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0x6a656666   posted:4/23/2008 4:21:23 PM  
I read once that the oldest race of aliens were the Draconians who each lived over two million years. I guess they must take a lot of Ray Kurzweil's longevity capsules.
tyrlind   posted:6/17/2008 7:24:43 PM  
No. They do not live longer then 2,000 (more like 1,400 from most reports) years.
caniswalensis   posted:6/18/2008 7:14:12 AM  
I am curious, how many people have reported on the age of Draconians and how did they find out about it? Also, is "Draconians" the earth name for them or do they call themselves that? Thanks, Canis
caniswalensis   posted:6/18/2008 7:17:16 AM  
I am also confused about the differences between Reptillians and Draconians. I thought they were the same, is this wrong? Canis
tyrlind   posted:6/18/2008 12:24:07 PM  
Reptillian is akin to calling humans homo sapiens. Alpha Draconian would be a subset of reptillian.
tyrlind   posted:6/18/2008 12:27:05 PM  
I have no true idea, honestly. I have spent many years just reading about this shit. As I matured a small amount, I drew my own conclusions from all the data I had gathered. Just seems so much harder to find unfiltered information now. All of the top sites (aside from the private ones that aren't on the internet, per se) are removed as soon as anything remotely resembling truth is put onto them.
tyrlind   posted:6/18/2008 12:27:46 PM  
Ooops, that was in reply to another of your posts. At least we're making some activity here :)

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