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Where do Conspiracy Theories come from? Why are there more now then ever?

LincolnGenghis   posted:5/3/2013 10:38:49 PM  
I think the real question would be why are there not more of them? Part of the problem I believe
does have to do with large corporations taking over all of our television, radio and printed news
with those same corporations having a vested interest in or lack there of in real news. They do
have a real questionable relationship with the government. I think with the lack of real
old school investigative journalism and the lack of freedom and backing for those people to honestly
report on the news, it has left a huge vacuum of unanswered questions and half truths. This vacuum
will always be filled in by questionable sources. The bigger the vacuum, the more dirt it sucks up
and processes.

I came across a great documentary that was well put togather and does answer many questions about
the downfall , corruption and takeover of mainstream media. If you are going to watch it you better
watch it quick. It is being offered up as a free stream through Link TV only until the 7th of May.
The Documentary is about 1.5 hours long. Just click on the link below "Shadow of Liberty" and you
will find the start button at the bottom of the image at the top of the page. (Just wave your cursor
over it and it will show up like the youtube movie controls.)


Shadow Of Liberty

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