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God, aleins, myths, legends, and my story...

Susan Teixeira   posted:8/15/2013 12:43:22 PM  
My name is Susan Teixeira, I am 43 y/o and live in Fall River Massachusetts. Up until recently I was a nurse; although my education is limited to stated carrier I consider myself to be somewhat well read. Although I was raised loosely Catholic the questions I asked led me to science while my peers still believed in Santa Claus. I had always been a die hard skeptic. I never considered that anything was "supernatural"; if it exists it is part of what is natural whether or not it was a topic well understand by me or the majority. I didn't believe in life after death I thought it would be like the "nothing" before birth; it didn't frighten me although I wasn't in any particular hurry.
I am not a person who comes to conclude anything without ample evidence. I am also not an attention seeking individual. What I am about to share hasn't been well received and has caused the kind of attention that I really don't desire but I feel it is profound enough to put my head on the chopping block for!
Although I considered God to be an "imaginary friend for grown ups" I was a wide eyed child with a telescope in the backyard hoping for evidence of alien life in my life time. I had a premise, "If there were to be a God he would be the ultimate "extraterrestrial, you can't have made it and be from there right"? In the spirit of "seek and yeah shall find" I was researching Martian anomalies when reality as I knew it disappeared!
Back in March of 2011 while combing through Martian imagery I found anomalies so numerous (some no others have) that I wondered if the tax payers were shelling out billions to take pictures that nobody looked at! I than considered based on my findings that there were a couple of geeks at Google or NASA who couldn't get #$%&#@ and spent their time on useless pranks! This is when a multifaceted, ever present, and expanding experience began to unfold that prior to inception would have been considered beyond the realm of reality by me!
When it began I initially went to all walks of life from the scientific to the religious looking for someone to tell me what was happening to me! No one would even listen unless you count those who considered what I had to say requiring a diagnosis. Over the past 2+ years I have shifted through the archives of humanity utilizing my experience as a guide for directing my search. What I have become certain of is not what anyone is prepared to hear. It overlaps things considered incompatible, "science and God"!
Although there is no simple explanation to what has happened or where I fit in with the mix I would share it with anyone for the asking. Unfortunately to sum up every second of every day for the past 2 and a half years is impossible I wish to tell you what I know because of it. I ask that you read it in its entirety before deciding that I'm full of @#$%. By the way, I can "PROVE" it to anyone willing to commit the time and in possession of an adequate knowledge base along with critical thinking skills.
We do come from a single creator! We are part of a collective consciousness that has sub-divided self to create an "us" from "one" something like being able to make your own imaginary friends real. This reality we call life up to this point served only as a baseline of existence for the "one" with intent to fit in. How we are being created is our circumnavigation around each other with the belief of a "material" existence and "free will"! What we are is the sum total of our experience believed as independent and consciousness, a cymatically controlled permittivity not unlike an intricately woven hologram! Every last experience we have had is pre-written right down to an itch you scratch similar to a computer program. Reality is projected through you to experience it. (See the findings of Dr. S. James Gates, neurologists such as John-Dylan Haynes, and I invite you to watch the five part series "holographic universe" on YT).
Our reality needed to have "a" history, mystery, and diversity for the continuation of creativity; we also needed something to do. It also had to demonstrate aspects of good and bad, pleasure and pain, gain and loss, along with the illusion of death for the appreciation of life. If you remove the negatives as if they never existed there is no way to measure what is good. If you were always in a state of ecstasy how would you define pleasure? If nothing were ever scary how would you measure feeling secure; where would a scary movie come from? If nothing were ever scary than nothing would be! Every possible aspect of existence within the larger framework of a perceived physical universe needed to take place to make the "us" real. The first "one" is currently his own puppet under his previously written story line and unaware of his true nature. My part in the story has been so upon his awakening with the change program known as "paradise" he wouldn't exist in a world where there was no one to relate to. Yes, I know who he is!
We are bound for an existence where there truly are no physical rules or time limitations while maintaining the novelty of existence they way we know it. There will be no "worship" just friendship which is the only thing you need to work at to gain and maintain. "Do unto others as you would have done to you"! Forever is a long time to walk alone.
History going back to the Mayan and Sumerian cultures speaking of the great gods is a map for understanding what is taking place now. We are the "Annunaki" or "great gods" at the end of our creation coming full circle!
When? Not soon enough for me! Watch for signs related to "ALL" prophecy even what may seem strange to you. Watch the crop circles and study what the ancient symbols mean along with astronomical alignments. Doctrine (like the bible) has many meanings especially to me. When you read anything make positive interpretations...
Hail: acclaim enthusiastically, Thunder: any loud resounding noise, lightening: to enlighten, virgin: unaware etc...
Apocalypse comes from a Greek prefix and suffix, "reveal and conceal", or to reveal what has been concealed"! This is the beginning not the end! If we knew the truth it wouldn't have worked (The great deception).
We have "all" paid for our right to exist and the time is coming where we get to play in the big back yard!
"The women given the wings of a great eagle to go to the place in which god prepared" (bible) is to denote the seal of the USA! Peace and Love, Susan Teixeira
bobprin   posted:8/15/2013 7:27:41 PM  
So what exactly happened?
ParanormalPaul   posted:8/16/2013 6:05:09 PM  
I am sure that most of us here that read all the forums would like to know what exactly caused this to happen to you. I am sure that there are individuals here that will be willing to give the time and critical thinking if you wish to prove your point. After you tell us what happened.

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