because what you are seeing are premonitions; especially if the deaths you are seeing are strangers' deaths. Try and use your power instead of fighting it
I've been right on a few of them showing up, just small things in the news, non consequential things. I do believe this is important and I have let a few people know around me...

I have never been given or seen a date but i do know if what i'm seeing is real.... well were all gonna need to stand together in the face of whats to come...
gary107   posted:10/14/2012 3:49:41 PM  
Israel and Iran will have their fight, a night of a "new moon" that is a night without Moon light is most likely, this Monday Oct 15th USA time. I have always said premonitions are not meaninful if they miss the major events in history. It could be you are saving face for that ability.

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