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Shoe Marks, a paranormal inspired by true events that took place in Texas.

Karen Vance Hammond   posted:3/3/2013 7:10:20 PM  
DID YOU MISS THE CBS RADIO INTERVIEW LAST NIGHT WITH THE PARANORMAL VIEW? IT IS RIGHT HERE. ARE YOU READY TO BE BLOWN AWAY? This story is amazing! Can you imagine a woman with a reading disability along with dyslexia will not let anything stand in her way of becoming a best selling paranormal author? Meet Karen Vance Hammond tonight at 7:00 CST. The Paranormal View with world renowned host Henry Foister Geoffrey Gould, Barbara Duncan, Kat Klockow and Karen will discuss Shoe Marks, a paranormal inspired by true events which took place in Texas. With countless TV/ radio interviews worldwide, Karen Vance Hammond's novel Shoe Marks has exploded off the charts. Shoe Marks is the #1 Synergebook best selling novel, and #1 Synergebook title at Amazon. Shoe Marks has been selected to be written in to a Hollywood screenplay. Nominated for THE PARANORMAL AWARDS, Discover how The Stone's' a God fearing Christian family fought to understand the hellish paranormal activity inside The Horton House and what steps they took to stay alive. Learn how Jeremy Stone unearthed Maggie Horton's remains and how she succumbed to an untimely death only to haunt The Horton House to this day.
This is not just a story about a family and its attempt to comprehend the mysterious phenomena of the spirit world. Shoe Marks demonstrates the realities of war, love, romance, abandonment, adoption, fear, and the fight to survive.
You had better grab your pillows on this one; you're gonna need it!

If you haven't heard a Shoe Marks interview, you are missing out.

In 1899, Maggie Horton was the epitome of what every young woman wanted to be— married with children. She led a charmed life on her homestead in Ellensville, Texas, alongside a husband who worshipped the ground she walked on and a former lover who still desired her.

One unsuspecting day, her jealous husband swiftly ended her life. However, there was one thing she left behind that would stand the test of time—her shoe marks. After forty-five years, they still remain in the house she once lived in as well as her undying spirit. Why? Ever since Maggie was brutally murdered at the hands of the man she loved, her tormented soul searches for acceptance and love from a family who will stay for the long haul.

Wounded on D-Day and in Operation Market Garden, retired Major Jeremy Stone, is excited about starting life over as a civilian. With a new job, he purchases what he believes is the perfect dream home for his wife Laura and two small children, Meredith and Robert. Shortly after having moved in, his dream home quickly turns into a hellish nightmare. The Stone's are faced with a decision that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Will Maggie's enraged ghostly spirit drive them away like all the previous owners before them? Or will they stay and fight the spiritual entity that surrounds them.

This is not just a story about a family and its attempt to comprehend the mysterious phenomena of the spirit world. Shoe Marks demonstrates the realities of war, love, romance, abandonment, adoption, fear, and the fight to survive.

Inspired by true events, this epic pillow grabbing paranormal is sure to put reader's seeker on the edge of their seat.

CHAPTER SEGMENT--Laura could not take lying in bed any longer. Holding the handrail, she quietly made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen. When she flicked on the light switch, Laura let out a shrilling scream. Scared to death, she covered her mouth and backed away. All the kitchen cupboard doors were open as well as the drawers. Silverware along with pots, pans, and dishtowels were scattered in every direction.
Panting, she could see her breath. Her eyes darted in every direction as she held on to the door facing. Laura felt as if she was going to faint. Trembling, she tiptoed in the kitchen. She gasped when she felt a breath on her neck. Paralyzed with fear, she was unable to move, her soft brown hair blowing sideways.
Laura mustered up the courage to put one foot in front of the other and then sprinted to the wood-burning stove. The burners on the stove were red-hot. She grasped each knob, turning it to the off position.
Dressed in their pajamas, Robert and Meredith ran down the stairs. "Mommy, are you okay? Are you having the baby, Mommy?" Robert asked, rubbing his eyes trying to wake up. "Mommy, what are you up to? Why did you scream?"
Meredith sheepishly focused her eyes on her mother. "Mom, are you looking for something?" she asked with hesitation.
Not wanting to frighten her children, Laura slammed a drawer. "No. I'm not looking for something."
She walked over, purposely slammed one of the other drawers, and turned around with her arms folded. "Okay. Who did this?"
Meredith stretched her arms out in front of her. "Mommy, we just got up."
"No. Someone is playing a trick. Now, which one of you did this?"
"No Mom, we just got up. Why would we do this?" they said in their own defense.
Robert pointed to the cupboard above the Frigidaire and said with a lisp. "Besides, we're too short to reach that one."
Laura turned around, staring at the cupboard. "One of you must have gotten a chair and opened it."
"No," they said.
Robert and Meredith looked at each other. "Mom, I'm telling you, we didn't do this," Meredith said, blinking back tears, hoping her mother would believe her.
In the midst of their mother's interrogation, the thermometer needle began to move to the left and the temperature began to drop.
Laura rubbed her shoulders to warm them. Chattering she said, "It's freezing in here."
Meredith's eyes were as big as saucers. "Mom, I can see your breath."

Upstairs, Jeremy opened one eye and could hear his family's voices coming from the kitchen. He rolled over, almost squishing Honey. Abruptly, she rose up on all fours. The red streak down her back rose, and she sprang off the bed, ran downstairs, and went straight to the shoe marks. Barking, she licked the fresh blood. Robert turned around and left the kitchen. He went over to Honey who was in an attack posture. "Honey, what is it girl?"
Curious, Robert knelt down. "Oh man, what is this?"
He poked his finger in the blood, rubbing his forefinger and thumb together smelling it. "Honey, have you been bleeding?"
Robert held Honey up by her front paws inspecting her body for wounds. Then, he saw the blood on her snout. He rubbed it off and ran into the kitchen. "Mommy, you've got to see this!"
His mother rolled her eyes and asked, "What is it now?"
"Mommy, come here! I found something! Come here! Come here!" he demanded, jumping up and down.
Robert walked up beside her, tugging on her robe. "Mommy, come here."
With her hands on her hips, Laura sighed. "I'll be right there, son."
Meredith turned around and yelled. "Can't you see, Mommy? Look at her breath."
Knowing he could not get his mother's attention, Robert shook his head and rolled his eyes. He ran upstairs and into the bedroom. He jumped on the bed poking his father in the bare shoulder and hollered. "Daddy, come quick! I found something!"
Jeremy rolled over, covered his face with his pillow, and moaned. "Go away."
Desperate to get his father's attention, Robert jumped up and down on the bed and then shook his dad on the shoulder." Dad, I found some blood by the steps."
Jeremy's eyes popped wide open. "What?"
He sat up, put his navy blue pinstriped robe on, and walked downstairs.
Robert stood beside the blood. "See; told you."
Jeremy knelt down. "Son, what do you think it is?"
"I don't know, but Honey was bleeding on her mouth." Robert patted her on the head as she licked the blood from her chops.
Jeremy held Honey by the chin examining her furry face. Puzzled, Jeremy said, "No, she's not bleeding, son."
Jeremy pushed Honey aside as he placed his fingers in the shoe marks and then held them up to his nose sniffing. "That's a smell I'll never forget. It's blood all right, but where in the heck is it coming from?"
He stood up, searching for clues, and walked into the kitchen. He crossed his arms with concern as he saw all the doors and cupboards open.
"What is going on here?"
Laura sighed, pursed her lips, and said, "Well, I walked into the kitchen and this is what I found. Everything was open and the stove was on high."
"Mommy, I said come here. There's something I want you to see."
"Yes. There's something you need to see," Jeremy replied.
The four of them walked into the foyer beside the banister and stared down at the shoe marks.
"See!" Robert had a smile on his face, showing off his find.
Jeremy knelt down and once again placed his finger in the blood and sniffed. "Laura, this is human blood."
"Human! Jeremy, c'mon, quit kidding around. This is unbelievable! I can take the clock, a-a-and the kitchen, but this…c'mon Jeremy, please tell me you're kidding."
Concerned, he raised his eyebrows. "I wish I were."
He stood up and put his hands on his hips. "Something's not right. There's got to be an explanation for this."
"Well, you better come up with one quick, Jeremy," Laura exclaimed.

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