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The Shadow People


harper   posted:4/23/2008 3:20:24 AM  
the old ones or the antient ones, if you believe the necronomicon, demoms? who can say.
ofutile   posted:12/24/2008 3:47:18 AM  
If there's anything that can hurt you at will... it's the shadow people.
harper   posted:1/5/2009 5:53:47 AM  
i do not think that the shadow people are able to hurt. I have seen one and it did no harm to me.
Wanna_Believe_3   posted:2/27/2009 1:38:15 PM  
What IS exactly a shadow person? Please inform the unenlightened. :-)
TroyParanormal   posted:3/29/2009 3:06:19 PM  
Ok, Shadow People are believed to have never actually lived, unlike ghost's or spirits. They seem to be something else. Could it be Demonic activity? The subject of Shadow People is a hard one to define. Hopefully as time passes, we may gain a better understanding of them.
3scarletshot3   posted:4/9/2009 2:08:41 PM  
Ah, the shadow people :) i am going to give my own speculation here. I believe in the exsistance of interdimensional "rips" on occasion. I am also not going to lie about the fact that yes, I have experimented with stimulant drugs which have the ability to keep one up and conscience for days. Yes, I profess to have seen shadow people and have also asked other people about their experiences. The results of my queries came out all the same: sleep deprivation seems to serve as a catalyst regarding this sort of activity. I don't know why but one theory is a shamanic one. Indiginous Americans (Indians) have been known to utilize sleep deprivation as means towards spiritual transcendence, (obviously sometimes coupled with such triptamine drugs as the mushroom, stropharia cubinsus and the Andean drug Ayahuasca or it's synthesized version: DMT. Mescaline has also been employed quite substantially by the apache indians of the American southwest and deserts of northern mexico. mescaline serves as a natural amphetimine in it;s own right. ussually "demonic" forces appear bright in the color spectrum as well as the temperature. I think that shadow people are just that, shadows. Shadows of unsuspecting people being watched by you:)via another realm. PS. I have found that these shadow people cannot be caught either:) everytime I have thought them real (always walking the streets @ 2-3 in the morning), they vanish upon further investigation? ??? This is my take.
mysticaura   posted:9/11/2010 3:45:52 PM  
Ok, I dont know if I'm putting this in the right place for topic. So here goes.. I see things sometimes from the corner of my eyes like shadows in the shape of people moving but when I look no one is there. I am not on any drugs or such and am sober when I see these people that are not there. I also along time ago heard a disembodied voice about four inches from my ear. No one was in the room with me when this happened. This has happened to me a few times over the years.(disembodied voice) Am I hearing and seeing shadow people or ghost and spirits?
RedBird   posted:9/17/2010 6:21:42 PM  
@mysticaura, What did the voice(s) say?
mysticaura   posted:9/18/2010 5:32:59 AM  
The voice I heard years ago about four inches from my ear was a very clear mans voice (no one was in the room at the time) and said "I love you". The other few times  I heard voices over the years (again no one around me at time I hear these) was more like low whispers like mummbling. Could not make out what was said. And one other time it was high pitched voice tone and could not make out what said either. I have not heard voices in a long time now but hear things moving around once in awhile and no one there. Nothing is moving or anything. Its like for example-if some one was sitting in the room and shuffled their feet or rub their hands together. Like someone moving around but no one there. Is best I can discribe it.
itscrazytime   posted:9/20/2010 8:19:57 PM  
There's one where I used to work. It was harmless but sometimes played  jokes. It felt very old to me. Many people who worked there for any amount of time saw it. I saw it lurking behind boxes and even dancing across the ceiling. I think it liked the company. I was never afraid of it, and neither was anyone else, actually no one in that factory has ever been seriously injured.
sabrelove   posted:1/24/2013 2:51:32 PM  

In Reply To:
harper  posted:1/5/2009 5:53:47 AM  
i do not think that the shadow people are able to hurt. I have seen one and it did no harm to me.
I seen two when i was eight years old, they were there to hurt me in some sort of way or take me away, i couldnt cry move or even piss myself i was so terrified of them. Thats when a female of some sort a little on the heavy side sat down at the end of the couch where i had been laying. She then touched my leg where my dog was at the time she growled and then simmmered down so i knew she wasnt a threat, she then spoke to me and told me everything will be ok and like telepathicallly i heard a screetch in my mind and the shadow people dissapeared and the spot on the couch slowly went back to normal i never got to see her but those shadows will always haunt me, after that i started to have sleep paralysis.
spooky1   posted:1/24/2013 6:11:56 PM  

In Reply To:
mysticaura  posted:9/18/2010 5:32:59 AM  
The voice I heard years ago about four inches from my ear was a very clear mans voice (no one was in the room at the time) and said "I love you". The other few times  I heard voices over the years (again no one around me at time I hear these) was more like low whispers like mummbling. Could not make out what was said. And one other time it was high pitched voice tone and could not make out what said either. I have not heard voices in a long time now but hear things moving around once in awhile and no one there. Nothing is moving or anything. Its like for example-if some one was sitting in the room and shuffled their feet or rub their hands together. Like someone moving around but no one there. Is best I can discribe it.
I constantly see shadows in the coned of my eye. & used to hear a deep male voice shout my full frost name in my ear everytime I tryed to lay down.I have an old pix I was taking of my friends.brearded. dragon & next to it was a brown paper bag.only in the bag u could see a face VERY clearly.
Wereparadox   posted:1/24/2013 10:25:19 PM  
Ha. I punched one in the face. No lie. Had one in my old house. It stood in my livingroom was so thirsty and had to get by it. I figured it would just be a shadow when I got close. When I got close I could plainly see it was standing off the wall. I got scared and punched it. It went away. Felt bad later. It didn't actually do anything and I punched it where its nose would be. Sorry shadow guy. Here try this. Sit in the dark with a single very faint light source. Not a candle. Just look at one wall. Don't blink or look away. Don't actually look at anything. Don't move your eyes but use your perrifreal vision. Like what you see at the corner of your eyes. Just look for movement. Do it as long as you can. If you just don't try to look at anything particular you might see odd things. Like half visable movement sort of like the predator movies. Let me know if you see anything.
Tiff88   posted:1/28/2013 9:30:03 PM  
I have seen shadow people my whole life. Never been harmed by them before though. But there was a time when I was two years old. I only remember my age because I lived in a trailer with my parents and I got sick just after I turned three and had to have surgery. Right after I had surgery I went to live with my grandmother. But I remember two blue men come from my closet and tickle me and they wouldn't stop. I know it sounds crazy but My older brother also remembers them. I also see things like spiders on walls after waking up and after jumping up really fast and reaching for something to squish it, they're gone.
gary107   posted:2/2/2013 9:59:57 PM  
What follows is a series of events I have recorded, and are personal experiences, that I attest to for accuracy and truth. Within the metaphysical contexts they are profound.

These essays are A.M.E.s (Apparently Metaphysical Events) characterized by degrees of the unexplainable which occurred to me personally and without reasonable explanation, not necessarily in chronological order. These are events that include something that affected one or more of the five senses in an unambiguous way. This encounter with an unknown event in the physical is comparable to the subjective state of a genuine experience of gnosis; especially as no entheogens were in use. Special Note: remember that entheogens are a physical cause associated with a psychological (i.e. mental) experience. These A.M.E.s are unassociated with ingesting entheogens (psychotropic substances), but may have parallels when placed into a philosophical context…

First: An Unseen Visitor

Living in the Grant Street house in El Cajon, I would occasionally have groups of people over to practice some ritual, ceremony, incantation, or meditation. One evening I had a rather large group over to practice something whose nature I cannot remember specifically, but it involved forming a magickal circle with a protective barrier around the group. After invoking this circle and the spells of protection, we began some chants, particularly the Vedic monotone Aum. Strangely enough, I noticed one deep voice in particular coming from a particular spot in the room near the fireplace.
We continued on. I was sitting cross legged in front of the Table of Art (in this case a small coffee table) which had a thurible (brazier) on it containing a small flame, which was the only light on in the house. Proceeding with my invocation or incantation, our dog TeeTosh, belonging to roommate Jamie (who was not in attendance) rushed into the room from the bedroom, and across the protective circle we had invoked around us. This little black dog came right to me and appeared to take refuge on my lap. I accepted this as a matter of course and continued with my invocations. Suddenly, Tosh dipped her head under the small, light table, and then pushed upward, overturning it and all of its contents onto the carpet, including the thurible and the small fire it contained. Everyone reacted by stepping back and away from the mess and the flame as pandemonium broke out, and fell out of the protective enclosure of the magick circle. Lights came on, and we put out the fire without much damage to the carpet, but a lot of damage to our event. Deciding that the evening's ceremony was over, we tried to determine what had happened. A few things started becoming clear. First, the deep voice that we all heard chanting was noticed by all of us, but we were unable to identify who that had been, and began to suspect that it was nobody who was supposed to be at our event. It possibly came from something not from our world at all. I then expressed my suspicion that maybe Tosh overturned the table with some influence, and that the dog that came physically from outside the circle after the circle and barrier were erected wasn't alone; carried something with her into the circle. The apparent rush from fright to sit on my lap, and the apparent deliberate movement of her head down, then under the table and up thus pushing it over seemed most bewildering. Because of this, and because the dog had not been with us when I cast the formative invocation to create a protective boundary around us, and had then foolishly allowed the dog to enter, made me think that she had carried something ‘other' from outside to within the sanctuary we had established. Then, for many weeks after these events, something seemed to make a mysterious presence or haunting of the house. I cannot put this with absolute clarity into the context of other events, but I suspect that it preceded some of the subsequent occurrences.
Conclusion: we heard an unidentifiable voice, then the dog behaved irrationally, then I watched as she pushed the small table over disrupting our event into chaos.

NEXT: The Unknowable Thief

The strangest event is as follows: My roommate Jamie and I lived in a house in El Cajon. This was during my period of occasional use of pharmaceuticals, and a popular taste at the time were for mini whites, which were prescription diet pills used to keep the party going and still get to school or work ( this was the ‘70s). A ‘bottle' was 100 tablets, and Jamie and I purchased two. We divided one bottle for 50 each, and the other was hidden somewhere unknown to me for use later in the summer. She used them quite a bit more than I, so hers went faster. I used mine to help me stay up late and party occasionally. One day, she came to me and asked if I had been using some of hers. I said no, and she told me that hers were almost gone and she couldn't account for this. Then she went to the second hidden bottle. Of the original 100 tabs, I think only about 30 were left. They were not taken by me especially since I never knew their hiding place, and I was convinced that she did not take them. We had few visitors to the house, and those that did come by were not left to roam freely, nor did they stay all night. So I counted what I had left of my original 50, and then began to watch them. Day by day, 2 or 3 would turn up missing. I started to monitor them very closely, account for who was in the house, and continued to relocate them in new hiding places. Nevertheless, each day a few more would be gone. I always accounted for what I used myself. It was a mystery without explanation, but I still did not assume anything ‘supernatural.' I had additional drugs in the house at the time, a few psychedelics, some valium, some pot, and had these hidden away as well. None of this ever went missing. Finally, there were only a very few tabs of speed left, and I put them into a small, clear, plastic pill box, and then tied colored thread about the box, single threads at a time in a complex pattern that did not allow the box to be opened, but remained something that could not be undone, opened, and resealed with the original pattern intact or very reproducible. Then I checked every couple of hours to verify the seal was not tampered with, while making sure no one was ever home when I did this so no one could be accused of learning the most recent location. Nevertheless, day by day they continued to be depleted. One day, I checked them when there were 3 or 4 left, changed the location, and checked back a couple hours later. The box was in the same location, still sealed, but now the box was empty. No one had been to the house during the time between the last check and the time in which they vanished. During all this time, the seal was never breached. Dematerialization effected by some unknown agency was and remains my only conclusion. There was never any sign of intrusion, nor any alert response from my dog Sebastian to anyone or anything unknown.

NEXT: Beast In The Shadows

Still living at the house in El Cajon, Jamie and I had been feeding a friendly stray cat that lived in the neighborhood. I called her Yellowcat (Jamie insisted she was more orange). One dark night, Jamie and I were standing outside in the front yard when Yellowcat went racing through the low trimmed hedge which bordered the dark empty field to the left of the house. She ran between the both of us, then turned around looking back toward the hedge and hissed and growled. Alarmed, I started toward the hedges, pushing between them and into the unlit, empty and unkempt land beyond. Jamie cautioned me to be careful, but I was curious and was feeling bold. Nevertheless I moved forward slowly and carefully into the dark, unable to see anything ahead of me. The weak light from a streetlight across the street, and our porch light behind me provided the only illumination, which was inadequate to provide me with any visibility of what was before me. It was very dark, and I slowly walked forward.
Suddenly, in the darkness before me came a low and threatening growl. It was not canine, but deep and throaty like a great cat. Yet, the deep timber of the sound did not make me think of a housecat, but rather a saber tooth tiger from a prehistoric world. This was something large, and near. Deeply startled, I just stopped in my tracks for a moment. Then, without turning, I slowly backed away through the hedge and back into the house with Jamie. Yellowcat would not come in, so we left her outside. I remained rather agitated and frightened, and had no explanation for what I had just heard. Many years later, I recounted this story and the only non-supernatural explanation that had ever been suggested was that it was a young mountain lion that had wandered into the city. I know that in some parts of San Diego County this might offer an explanation (having happened to me in my own backyard decades later in San Marcos not far from the large rural Mission Trails Regional Park in which these cats were rumored to still be resident), but my house in El Cajon was not rural, nor were there any large feline animals reported there, assuming it was anything feline at all. It remains unexplained and is still a disconcerting memory.

NEXT: Touched In The Night

Living alone on Montclair Street with my dogs Sebastian and Blanche, I would sleep in the back bedroom with both my dogs on the bed. One night I was having a disturbed sleep, and I suddenly awoke and sitting up quickly, appeared to fling something off of me as I came to and sat up. Very clearly visible floating above and in front of me was the figure of a male leaning down toward me. Visible, but slightly transparent, or ethereal, it had a sinister visage, with a feral, leering, hungry look. I sat bolt upright and both dogs retreated frantically from the room (fear of this floating beast was my original interpretation of the dog's behavior, but then, they could have been fearful of me). I felt threatened by its leering look, and its grotesque face and mouth. Instinctively I invoked a protective magic circle of white/gold light around myself, and then from the ajna chakra region of the ‘third eye' between and slightly above my eyebrows I "thought" projected a beam of light at and into the creature. It pulled back from me, appeared to shrivel up, and then vanished. Both dogs were cowering in the hallway in fright and would not return to the room. One of the dogs, Sebastian, I think, had urinated on the floor. I was able to get the other dog Blanche to return to the room and back onto the bed, but I think Sebastian remained outside in the hallway for the rest of the night. The one last element was perhaps the strangest thing and most convincing that this was a partly physical occurrence: upon my pillow was a small, but fresh, bright red bloodstain. I could discover no cut, scrape or other telltale injury on my body that could have produced it. By morning the stain had turned the dull dark red you would expect from dried blood. I was never able to locate any part of me or the dogs that seemed to exhibit an injury, nor were there any other explanations for the source of the fluid. However, like blood, the stain always remained on that pillowcase. This event did not ever repeat.

NEXT: The Mist In The Dark

I went over to my friend Eric's house to pick him up. We were going out somewhere. We got into my El Camino pickup, and began driving down the street. It was evening, and very cold and clear. The night was dark, but there was good lighting from streetlights. As I drove down the street, in front of the car and clearly apparent in my headlights was a cloud of vapor. It appeared to be rising slowly from the surface of the street into a clearly defined, globular shape but with qualities like mist, dense and not completely transparent. I think there was a little bit of a breeze, but this misty shape did not appear to be moving or disturbed by it. We only had a little time to observe this before my car drove through it. It burst apart like a cloud of smoke and then disappeared. Neither of us said a word, but I just pulled to the side of the road and stopped. I suggested that it had looked a little like a cloud of steam rising from manhole covering, like I had seen downtown in the past. We both agreed with this possibility, and neither of us had any other explanation for what it could have been and this idea was my only suggestion of a ‘normal' event. I got out of the car, and walked back to where it had been. The street had no manhole covers, nor anything that looked like it could vent steam, let alone where any steam may have originated. The air was cool, but dry and a slight breeze was blowing, that had not seemed to have affected the shape or movement of this "cloud." There was no explanation for what it was, nor was it repeated. I personally think it was the formation of a cloud of ectoplasm and was therefore "ghostly" in nature.

NEXT: What the Hand Did Not Write

This story contains three types of similar although different sets of ‘visions' that I think are from the same category of mystical experience. The first event occurred only once and was at the house on 35th and Monroe. I had gone to bed. My bedroom was painted white, and the thin white curtains provided privacy, but always let some soft light from the street into the room. I had gone to sleep, and had awakened during the night. Opening my eyes, I looked at the bare white walls of my room. I found them covered with symbols written as with a light blue neon light. Written, I might say, in a calligraphic style looking like phantasmagoric hieroglyphics. Then I noticed that they appeared to be in layers, almost separated in transparent sheets as if suspended in crystal and becoming more distinct as you peered deeper into this structure. Thus to distinguished a ‘sheet' of symbols, I looked from left to right, from up to down, and then deeper into this layered structure to discern the next layer down merely by how I focused my eyes. I closed my eyes, rubbed them, tried to be sure I was awake, only to discover that I was completely conscious. Not only this, but I found that while my attention had been originally drawn to the wall, it was not the only surface in the room which had these markings. Everywhere I looked and on every surface, I could distinguish more of these hieroglyphics which I came to believe were writings produced with the intelligible script of an unknown entity. I could not, however, determine what they meant. While I thought at first that they may have been some mental remainder of a recent forgotten dream, they persisted past the point at which I knew myself to be clearly awake and were clearly visible for quite some time. I do not remember if they ever faded away, or if I went to sleep with them still ornamenting my walls. I never had a repeat of this experience particular script again, although I more of the same follows.

The second event within this category did happen at least twice. This event was shorter in duration and it was less vivid than the blue hieroglyphs. Nevertheless, it also brought a new dimension to the amazement. Once again I awoke in the night and for some reason saw my open hand. Covering the palm of my hand was a texture that reminded me of sandstone. Against this background, I could clearly see a small script which looked somewhat like symbols carved into rock (a description which seems totally inadequate for the experience). These symbols were totally distinct from the blue neon tracery I had seen in the previous experience, as if it were a different language from a different technology from another set of intelligences. The really odd aspect of this was that these symbols were animated, and moved across my hand, a little like a progression of hieroglyphs in a moving river of stone, which I held in my hand. I do not believe I saw it on any other surface. I believe this second event was at the house on Montclair St. I remember this more for the distinctively animated sandstone, but I cannot recall exactly the backdrop upon which I saw it at the next occurrence, but which I do not believe was my hand this second time.
The final set of visions occurred at the duplex on 38th Street, and they happened quite frequently. My bedroom was in the back with a large window to the right of my bed. Directly in my line of sight was my door, which when opened looked into the hallway. Across the hall was the door to my roommate Mark's room. I had been sleeping in this room for years without incident that I could perceive. Then one night, I put a nightlight into the hallway. It was a little light in which I had replaced the small white bulb (looking like a Christmas tree light bulb) with one that was orange to reduce the brightness and make a more appropriate night light. After having this light for some time without incident, one night I found myself having awoke to a vision of more strange symbols floating in the air in the doorway. I do not know how long I had had that orange light in the hall before this experience. I perceived that this script was of a black or dark gray color and only backlit by the orange light from my nightlight. Unlike the blue crystal tracery or the sandstone in motion, these were a third ‘language' made up of what appeared to be puffs of animated smoke which individually changed shape to form a series of new symbols in place; and I inferred that, although displayed in rows, they may have been meant to be read in a linear fashion, so that each single character stream morphed words and sentences providing content right in place.
However, this script provided me with a more assured conviction that it was not the aftermath of a dream, or a wakeful sleeping, or a hallucination. In this case, the phenomena occurred over many weeks and months. I think that moving away from this home to a new house was the cause of the termination of the experience. In addition, while the language and character set remained consistent, it was an experience that progressed in complexity over time.
The first difference was that I did not need to be awakened from sleep to see these phenomena. If my mind was quiet and I was trying to go to sleep, or if I had recently awakened but was too alert and aware to return to sleep, I may be treated to this visual spectacle. One night, I boldly decided to explore this matter further, to my great surprise. Since this character set seemed to have an independent existence with some measure of dimension, I got up from bed and walked over to them. As I crossed the room, I could see them clearly, even when I stood directly in front of them. Then, I crouched down, and moved under them to get behind them. From this perspective, they seemed to disappear. However, that proved to be only because they required a backlight to reveal their visibility. With a little more light in the room provided by the curtains parted and outside light dim but clear, I found I could see them from either side or from underneath. They may have been there prior to my introduction of the hall's nightlight, I will never know.
One experiment I do not remember trying was to touch them or put my hand through them. While this seems to be an obvious next step to me now, I do not have any recollection of doing this. Therefore, if I did make this attempt, I think my hand would not have disturbed them at all. They were clearly visible to me, but not actually there as a physical object in our space and time, even though they appeared to have dimension and movement. However, this phenomena gets more eerie.
Lying in bed one night with my curtains drawn back and light from outside illuminating the room faintly, I noticed that even without the orange nightlight framing the doorway, I could see these characters in the air engaged in their typical morphing dance. But now however, they were all around me, above me and in every direction I looked if some surface was sufficiently illuminated to be a backdrop. More stupendous, when looking outside through the window, I saw huge cables of this black solidified smoke intertwined in the sky, and groups of symbols flashing their dance everywhere. And in all this, I swear that I was not engaged in any mind altering substances.
When I moved away from this address, I never remember seeing the spectacle again. This was the last time I saw an otherworldly script displayed for me. I yet retain a belief that this was not caused by any dream state, mental aberration, medicine or drug or other substance ingested or exposed to. Not in any of these three types of encounters do I doubt what my senses told me. While I am unable to fully account for the experiences, I do have some beliefs about what I encountered.
These three types of visionary experiences are part of a common thread: each one is a distinct type of written language created by a non-human intelligence. There was information I could not fathom contained in each set of "writings" which were produced by intelligences and recorded in some place in some manner that I found access to in some unknown way. Further, each script was written with a different ‘technology' by a different species or life form from another place or time in this universe. These were records, documents, literature, philosophy or alien scriptures. They had meaning and purpose to which I was given intentional access despite my lack of capacity to read what was written. It is not the ‘what' or the ‘why' of the words, it is the fact that the communication exists and is real which makes the point. While I do not know who did this, I know that someone did, which demonstrates to me that within the complex of space, time, matter, energy and spirit, the human race is not alone.
Many years before these incidents, a friend who also studied the great questions frequently labeled ‘the occult' asked me if I had ever traveled to the Library. He indicated that it was the repository of all knowledge that had been accumulated by intelligent life forms. Another name for what he described may be the Akashic Record. I believe that this is a real place in which intelligence leave records of thoughts and experiences behind for posterity and for all places and times, but that is sheer speculation about a mechanism which is spiritual in nature.
I am familiar with the psychological states referred to as psychopompic and hypnagogic which are defined as dreaming while being awake and just entering or leaving the dream-state of sleep. I do not believe this actually accounts for the experience, although I may be wrong.

NEXT: Moon On a Dimmer Switch?

It was very late one night when I awoke. It may have been because my dogs disturbed me for I thought they wanted outside to do some doggy business. So I got up, wide awake, and took them outside in the backyard. I lived on a hillside, and directly in back of the yard was a short path starting up the hill through large trees. There was another house at the top, but it was not visible from my yard. It was after 1:00 AM and behind the tree on the right of the path was the lovely pale moonlight as bright and clear as a full moon. The evening was warm and I just stood there enjoying myself. When the dogs were finished, I brought them into the house and returned to my bedroom. But having been awakened, I thought I'd return outside to continue enjoying the silence, peace, and warm night air. I returned without the dogs to continue the pleasant summer night and the moonlight. After about five minutes of this peace and very still silence, the moonlight streaming from behind the tree began to diminish. The sky was cloudless and so I was surprised at this and continued to watch, more alert now. Slowly but surely, this very distinctive non-electric light faded away completely in the undisturbed silence of the night, leaving me alone in the darkness. I was stunned and unable to determine any other source for the light than what I justifiably assumed was the moon. I never saw any light like this except for moonlight at the top of my hill. For many reasons I dismissed houselights and car headlights which was all I could think of to replace this "moonlight." I went back into the house, and was unable to return to sleep. Getting up very much later, but when it was still quite dark, I returned to the back yard. There, clearly in the sky and very much to the right of the tree in a different quadrant of the sky was the thin, dim crescent moon. It had not in any way available to be the source of the unidentifiable light, being too much of a sliver to produce the same intensity of that mysterious glow. I know of nothing else that could have produced that same light, and I never experienced a repeat of this event.

NEXT: A Knock on the Door

I was living in the downstairs part of an old duplex that was behind a regular house and at the end of a long driveway. I had been living there for many years since it was quiet and peaceful and I felt very secure. Upstairs lived my good friend Pattie who found the place available several years after I had been living there. She was a good and quiet neighbor.

One evening, while I was watching TV, I heard someone knock on my door. I wasn't expecting anybody, but I was unconcerned about who might be there; the neighborhood was reasonably safe. I got up, opened the door to find that nobody was there at all. Odd. Directly ahead was the long driveway to the street, and nobody was retreating down it. I thought it was curious, but looked to the left and right, and seeing no one, closed and locked the door, and returned to my business. Later that evening, there was another knock on the door. I immediately rushed to the door, only to find that once again, no one was there, or retreating down the driveway. I walked out and looked around. There was a small yard to my right which was the backyard to the main house in front, and with a fence separating the property from an alley. I looked into the yard toward the fence, and again saw no one. I said something out loud to the effect "OK guys, you can come out now." Nobody responded, there was nobody there.
I do not believe that it happened again that night. But it did happen again on the following night. Having fretted over what I now thought was either a joke in poor taste or some deliberate prank against me personally, and I was becoming alarmed. I went back inside and prepared myself for a quick response. When, as I now expected, it happened again, I rushed out of the door and with a quick look down the driveway, I rushed to the back fence peeked over then ran around the back and further side of the house and back to the front making a complete circle. Nothing, nor was anybody on the stairs to the apartment above. The occupant, as I said, was a friend and not given to such pranks, but I went up and checked with her. She didn't know anything about it, had seen no one, nor heard anything.
I was now quite concerned about this inexplicable phenomenon, and was feeling anxious. I returned to my house, but felt more secure keeping my loaded gun near me, and the doors locked. Then it happened yet again, and once more I rushed out, gun in had to confront, well, nobody. After stowing my gun away, I went upstairs to discuss this with Pattie, in whom I had complete faith. I explained the situation, and asked her to come down and wait with me. She agreed, and we sat in the house together. I had no idea whether it would reoccur with another person with me, but it did. Knock knock knock. I leaped out of my chair, ran to the door and threw it open. Nobody. I closed the door and turned to Pattie for verification of my senses (or lack thereof)…
She did hear it, but apparently not the same way that I did. She said it sounded like knocking but back away from the door, and up higher than the top of the door (that is to say, in front of the house but up in the air). Her explanation made things even more confusing, since I had heard it as distinctly this last time as during all the previous events. We could not resolve the differences in our perceptions, but this was a sound we both did hear that had no apparent explanation. This memory of my experience is quite clear, and remains a mystery. These knocks finally ended, never to be explained.

NEXT: Not a Trick

You never know who is around. I had an old friend of many years who lived in a quaint older neighborhood of small cottage houses in San Diego. He had some acquaintance with my interests and talked about the neighbor across the street from him. He introduced me to a pleasant older woman with curly white hair, bright eyes and sweet smile. He told me about her extraordinary gift and I just thought "how interesting." But about most things I have not directly experienced I retain a healthy skepticism. But little did I realize that this quiet lady from an older middle class neighborhood was internationally known, and possessed both famous friends and astounding gifts. Her name was Adele Gerard Tinning and she authored books on the art and craft of Table Tipping. I have an autographed copy of her God's Way of Life Well, my first thought had been ‘how quaint.' I knew what it was, and when I was very young, I tried it out with my mother who was also interested in these things (no luck).
So one day she happened to show me her ruby broach which was a gift to her from the actress Shirley McLain (who had received it from an Indian guru at his mountain top retreat in India: it was fashioned as a basket filled with rubies and he told Ms. McLain as a response to her question "What was the meaning of Life" that ‘Life which was just a bowl of cherries'). She also invited me to attend one of her free seminars at a large assembly hall (Masonic Lodge) in San Diego's Mission Valley. There were probably 200 to 300 people there that evening, including some who I knew from television. I brought with me, however, my own curious brand of healthy skepticism. I sat down and watched her get seated alone at a small old table made of wood, surrounded by all those attentive people and bright lights. She placed her hands flat upon the top of the table and almost immediately three of the legs were up in the air putting the table at a 45 degree angle. For over an hour, she explained what she was doing and fielded questions from the audience. The table could only tap in reply to these questions, but it was done in code (i.e. once for yes, twice for no; or tapping out number of taps corresponding to the alphabet). Not what I would have thought of as sophisticated, but I retained my skepticism as I remained alert and interested. The question and answer session went along enjoyably and allowed her to discuss some philosophy and some metaphysics as well.
After about an hour, she took a break and announced that her Spirit contacts were going to go among the audience and perform healings. Curious, I thought, but with some smug skepticism I look back on with some embarrassment. I didn't need healing, but the time would give her some rest. Suddenly, the room seemed very warm, even hot. Then without warning or explanation came my great shock, what I can only describe as a needle penetrating me through the skull and down into my spine. Then as quickly as it came, it was gone without any pain, but leaving me with a curious sense of renewal. I understood that I had received one of these ‘healings' and I must admit I felt better, more alert and energized. When she resumed, I was even more interested, and I will admit to being more respectful.
Then the most amazing part of the entire demonstration happened. She had already let various people come up while the table was in the air to witness to the fact that there were no strings or other visible mechanisms to explain the three aerial legs of the table which clearly rested only upon the one and attest that she was not holding it up in some way. But now she demonstrated that other laws of physics were suspended. She filled a glass with water to the very brim. So full was the glass that clearly visible was the known physical effect of molecular surface tension allowing the volume of water to be capped by slight curvature and thus slightly but definitely above capacity. She allowed people to come close, so I did and was immediately in front of the table, and I can attest to the fact that another drop of water would have caused the glass to overflow, and tilted, it should be pouring out. Then the table went back into the air. I watched not two feet away as the glass stayed where it had just been set on the table, and not a drop spilt from it which was at an angle sufficient in normal circumstances to drain half the glass. It stayed in that position for several minutes while we each had an opportunity to draw as close as we wanted. I had my face just inches from the glass and can attest to the reality of what I saw.
While I myself hold a number of strange beliefs, I appreciate any level of skepticism required to guard against trickery, especially self-trickery, and was alert to the idea that people can be fooled. But I left that evening without any question of the reality of what I saw, and a sense of amazement at what is truly possible.
Adele's book is astounding, and I would like to make it available for you to read, so perhaps I will post some of it soon.

IN ADDITION, Is this Crowley over my head in this picture or illusion? I can show you this actual very old picture which employed the technique called ‘aural photography'
gary107   posted:2/2/2013 10:03:03 PM  
the above is from the personal papers of an old friend who is now in a care home for the infirm. thought someone might find it interesting.
HeatherNMoose   posted:2/2/2013 11:29:30 PM  
I don't know what they are, but I can add my own experience to this conversation. Through childhood/early adult I called them "The Watchers" and saw them through my peripheral vision, usually against the white backdrop of a wall or something. Listening one night to C2C they had a guest describing them as shadow people, and how to train your vision to see them more clearly. I decided to try to overcome my fear of them, buy trying to get a better look at what they are. After accomplishing that I realized that my label of "Watchers" was incorrect because its not just people, there are shadow creatures too. Rabbits? Tribbles? idk but they are cute and non threatening. After discovering the creatures, I lost interest in studying the people, as none of it worried me anymore. Don't notice them at all now, probably because I'm not looking for them.
BeckySharpe   posted:2/11/2013 10:46:20 AM  
I don't know if this would be in the realm of shadow people, but I have only heard one other reference to it. When we lived in south Texas years ago, my daughter and I would occasionally see a small black triangle-shape whirling across the floor of her bedroom. We could tell they were not solid and sometimes the shapes were slightly distorted--not true triangles. I have never seen these things anywhere else and I have lived in some very active houses. Does anyone know anything about this?
malachi the prophet   posted:2/12/2013 2:22:11 PM  
i had a shadow ghost - we called him zoro
he came attached to a sword i have -on the handel it says -TANTO MONTA /MONTO TANTA
"it comes from a set called "catholic king sword" the main one knighted c. columbus before his voyage.
i have collected a holy sword, holy staff a arrow head -from new mexico area -in the belly of a tree
in n.east ILL and a cross that grows salt - consecration - the back scorched by fire
the hidden book of the holy graal - tells about - artifact"s zoroaster/joshua =yeshuas -had javelins
some - swords all the prophets had a staff -like a witchs broom stick "totem pole" asher poles
bowl of plenty , spear of destiny , the fluid that came out of christ -it crystalized
the ghost followed me to a party, a house with 3 hot chicks living there,- and he stayed there.
got in bed with 1 of the girls - jamie napier vaplo ind - the very first night ...
we woke the next morning and she woke up and said the craziest thing happened to me last night
i felt my boy friend get into bed with me but when i looked back there was no one there .
my girl friend seen it in the kitchen -before we went out that night -as did i ,a few minutes before her.
the shadow ghost rode with me a hour in a little blue 1990 ford escort , after he seen me night after
night getting ready to go out dancing and clubbing -so he came with - and got lost


objects hold energy - and treasures are guarded by the people that left them there - or good and evil
spirits - in case they are re-born - they can return to there treasures
i believe - in florda spains gold ships could be right under are noses
with sacred spells - they could be seen and taken - like abra-melin the sacred books of moses
the testament of solomon - how to rule over evil spirits - to do work for you
" little wayne is possessed by baphamet" he made a deal with the devil for fame
he must bring people to the devil , to sell there souls or he will die ....
curt cobain , jimi hendrix , janis joplin - all could have sold there souls for fame ....
Tyler_Durden   posted:2/17/2013 9:26:51 AM  
I can not sit here and tell you that I know exactly what these beings are. I only feel that they are inter-dimensional and very superior to humans. I have two stories that I am prepared to share. I was living at my grandmother's house and laid down to sleep on a couch in a room that is seperated from the main living and kitchen area of the house by a thick sliding glass door. I awaken at 2 am, I am laying on my back and facing the main living quarters of the house. I immediately sense feelings that I could not explain. I could feel a heaviness in the air, it seemed. Something was not right, yet I had no reason to fear. As I open my eyes, they adjust to the darkness and shadows of the house. As my eyes focus and I begin to stare through the sliding glass door, I can see the stair way which is in between the living quarters and the kitchen area of the house. The stairs directly face the front door of the house and lead to the bedrooms of my family. My sister, her husband and kids, and my grandmother on the second floor. I begin to notice movement of what seems to be Shadows in the form of sillouetes. They are gliding gracefully up and down the stairs, their visual is as if they are there but not there, they are misty, tall, lanky, and appear to be the consistency of some type of fluid. They have no features that I can see. I begin to feel fear settle over me and fall into a panic due to worry and fear that something was possibly hurting my family... and it is while they are sleeping. I try to move but to no avail. I am paralyzed save for the movement of my eyes. I can see what looks like moonlight gliding upon the stairs and floor beneath them. They hover and "slide" around in such a "smooth" way their movements are almost hypnotizing. A slight silvery glow, that begins to brighten when more of them would come within each others vicinity, pulsates very gently. As I struggle to comprehend what is happening, I realize that these "shadow beings" have stopped on the stairs and are looking in my direction. I could not see eyes but I somehow could just tell they were looking at me. I could feel them. I could feel a sense of curiousity from them as if they were wondering why I was able to see them. I remember nothing more than opening my eyes the next morning and thinking to myself. Wow, what an odd dream. It was so realistic, I think... So the day goes on and I eventually forget about it and go about my normal daily routines. Now having totally forgotten about the night before, The night arrives and I again lay down to sleep. I awaken again at 2 am, the feelings of the night before were back and they were even more intense than previously. upon opening my eyes, I can feel my eyes are crusted and sticky. My eyes struggle to adjust to the darkness of the house and I can see the reflections from the river out back dancing across the ceiling. My eyes focus deeper and that is when I see them. The "shadow beings" are now standing around me. I really do not remember exactly how many there were, I do know it was at least between 4 and 8. Again, I was on a couch and I didn't really look to both sides, I kind of stared to my left because it was the open side to the couch. I was scared and pretty much just kept my eyes focused on the 4 spread about evenly to my left. They are leaning in towards me just a little bit, I could feel them so strongly it makes me uneasy even thinking about it now. I begin to panic, trying to move, I see I am again paralyzed. I am in control of only the movement of my eyes. Tears slowly begin to stream down my cheeks and my eyes move back and forth as if trying to break out of the hold and save my body of it's fate. I can see them clearly, yet they possess no visual features. Their "bodies" crawl as if they are a shadowy liquid that seems to move similar to the way it looks when the sun's heat is rising off the road or like looking through the vapor of gasoline. I can see the moonlight reflected off the river refracting through them, the light bends back and forth as it penetrates their "blurry existence". They Turn their heads and seem to nod to each other. I almost feel as if I can sense their thoughts... or at least the ones they allowed me to feel. I sensed no danger, nor malice, nor evil intent. I sensed curiousity. I sensed understanding. I sensed purpose. I am now trying to calm myself down. It is a very scary thing to wake up in these circumstances, yet I find it in myself to relax just a bit, the only thing making this possible is the feelings I can feel, and I truly felt that I could sense them. I do not know that these "feelings" were true. I also must accept they could possibly possess the ability to "spiritually sedate" me. They communicated without speech, I only notice the turning of the "heads" and what looks like slight nods. I feel they are speaking about me. I do not know why, I can only speculate. As I ask them in my mind, what is their purpose and what do they need from me, they lean slightly down towards me and I lose consciousness. I wake up again the next morning. I at first think it was another dream. After my mind comes to and remembers everything in very vivid detail including the senses and feelings, which by the way if I close my eyes, I can feel them just as strongly now. These feelings have left a sort of residual recording within me. I am convinced that this was more than just a dream. I have been visited several times since...

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