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Urban Myth, Manufactured by Army to Keep Civilians Away from Military Installations

Lee Brickley   posted:8/4/2013 9:14:16 PM  
The eugenics movement had gained momentum in the early 19th century. It was based on the belief that if human breeding is controlled and only the best genes are allowed to reproduce, the human race can have superior species, according to PBS. "It was presented as mathematical science."

It looks like inspired by this mathematical science, the scientists allegedly kidnapped a woman and hypnotised her. They then impregnated her with an artificially created human-pig DNA seed. According to Cryptozoology.com, they were looking for the birth of a creature on which they could conduct their tests.

The baby born after a delayed pregnancy had a huge head and snout, which was eerily similar to that of a pig. One fine day, the Pig-Man escaped and made woods his place of residence. Over the decades, there have been reports of his sighting - "a strange tall man with a swine face roaming around the Casnnock Chase woods."

"Witnesses recall a human body in tattered clothes, a distorted face, an unmistakable snout and the shrill squealing of the Pig-Man heard miles away," Huffington Post reports.

Lee Brickley's book "UFOs, Werewolves And The Pig-Man" claims to tell the real story behind Pig-Man. Mr Brickley has written the book after more than a decade of research and interviewing eye-witnesses, according to Birmingham Mail......

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LincolnGenghis   posted:8/11/2013 4:29:11 PM  
I will bite on this one . What the hell does the title of this thread have to do with this pig man theme that you keep bringing up. Just that clear disconnect between the title of this thread vs the actual content is enough to make me question whether your book is also filled with such scatter logic.I don't know that I would have the time to read such dribble because I have more important things to do... Like laying on the floor and counting the number of popcorn specks on a ceiling, playing bourbon pong .. ect...
ParanormalPaul   posted:8/13/2013 11:07:50 AM  
According to a link I read, this so called Pig-Man was created by the military to keep people away from a certain area. Of course this is told by the grandson of a person that was supposed military person in that area. I find it hard to believe to pin the whole explanation on the word of one individual.

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