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New Mermaid Footage Caught on Video 2014!

Hoaxhunter   posted:1/15/2014 2:47:59 AM  
The video below claims to be fresh new footage of a living mermaid. I could not find any information about where or who took the footage, other than the fact that It's posted on YouTube by MrLegend66. Quite frankly it looks a bit fake in the begging of the video, however the further you dive into it, and the closer the zoom, the little more believable it becomes......

Watch here: New Mermaid Footage Caught on Video 2014!

daymoon   posted:1/15/2014 8:17:56 AM  
Well, if it's not a mermaid it is totally cool looking! When you watch it in slow motion it really does look like one.
Being as most of our oceans are not fully explored heck it might very well be. I have always believed there are a lot of things humans have not discovered on earth because they are too busy fighting over resources. Imagine how smart the worlds population would get if the in fighting stopped and everyone worked together to learn about our own planet and outer space..... if wishes were dishes we would never get done.

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