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What does Evolution have in store for the human species?

Omen502   posted:8/25/2011 7:12:05 AM  
Well, .  .  . . .?
Omen502   posted:8/25/2011 7:12:20 AM  
JOSMAN087   posted:8/25/2011 8:30:07 AM  
Sry i got tired of listening to this twit after 3 min,  if you put some dull comedy type music underneath him and cut in some shots of pictures with rock and text inbetween him telling what you believe it would give it a more watchabe approach along with being a bit comical.  As i believe you were getting at the point that he didnt know what he was talking about.  Or better yet cut in shots of Hovind ripping him a new one with some better music underneath him to make people want to listen to him.   my point of view to keep a short attention span like mine. ;)  hope i was albe to help.
Omen502   posted:8/25/2011 8:36:07 AM  
   Understood and expected.  I am trying not to polarize the topic before I hear the replys.  In the future will have more narration and perhaps comedy if you all like?   After I get the replys then i debate.
spiritech0   posted:8/25/2011 12:56:57 PM  
Since most people are technically artificially mutated cyborgs, I propose this answer:http://urbanavenger.reallifesuperheroes.org/2011/08/13/superheroes-are-the-next-level-of-social-evolution/[Serious:] Emphasis on the social aspect, as it is the key of human survival, real or unofficial.[Humor?] RLSH is not about contemplating the results of Professor Xavier versus Stephen Hawking.

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