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The man who gate-crashed a Roman orgy!

weldkatom   posted:4/1/2012 10:22:46 PM  
This story was written by Colin Parsons in his 1989 book "Encounters with the unknown".Sadly the famous crossword compiler passed away shortly after.
Every story in his book is verified by two or more witnesses and he has interviewed all of them individually.
Now I havent got the book in front of me at the moment because some body has borrowed it.
However these are the basics of the story.
An English couple were setting off on a weekend to stay with some friends,but as they were leaving on a dark november evening they noticed a light coming from their stable building.
When the male(john)told his wife to wait in the car and to head straight for the police if anything should happen.I forgot to mention John was a member of the British armed forces and he was no coward.
He swung the door open expecting to find a group of teenagers only to be confronted with a massive area "bigger than his modest stables".
There were Men and Women in semi nudity and racks of weapons,and various strange odours.He states that he walked around the room trying to get some notice............................. ,but his hand passed through theirs.
Eventually he was observing some Roman soldiers playing some kind of dice game..and with a lot of cursing came face to face with a centurian...both were shocked and suddenly John found himself outside of the stables getting soaked by the rain.
Bugsy McCoy   posted:4/6/2012 5:11:32 PM  
Wow thanks for this post W. i reallly enjoy stories like this... stories that may branch away belief from spirits to time-slip and stone/water-tape theory... incidents like this.... keep 'em coming :)

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