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Fast Moving UFO Squadron over Italy

0x6a656666   posted:6/27/2010 10:54:37 AM  
I never know what to make of these...
lilfitted13   posted:6/27/2010 7:57:15 PM  
Hug-A-Bug   posted:6/28/2010 11:59:52 PM  
 Two of the objects turned directions in a way that seems too sharp for our jets to do.  I does however look like a bunch of large round foil balloons; both rising & moving with the wind currents.  Too bad there wasn't an actual plane or bird in the video with them.  This way there would be no question as to the height of the objects.
jaguarsky   posted:6/30/2010 7:52:26 PM  
or large birds out of focus
djj352   posted:7/2/2010 3:42:29 AM  
Not to mention it is a youtube clip... not very reliable.
john82   posted:7/2/2010 7:22:57 PM  
 Flotillas!Take a look on this video of Italian TV, UFO's over the the Vatican. very interesting.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtitRmqGUPo
Redoubt   posted:7/9/2010 8:00:48 AM  
The problem is one of trust and since we know enough about ourselves to distrust the next guy, lending anything even close to complete belief is impossible. But since mainstream science has chosen to ignore the UFO phenomenon, we are left to our own devices and logic.The failure of the scientific community on this subject is shameful.Good video, by the way. Similar to several events in Mexico of the late '90s.
tamster   posted:7/9/2010 10:43:19 AM  
If authentic very cool.
maljay   posted:7/9/2010 2:15:23 PM  
Did anyone have a birthday party 100 miles upwind ?

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