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The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati

TaraStreet   posted:1/18/2012 12:08:20 AM  
LincolnGenghis   posted:1/18/2012 7:32:10 PM  
That video exceeded my patience. I wanted to stick a fork in that jumpy eyeball.I think the jumpy film was meant to possibly induce some kind of trance in some people. For me it just made me feel like hunting down the person who made it and throw a full sealed beer can at their head over and over until they promise to use image stabilization on their next work.
LincolnGenghis   posted:1/18/2012 7:37:11 PM  
Ok I am in a better mood now. Thinking about it the can might rupture and I would waste good beer on an idiot so I will rethink the whole thing. Maybe throwing dead free roadkill would be more cost effective.
TaraStreet   posted:1/18/2012 8:19:51 PM  
Indeed more cost effective Mike, I will bring the beer and the firepit for the leftovers.
macros72   posted:1/18/2012 8:57:13 PM  
The Illuminati follow an order given to them by things we still deem a mystery(and discuss frequently here). It started along time ago when we where easier to control. Depictions of Gods where contructed for all to see. We normal folk wondered over these old but beautiful images and just accepted them. The guys behind this (Illuminati) worshipped in private towards the real engineers of this. Who are they? Well you see them but you dont.

In present day I may warn you that certain individuals deemed to be focused on helping are in fact members of this hidden group. You may also find that the "bad leaders of countries" are infact protecting themselves from the truth you cannot see. Alas, the "bad" nations are then termed - terrorist.

What if anything deemed UFO is then related to orignating off world? A great remote viewer once stated online, "Well yes I sense them but they are not from here nor from up there". He carried on to state that the majority of UFO was linked to an hidden control upon Earth. (not the bible) (( The Illuminati was devised by what isnt here but is ))

Please question: What cannot be from here nor up there?

Heres a clue: Look in the mirror.

Well its time to go and sleep of a better future.

gemini663181   posted:1/19/2012 2:21:35 PM  
These secret societies are based on alchemical practices and are beyond number. They have always existed in Europe and have been a major influence in modern times. To fully understand them it takes lots of research. Start at levity.com seek the alchemical text. They are in latin mostly but arabic as well as chinese and of course they are translated in english, for those who do not speak or read latin. The masonic/ Templar/ Alchemical text are not as scary as people seem to think. It is science before science existed. Lots of it began in Egypt and Babylon. It is not just fable it is true science.
gemini663181   posted:1/19/2012 2:24:14 PM  
There are so many theories out there but the truth is available outside of the rag mags. It does require some research and perhaps some travel for those who are serious about uncovering the truth.
gemini663181   posted:1/19/2012 2:31:46 PM  
The Illuminati were all scientist and mathematicians who gathered together to bring science to a world who killed all who were not religious fanatics. It was a world filled with crusade and death. Most who wrote treatices were burned at the stake or met with worse forms of death for their belief that there was a science to the world that we live in. In the middle ages when most societies like those that we speak of were being hunted. The religious fanatics were killing all who had knowledge of mathematics and science. We should thank those who lost their lives to bring science into a world filled with fanatics who today would be called terrorist.
macros72   posted:1/19/2012 6:29:31 PM  
Someone should dare to make a horror flick based upon this hidden group.
spiritech0   posted:1/20/2012 12:37:07 PM  
The media talking heads have been reporting more and more exceptional scientists are being murdered. Consider their countries of origin. Also, shouldn't the Illuminati be the opposite of shadow ops?
macros72   posted:1/20/2012 6:18:36 PM  

In Reply To:
macros72  posted:1/19/2012 6:29:31 PM  
Someone should dare to make a horror flick based upon this hidden group.
Does the movie, Eyes Wide Shut bear any conection towards this group?

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