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temperance   posted:4/18/2008 10:51:55 PM  
guess you finally found a way to do it!
vict123oria   posted:4/18/2008 11:20:15 PM  
using the intellect without love. there is a race of beings that are incredibly intellegent but had no experience of love and compassion,like the greys and the martians for example.in the past this has always resulted in their fighting eachother,sending life into chaos.mars was one of those races that was terminating almost a million years ago,at that time life was destroying itself everywhere,mars destroyed itself.it was constantly warring ,fighting,because there was no love or compassion,then at one point they just blew their atmoshere away and destoyed everything,but right before they did,there where certain people who knew that destruction was inevitable ,and some of them where the martains that came down to earth and settled in atlantis,causing all the mer ka ba troubles on earth.this is the focus,the result of this lucifer experiment was that the lucifer beings created physical ships and focused on technology ,creating an entire technologically based system and a seperate reality from the original reality,whearas the beings whom had not seperated themselves from god had absolutley no technology whatsoever,they where led by archangel micheal,the angel of light,and lucifer the angel of darkness,began a cosmic war of duality that created our good and evil,dualistic consciousness..the 11.11 that one sees is a subconsciouss awakening ,as we are at the end of times or closer to 1212 the golden age,we begin to release past karma as time speeds up and goes backwards..till we remove all our past and become complet;ly whole beings connected to the source,no more duality,we can then completly manefest our reality through words..and thought,yet it must be of universal love to manifest..nature is the true reality and the houses cars and all this tecnology is luciferian..
vict123oria   posted:4/18/2008 11:23:35 PM  
i wrote a few words myself but you may have to press on temperence to read it..i dont know how this happened..

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