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alien ancestors

mArAyA   posted:8/1/2011 8:35:32 AM  
thousands years ago they came here.they built  a association with inheritors in this earth..it wasnt comfortable.its hard...inheritors got so many grief. they built embryos with combination of inheritors and them.we are that children,homosapiens..we are a combination of aliens and humans lived in that time in earth.aliens gave their knowledge to this new generation.they(this new generation/homosapiens) got it and they built nuclear bombs,neuclear weapons,enormous buildings about 7000 yrs ago.pyramids and "mahabharathaya" are evidence for this.As to "mahabharathaya" Sri Lanka has attacked to India through their neuclear power.as to 'Ramayanaya' Sri Lankan kings have had air foces too.we got more evidence for this,A Sri lankan king of Ravana has transport by a air craft called 'Wamana'.that air track present also has in sri lanka in Wariyapola town.that air craft has got power through a solar power.and as to 'Ramayanaya' king Ravana has done plastic surgeries...........but unfortunately this all civilizations(hela and paraoh) has vanished or has annihilated by some 1 thousands yrs ago....who gave this knowledge to them..?who annihilated them?who build a gap between H.neanderthalensis and H.sapiens in human evolution?....answer for all this questions is ALIENS...and they are doing that things right now... 
spiritech0   posted:8/1/2011 10:18:21 AM  
The Vedas are great. This one is good, too:http://www.amazon.com/Temple-Man-R-Schwaller-Lubicz/dp/0892815701/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1312208172&sr=8-1
monica1968   posted:8/1/2011 11:41:02 AM  
i watched a news report last night about the neanderthals.......and that their demise was brought about my the sudden influx of homo sapiens from out of Africa.....but no mention of how these sapiens came to be in Africa in the first place.......everything we have been taught is wrong on many levels........And if the "experts" cannot answer that simple question.......what hope have we then
BeeLever   posted:8/1/2011 11:57:30 AM  
 From www.archeologyinfo.com"Some see direct competition and extermination of the native populations, some see passive replacement due to better adaptive strategies, and some see genetic admixture with the preponderance of genetic material coming from the incoming human populations, eventually replacing and assimilating them into the greater collective. In this view there is a specific speciation event that occurred which led to the origin of H. sapiens in Africa"
Skeptic47   posted:8/1/2011 12:07:32 PM  
 Oooooh, SNAP
godlypunk   posted:8/1/2011 2:43:55 PM  
They are finding new data all the time...some of it fits with current models and some does not. It's all very interesting. 
Skeptic47   posted:8/1/2011 3:10:41 PM  
Care to name any data that doesn't fit with the current models?
mArAyA   posted:8/2/2011 8:52:41 AM  
i have heard that there are 2 star gates near the Sri lanka.they has been fnd.but there a another star gate in Sri  lanka that didnt fnd.if this one also found and activate it then there will be a another bermuda triangle in there.there is a belief if this all(3) star gates activated there will be open a gate to the world which is the land of the builders of this gate /aliens.....anyway,..as to my opinion aliens have built gates in here to easy of their travel to earth.they can come through that gates to this land.that's why they dont captured by radars or satellite often....suddenly they rise and suddenly they lose....they know about this land more than us....!!!
spiritech0   posted:8/2/2011 10:27:54 AM  
The Nationalist-Socialist Party stole one, too. Jerks.
jaguarsky   posted:8/2/2011 10:45:31 AM  
What difference does it make where we came from at this point in our history? We are here and we have developed along our own path, the input from who ever or what ever is not a valid concern. IMO. We have so many problems in the world it seems to me we should spend out time and money on solving them first before we delve into deep investigations of how or why we have become what we have become. Its and interesting philosphic and scientific debate but I believe it all has to be put into perspective. Kind of like all the money that gets spent on things like the hadron collider...why, when that money could have been used to help develope green energy and clean water resources for the third world. We are a curious species, in both definitions. 
spiritech0   posted:8/2/2011 12:34:16 PM  
I'd like to get my hands on this "We" villain... I disagree with parts of your statements, JaguarSky. First, I am not part of the plurality you have described. This slave has bank statements proving I have no direct influence on "Elite Gaming".   Anyways, I think that if one has no idea or sense of origin, that person lacks an important defininiton of what direction they venture to. There is no philosophy to the physical evidence discovered and presented in "Chariots of the Gods", for example. Those ancient artifacts, landscape features, constructs, and what is cunningly dismissed as old graffiti are not here by coincidence, and have everything to do with who we are as a sentient, and admirably intelligent species, and especially where we are headed as a race. The sky was never a limit - and neither is wisdom.
Skeptic47   posted:8/2/2011 1:13:50 PM  
 Jaguarsky -Do you know what the aim of the Large Hadron Collider project is?I would think the search for the Higgs-Boson (or God) particle would be something everyone on this site would be tracking closely as, if successful, the project will allow humanity develop technologies that previously only alien races is sci-fi novels posessed.
spiritech0   posted:8/2/2011 2:14:51 PM  
I'm with you on that, 47. Those scientists are about to unleash that thing which man was not meant to know any other way. I'm cheering them on.

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