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Practical Paranormal Engineering

0x6a656666   posted:1/26/2011 9:00:43 AM  
Anyone care to share their inventions for detecting life after death, ghosts, poltergeists, rebuilding the evil empire, opening closed systems, changing the face of science, making investigations more intriguing, hacking, etc.?
macros72   posted:1/27/2011 6:25:51 PM  
Well, erm...crystals do have an effect on the atmosphere.  But ive only noticed this when ive cleaned them in running water and then left in salt.  Later you retrieve them and place them back where they where before hand.    After this you find the next 24 hours or so are different.  Clearer house, good night sleep etc.  You may be thinking "yeh, what ever" but I did notice a change in the vibe of the room they where placed in.  to come home after a stressful day in the office and enter the room these stones reside in does knock away alot of the cob webs.Over time i got another idea to add to this - clean and clear away anything in the same room and wow!  This results in longer peaceful effects upon you when visitng that place.  If you keep this up you start to - out of character - get rid of this or that which you had clinged to for years, never wishing to throw out.  You then move furniture around etc too and redecorate.I have a few rooms now that dont match the rest - the day to day me - and although they seem to contrast my normal tastes I love them.  They balance some aspect of me and remove stress, tiredness etc.  I used to be the guy that kept everything fearing I would need it if i threw it out.  Believe me, this need for them would crop up a day or so after getting rid.  Now this doesnt happen and this puzzles me.But Ive come to suspect that the longer we hold onto something the more its energy attaches to us and blocks our clear senses - baggage for the soul?I dont understand crystals and havnt been able to use this skill in other areas of my life but they certainly do summit to the body or soul and cleanse the mind of habits.I now place a few in the plant pots too. Crazy I know but it works wonders, its easy and cheap to implement into your life - give it a try.  The size of the stone doesnt seem to effect its ability.
Levinus   posted:2/2/2011 10:00:40 AM  
Awesome idea!  Mechanical engineering is a great way to test any theories on the paranormal.  As for the crystals, I've heard of salt crystals purifying the air using ions.  That is all solid science.  I don't have any personal inventions, but I'm pretty sure there is some validity to measuring electromagnetic fields.I'm not sure why, but the ghost phenomenon seems to be linked to it.  There could just be normal local fluctuations in the field that just happen to occur at the same time, but in science...any coincidence needs to be examined.EVP's are a complete waste, in my opinion.  Anyone who owns a pair of high-powered speakers knows that (even with the volume still off), interference still comes through.  For example, I pick up the local christian radio station on my speakers when the volume is muted.  Freaked me the hell out too.  Imagine muting my speakers and then hearing about how badly I needed to repent.Orbs, in my opinino, are also a waste.  Sure, they behave strangely.  Sure they seem to hang around reportedly haunted places.  But so do particles of lighter-than-air dust.  Ever watched a particle of dust?  Followed it around your room?  It makes abrupt changes all the time.In a semester of physics, I used voltmeters and other devices to measure the conduction of different materials.  Even human skin.  But nothing like I've seen during stake-outs haunted places, where electrical fields can jump pretty high.  Some readings I've seen are the same readings one would get if they were measuring the conduction of a small alternator in a motorcycle.I'd love to have sensors mapped densely throughout an entire site for a month and examine the readings.
Ysgawen   posted:4/14/2011 3:47:52 AM  
Orbs were conclusively and definitively debunked last year by Parascience.  They are, as most of us suspected, 100% non-paranormal.
Swamptick   posted:4/14/2011 9:10:59 AM  
Although I don't subscribe to the orb theory most of the time, Parascience did not debunk all orbs. There are still some out there that are not attributable to normally occuring activity.  
spiritech0   posted:4/14/2011 10:15:24 AM  
Allow me (you don't have a choice) to introduce all of you to Mr. Joshua P. Warren's nifty manual: "The Poor Man's Paranormal"http://shadowboxent.brinkster.net/poormansparanormal.htmlHave at it. "Low-Tech Style".

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