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The world is(n't) overpopulated

0x6a656666   posted:8/7/2014 7:19:26 PM  
I'm trying to sort out my own thoughts on human overpopulation: Can you imagine if plant life got together and developed a system whereas each plant was given a license and only allowed to produce two seeds for the following season? Seems like nature sort of corrects itself just fine without any intervention like that. "Hi, I'm one watermelon--here's a thousand seeds. Enjoy." Nature finds its way just fine, it seems, without any artificial adjustments. I'm assuming we will, too?
Ghost In Your Head   posted:8/9/2014 7:46:45 PM  
We could find our own way much as the plants do, but humanity seems to have moral qualms about millions of people dying from hunger and conflicts over the few remaining resources. Plants don't have technology to prolong life and fight disease as we do obviously, so they are limited by available resources and other plants that compete for space and resources also. Unlike plants, we have developed to where we can just out-compete everything else to available resources. Furthermore, we have been able to expand greatly because of our scientific progress to the point where we are damaging the environment we need to sustain us, i.e. through desertification, releasing toxins into the soil and air. Eventually, all of this will catch us with us and we will find our way without artificial implements to lower population growth. However, as I said earlier, it would be much easier to use the artificial implements in the first place. All of this can be blamed on the inescapable fact that all environments have limits, some limits are just lower than others.
bobprin   posted:8/11/2014 7:36:28 AM  
We need MORE planets to ruin! Go get 'em humans!! No fool like an old school fool.
0x6a656666   posted:8/13/2014 10:42:56 AM  
And yet there are still initiatives going on in the world of politics to kill us all. I don't get it. Why not just start working towards the colonization of space? Seems a lot more humanitarian than reducing our numbers through some virus or something. Besides, how many more nuclear disasters are going to take place to REALLY turn this planet into an uninhabitable mess? Seems to already be happening to the ocean, anyway, thanks to Fukushima.
bobprin   posted:8/13/2014 9:28:08 PM  
I remember a cartoon where Saturn was talking to Earth: people? Is that contagious? We may not be ready to colonize space. But that would be a logical option for a sentinent species. However we still cannot govern our individual selves so place politicans in charge. Not too many dreamers since JFK.
Jaxerback   posted:8/13/2014 10:08:16 PM  
A proud Irish American...only city dwellers in densely populated areas would think like that.Ahh the freedom!!
bobprin   posted:8/14/2014 7:04:22 AM  
True, and it's getting crowded around here! Two new familys moved into town. That increased the local year round population to 466 people. Do dogs and cats count? We could use a fine Irish scholar and family to round out the scots.

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