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Ultimate Haunted Ireland

fintan   posted:10/11/2013 4:24:33 PM  
I am a producer of a new International TV Show called Ultimate Haunted Ireland https://www.facebook.com/UltimateHauntedIreland It is the much anticipated new TV Show to be shown in America in 2014. Ireland probably has the most Paranormal activity in the world. A country rich in history and superstitions. Keep updated with regular updates on our face book page.
lisabenton   posted:10/18/2013 4:35:11 PM  
Can't wait to see it. What channel will it be airing on? Always wanted to go to Ireland...ancestors from there. They were quite pagan;)
LincolnGenghis   posted:10/18/2013 5:45:38 PM  
Aye.. Harlot's and Pagans are two different
things, although they are not mutually exclusive
of one another.
LincolnGenghis   posted:10/19/2013 7:38:34 AM  
Beidh an seó ar fad a bheith i nGaeilge.
Níl aon teanga eile a labhraítear.
Beidh gach bia a bheith Éireannach.
Beidh gach ceol a bheith Éireannach.
Gach mná naked ar an seó a bheith Éireannach.
Beidh gach bhiotáille a bheith Éireannach.
Beidh Leprechauns a cheadú ach amháin a reáchtáil na ceamaraí.

Má tá aon cheist agat nó tuairimí tá siad a bheith nGaeilge a bheith dáiríre ag táirgeoirí.

Aon Ceisteanna? :)
Jaxerback   posted:10/19/2013 10:08:39 PM  
Ní dóigh liom go labhraíonn sé Gaeilge ...
LincolnGenghis   posted:10/20/2013 12:27:50 PM  
Ní dóigh liom gur féidir le go leor daoine Gaeilge a labhairt na laethanta seo. Tá sé de chineál ar theanga caillte. Tá a fhios agam nach féidir liom. :)

Ach is maith liom spraoi a bheith acu leis. Bheadh ​​sé greannmhar chun féachaint ar an seó gan fotheidil i nGaeilge. Bheadh ​​sé mearbhall ar an ifreann as gach duine.
Jaxerback   posted:10/22/2013 8:27:10 PM  
Ok maybe it is not fair to write in Irish..what about your thousands of followers?
LincolnGenghis   posted:10/23/2013 3:04:49 AM  
1000s of followers ???? LOL I highly doubt that I even have one follower. :)
So with zero followers I can say with confidence that exactly zero percent of
my followers will care if I post in Irish once in a while. :)

You know it might annoy gary once in a while
but it gives him something to do trying to figure
out what were talking about.

marcf57   posted:10/23/2013 7:48:34 PM  
Hi, I recently found out I really had ancestors from Ireland, but can't speak or understand a word of it (too American y'know). Anyways, have been watching GhostHunters for several years and GhostHunters International, lots of strange stuff over there. Ultimate Haunted Ierland should be interesting. Will be looking forward to seeing it. BTW, "cut my teeth" on Most Haunted, that was a fun one, it had its moments. Best wishes to you fintan!

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