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Lucid Dreaming

faekay   posted:4/7/2009 2:58:06 PM  
im a lucid dreamer (i think) in that i can be asleep and i can control the paths my dreams take, i relaisedi could do this after suffering from night terrors for years all of a sudden when a one repeated itself i could change its course of action prior to the 'terror' bit of the dream, therfore ending up with a nice dream :) aswell as dreaming and being able to do this i am fully concious of what is going on around me whilst im sleeping i can still hear my children playing the tv on my partner talking or on a night if im in bed asleep i can still hear cars outside the neighbours using hteir microwave even, yet all the time im floating off on a wonderful dream...or triyng to change the course of a terror

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