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Weird Blue Lights Above Christchurch March 31st, 2011

0x6a656666   posted:4/5/2011 2:33:02 AM  
29.03.2011 "My Mum took these photos at about 5am on 29th March from her balcony on Scarborough Hill in Sumner Christchurch. The city lights you can see is New Brighton area. She said this thing stayed visible well into the day"-Rudy P. Video:What do you think?Here are the photos: s1082.photobucket.com/albums/j380/Benjamin_T_C/Christchurch%20New%20Zealand%20Anomaly/
weyard   posted:4/5/2011 2:52:14 AM  
 Any reasoning behind the "square" shapes present around the "object" in photo 6? Looks like it's been edited in those areas or something. It's extremely visible when the picture is lightened.
0x6a656666   posted:4/5/2011 3:17:22 AM  
And  posted April 1st...I guess we can throw this in the hoax pile. 
weyard   posted:4/5/2011 3:28:17 AM  
I'll just leave these here.Photo #6, sharpened and lightened. http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/230/zoomedin2.pngAt a distance, every photo appears to have some pixel distortion around the "object". It isn't very noticeable when zoomed in, however the stars in photo 8 appear to have been pasted in. They have perfect little pixel boxes around them.Photo#8, lightened and zoomed in 300%.http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/3880/zoomedin.png"This looked shopped, I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my day" 
0x6a656666   posted:4/5/2011 3:30:24 AM  
 Awesome work. 
narxes   posted:4/5/2011 3:43:47 AM  
first of all there digital foto's probly made with a digital camera, why would you make photo's when you can record it ?then i see weyard enhanced some contrasts on the pictures, and boom there you go its a hoax.
0x6a656666   posted:4/5/2011 3:56:05 AM  
 Wait a sec...what about this? 

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