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Not again! Post your sleep paralysis experiences here

0x6a656666   posted:3/20/2010 6:40:34 AM  
This has always been one of my favorite subjects, since I get it so often. I started recording my dream journals into days, which has helped make some sense out of them. My monday night dreams in one journal, my teusday night dreams in another, etc...when I did this over the past two months, I realized that my most intense dreams generally happen on the weekends, with my friday night dreams making me most susceptible to sleep paralysis. Friday night dreams are almost always associated with ritualistic abuse and humiliation by another, being placed in circles and attacked by something around me. The attack usually involves a suffocation of some type, where I cannot breathe, or having something get on top of me and laugh or make fun of me because of my own helplessness to prevent it. Last night, again, I was supposed to be a part of a ritual involving wooden sticks in a circle. A monkey was staring at me, and the individual setting up the circle was telling me not to piss off the monkey. Apparently I did because the monkey jumped on me and started biting my neck and shaking it, placing my whole body into seizures. I awoke and could not speak or move, with kundalini waves sending chills all throughout my body. My mouth didn't work, I couldn't speak, my hands were numb. It took me a few minutes to finally shake myself out of it, but the kundalini waves affected me for the rest of the night, making me feel completely sick. Four hours later, my  body was still chilled to the bone.  As I post this, they're finally gone. There's always been a pattern to them: 1) Being a part of a ritual controlled by strangers, with me, the subject2) Humiliated and laughed at and 'pinned' in some way3) Waking up and being unable to speak or move with hallucinations that someone is in the room.4) Feeling immense chilly waves along my spine (kundalini) for hours and hours afterwards.I know others have these types of dreams, but I don't know if they get the same chilly spinal waves that won't go away as well. And now I have identified friday nights as being THE day where I will most likely experience them.
trouttr   posted:3/22/2010 3:43:45 PM  
I can only remember one instance of sleep paralysis. I had just awoke from a dream, which I do not remember. There were three kids, who appeared to be ghosts. Being a paranormal investigator I began talking to them. One of the kids held out their hand so I reached out to touch hands with him. He suddenly grabbed my wrist very tightly and wouldn't let go. I laying in bed with my eyes open trying to move, but I couldn't. Then the kids said they were hungry and began biting me. What's crazy is I could actually feel the bites and it was hurting. I tried moving or screaming, but I was in complete paralysis. I remember trying to wake up but I couldn't. Then when I finally broke free from the paralysis, I threw myself to the floor out of bed. That was the first time, as far as I can remember, that something like that has ever happened to me and hasn't happened again since then. Scared me a little bit, but at the same time was kind of cool.
Morpheous2012   posted:5/24/2010 2:07:50 AM  
It happened to me twice in my life. Each episode happened years apart. The first I was a teenager I believe about 17 years old. I was in bed and a friend of mine was spending the night on an inflatable bed next to my bed. I awoke suddenly and just like most who have experienced sleep parallysis could not move or speak. It was very frightening. Then what happened I felt asI was being lifted under some unknown force. As I was being lifted I was conscious of avoiding my friend on the floor although I was not in control of the motion in my body. As I was lifting up I was able to see my body still lying in bed. That is the last conscious moment of that episode. The next thing I knew I was in my bed and was able to move like normal. Unlike others I did not sense anyone watching me or anything like that. I asked my friend if he noticed anything strange during the night and he said nothing unusual. After that I never mentioned it again.My second episode happened years later I was married in bed with my wife. Again I awoke unable to move, I tried calling out to my wife but was unable to speak. That was about 15 years ago and the last time it happened. I hope it never happens again. 
hedotfan   posted:5/24/2010 10:30:25 PM  
the first time happened when I was probably 15 and I fell into it and I felt some(one/thing) really heavy sit on the edge of my bed and then a voice say, "let's get out of here." and it was over. the next times it happened were wierd because I could move my hands and feet but not any other part of my body. The most recent time it has happened have been on the bus on the way to school. I fell asleep one time and I was awake, but my body was paralized and it felt like my head was so bent over to my shoulder that I was suffocating. The most recent episode was on the bus and it felt as if I bent over at the waste and a voice besides my own came into my head. it felt as if I it were my my voice because it talked and I felt the things it was saying. the voice said, "I hate all of you. I hate you." then I snapped awake.
bgftp   posted:5/25/2010 1:17:34 PM  
 This is interesting to read. This has happen to me twice & I've never talked about it. Both when I was teenager. Both were the same, I was laying in bed on my stomach getting ready to fall asleep. Then it felt like something jumped into my back. My reaction was to get up and run the f**k out of the room but I couldn't move. I could heard someone talking into my ears but I couldn't understand what was being said. The tone was hostile. I kept trying to move my arms and legs and finally they moved and I hit the wall with my arm hard. I was sweating & scared. It took me quite sometime to finally fall asleep.  
daisybell   posted:5/28/2010 1:58:00 PM  
Hi all,I'm new here,but wanted to say that I have had this happen to me all my life,at least as long as I can remember.I sometimes go months without it happening,and sometimes it will happen 3 times a week.I hate the feeling.I have even been hooked up to machines and tested for diffrent seizures and stuff.I dont know what it is,but I get the heavy feeling first,always when I'm falling asleep.I hear a buzzing,and I cant move my body,or speak,even though I can move my mouth.I sometimes hear distant voices,or sense shadows moving around.Sometimes I get really scared of something....what is this?
macros72   posted:5/30/2010 6:04:32 PM  
I may have written this here before, but here goes...In my late teens I awoke one morning, sun shining through the curtains, birds singing  etc.  With my eyes still closed i discerned a odd humming noise that seemed to be eminating from below and slightly behind my head.  I thought to myself that it must be somthing to do with builders repairing something.I felt strangely relaxed - more than normal for a morning where you usually still feel alittle tired.  I opened my eyes and looked to the ceiling (i was laying on my back - i always sleep on my side, even wake up like this)My next thought was to get up grab a cuppa etc when i found my arms wouldnt move!  I quickly realised that my entire body was is some sort of shock.  Every part of me felt like a heavy lump stuck to my head.  Ever had the "stitch" (pins and needles) in your foot?  Remember how your foot feels like a bloated wieght attached to your leg?  Well i had these symptoms with out the pins and needles.With all my will i tried to move my arm but nothing happened.  The only part of that moved where my eyes.  come to think of it, I dont recall feeling myself breath either - no sensation though the nose.  I tried calling out but my mouth wouldnt move.  The words seemed loud enough in my mind but no one came.  For around 5 minutes i lay there looking around with my eyes, unable to move.  I did notice the strange noise had gone and i slowly realised that this was in some way connected to my predicament.  I also felt that "I" was this thought process located in my head area. I felt very small compared to the me that is this body. This body of mine nolonger felt important nor mine.All manner of panic filled me - what was happening?.In the end i closed my eyes and prayed to god even though i am not a religious person.  Soon after i started to sway alittle and felt dizzy.  I felt my essence, being, or body rise upwards.  My eyes where tight shut out of fear so i can only describe the feeling of levitating.I sensed that "i" was near the ceiling ( this small me from my head area) followed by another strange soft humming noise and then i fell with a thump!I opened my eyes and jumped in my skin.  My heart was beating like there was no tomorrow and i got up quick checking my body was working again.It still puzzles me but i now know what it feels like to have paralysis.  I also feel that i touched on experiencing the soul? within my body or should i say my head area.      
flash45   posted:5/31/2010 3:59:26 PM  
I am a sleep Technican who has done studies on hundreds of people- Mainly for sleep apnea which is a respiratory condition. Funny thing is I have had multiple experiences of sleep paralasis and even lucid dreams where you control your dreaming. Some people, including me have what are called hypnogogic hallucinations while falling asleep or coming out of sleep. Normally sleep paralasis happens to keep us from acting out our Dreams, but what can happen is a REM behavior disorder that allows one to act out parts of the dream- like kicking or punching-which I have done. In sleep paralasis my experinces have been not stressful because I know what is happening, I have been awake but unable to move my body even though I had tried with all my might. I have had hypnogogic hallucinations which included loud humming noises, hearing peoples voices etc, realized I was sleeping and having a hallucination then relaxed because I  knew what was happening. What can happen to some people is they bring up deep seated emotions that they have been suppressing ( like resenting being controlled at work, etc) and have a bad experience while in sleep paralasis. I am not saying that sometimes strange things happen but realize that you do have reactions which could possibly be controlled. Try changing your attitude and when dreams or sleep paralasis happens you do have total control of your mind, Try to change the experience to a better one, realize what is happening right at that moment and try and get out of your human body and try astral projection, or try and control your dreams- It is true, I have realized I was dreaming and decided I wanted to try flying, so I did it-it's fun  once you know that you can control your dreams and when sleep paralasis happens don't fight it because it is natural, just try to go back to sleep or try astral projection. There is a multitude of books out there, in your local library or lots of forums on the internet--don't be scared just go try it, it might change your experiences from bad to good!
Chriswin2010   posted:5/31/2010 5:50:05 PM  
I have had that happen also, a lot, it creeps me out sometimes but I noticed if you give into it rather than be afraid of it, it will get a lot creepier. One thing I have tried is to think about what caused it the last time and concentrate on it really hard and sometimes it will occur again, but you want to give into it instead of trying to escape it, the last time I gave into it I started hearing very odd electronic sounds that were not related to anything I have heard in my house and sounded like something highly advanced and I felt like something was in my room watching me the entire time, and my dog also noticed but he was paralyzed with his eyes open looking at me. As far as my dog goes I have been able to transmit psychic energy to him, I can make my dog twitch at will or I can force my thoughts into his head turning him into a zombie almost...
macros72   posted:6/1/2010 5:24:02 PM  
Thanks for your reply flash45.  I totally agree with what you say here.  I too have had moments in sleep where i realise i am dreaming and then find my next thought or idea changes the dream.  I have frequent flying dreams and sometimes become aware that im alseep - i then go off enjoying the experience of flight.(which in my case involves forcing alittle pressure in the stomach area to lift :) )

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