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The XYZ Files by Fr. Auxilior Arti

daecghnaegh   posted:11/15/2010 1:42:07 PM  
A new and refreshing voice is on the scene in Frater Auxilior Arti and his column The XYZ Files, published in The Paranomalist..  The Anomalist reviewed it thusly: The XYZ Files The Paranormalist John Carlson introduces a new contributor to his blogsite, Frater Auxilior Arti. And Frater Auxilior Arti leaps right into the debate about missing time, alien abductions, ghosts, poltergeists and more. With a short personal history, Frater Auxilior Arti sets the stage for how he says he came "to realize that there existed a clear overlap between subjects of brain science, UFO lore, magick and the paranormal which, if studied phenomenologically and with an open mind, would likely yield a veritable treasure trove of data concerning the human condition and potential." According to this new author, his studies are at a "crossroads" due to the entrance of "marketing forces" into the mix that diminish the subject to the attention span of the average television viewer, giving short shrift to new developments and theories. And he follows with a list of shocking claims, such as the claim that amateur mediums have been able to create ghosts "from fictitious life stories." Text of the article is here:  http://www.theparanomalist.com/2889/xyz-files-intro/  and they will be updated on the 13th of every month.
godlypunk   posted:11/16/2010 3:19:16 PM  
This sounds like the same sort of idea posed by many people. That we "create" these things. There are huge fundamental flaws with the concept. Amature mediums MAY be able to create ghosts but that does not take away from them being something other than human mind creations. And again, you have to throw out masses of other stuff like landing marks etc. There seems to be alot of black and white thinking..If I can imagine something and manifest it then it must all be that. The data simply doesn't support it.
daecghnaegh   posted:11/16/2010 6:22:41 PM  
Actually, yeah it "sounds" like it because that's the way the Anomalist guy wrote his adcopy.  It's not dead wrong, just misleading.  I consider it's a possibility that we create things like this, but that doesn't account for a very large amount of the paranormal realm.  I don't think the claim is so shocking, I simply quote the book "Conjuring Phillip" in an article abpout something else entirely.  The author of that review has read only the first article, at any rate and it takes 8 to give a good grounding in what I'm saying.  I must praise his efforts, tho'--this morning Coast to Coast AM linked to my column. Fr. A.A.

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