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Black Triangle

HeatherNMoose   posted:2/1/2013 7:03:02 PM  
Seen this photo? Black triangle UFO photographed from the ISS. I cant find much about it other than the photo. Thoughts anyone? http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/QuickView.pl?directory=ISD&ID=STS61C-31-2
HeatherNMoose   posted:2/1/2013 7:07:12 PM  
I failed at the linking, but copy & paste in the browser works.
0x6a656666   posted:2/1/2013 7:16:08 PM  
0x6a656666   posted:2/1/2013 7:17:02 PM  

In Reply To:
HeatherNMoose  posted:2/1/2013 7:07:12 PM  
I failed at the linking, but copy & paste in the browser works.
I should really leave instructions on how to use the brackets. lol
HeatherNMoose   posted:2/2/2013 2:58:40 AM  
Thanks Jeff :)
bobprin   posted:2/2/2013 6:09:19 AM  
These have been seen numerous times lately, that's what was described to me by a customer. I would bet they are a product of our military. Too bad the photo doesn't allow for perspective to judge it's size.
LincolnGenghis   posted:2/2/2013 7:54:07 AM  
Interesting pic. If the photo is genuine then that
Would be the Aurora or a newer relative of it.

Aliens do not own the triangle shaped shit, we do. Now the cigar and saucer shape stuff
would be a matter of debate.
Wereparadox   posted:2/2/2013 9:26:33 AM  
I was just talking about this stuff. If this happens to be real it looks a more like our stuff. Who owns these triangle things and more importantly if they do belong to us then why aren't we killing each other over it. If no humans are mass slaughterd over it its not ours. Wait till we get to the moon and mars. Won't be long before the substrate of those worlds drink human blood. If they haven't already. (Which they have if you ask me) "Some god or gov. Gave me that there crater. It has something semi-valuable to someone! Now I smash you head for it."

LincolnGenghis   posted:2/2/2013 10:17:39 AM  
The US owns the triangle stuff. There is nobody to kill to
Get it, they already have it. They only kill when they want to test their stuff,
Just wait until the next conflict they will unveil it just like the
Stealth during the first Iraqi conflict.
HeatherNMoose   posted:2/2/2013 11:30:31 AM  
There are actually 2 photos. Link address ends with a 2, just change it to a 3 to see the other picture. Under the picture you can select to see "all data" and they have info on size, cloud cover, etc. Identification feature states this as "space debris" lol
0x6a656666   posted:2/2/2013 11:59:43 AM  
HeatherNMoose   posted:2/2/2013 1:16:14 PM  

Mission: STS61C Roll: 31 Frame: 2 Mission ID on the Film or image: 61-C
Country or Geographic Name: ATLANTIC OCEAN
Center Point Latitude: Center Point Longitude: (Negative numbers indicate south for latitude and west for longitude)
Stereo: No (Yes indicates there is an adjacent picture of the same area)

Camera Tilt: High Oblique
Camera Focal Length: 100mm
Camera: HB: Hasselblad
Film: 5017 : Kodak, natural color positive, Ektachrome, X Professional, ASA 64, standard base.

Film Exposure: Normal
Percentage of Cloud Cover: 70 (51-75)

Date: 19860112 (YYYYMMDD)GMT Time: 135925 (HHMMSS)
Nadir Point Latitude: -11.5, Longitude: 2.2 (Negative numbers indicate south for latitude and west for longitude)
Nadir to Photo Center Direction:
Sun Azimuth: 246 (Clockwise angle in degrees from north to the sun measured at the nadir point)
Spacecraft Altitude: 175 nautical miles (324 km)
Sun Elevation Angle: 59 (Angle in degrees between the horizon and the sun, measured at the nadir point)
Orbit Number: 2

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