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what could cause this? was it just a coincidence...


nyrose1987   posted:7/28/2011 1:10:09 AM  
I am a little new to this kind of this so bare with me please.A night or so ago wile i was laying in bed with my boyfirend. As I was drifting off to sleep the air conditioner in our room suddenly lost power. I thought nothing of this at first but just a half a second later the low battery  alarm on my boyfriends insilen pump went off as well. It felt more then just a coincidence to me..... I cant shake an odd feeling I have now.
nyrose1987   posted:7/28/2011 1:22:25 AM  
insulin pump*
frizk    posted:7/28/2011 2:48:48 AM  
Did anything paranormal happen after?
wavygravy7   posted:7/28/2011 10:16:47 AM  
Did everything else in the house have power?
monica1968   posted:7/28/2011 1:20:01 PM  

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nyrose1987  posted:7/28/2011 1:10:09 AM  
I am a little new to this kind of this so bare with me please.A night or so ago wile i was laying in bed with my boyfirend. As I was drifting off to sleep the air conditioner in our room suddenly lost power. I thought nothing of this at first but just a half a second later the low battery  alarm on my boyfriends insilen pump went off as well. It felt more then just a coincidence to me..... I cant shake an odd feeling I have now.
well in situations like this...where there is no difinitive answer i would say trust your heart/gut instinct........what is that telling you......and when you say a little new that implies to me that other things may have happened in the past....am i right.......did you notice anytihng else........it may have been a warning for you to have checked his insulin.....as he was asleep still possible to go into a diabetic coma.......the air con going off so that you would be alert to hear the warnings just a thought.........of course i could be wrong.....if i am many appologies........
jaguarsky   posted:7/29/2011 10:53:15 AM  
Coincidence? Maybe. But it was certainly fortuitous timing. I have on numerous occasions had seemingly mundane things happen that in turn called my attention to a different situation that could have been dangerous. In this case, your boyfriend was safe because you were still awake when his InsPmp alarm went off. Unless something else happens that seems negative, I would just accept what happened as a gift. 
Levinus   posted:7/30/2011 2:46:17 PM  
I would seriously consider getting a new insulin pump.  If he is on a pump, he probably has type 1 diabetes.  Don't consider any other option aside from replacing possibly faulty equipment that keeps him alive.As for both going out at the same time...I don't know.  EMP?  But an emp that had a radius from your AC to his pump, probably would have knocked out an alarm clock or something.
nyrose1987   posted:8/6/2011 8:20:04 PM  
thank you for all your help and responeses. to answer a few questions: A few other odd things happened to me a day or so after ( picking up the phone at work and knowing who it was) but i have always been a little... i dont know, Perceptive i guess. During this occurence all the power in our appartment bulding went out. everything was dead.My BFs blood sugers were very good. i did have him look into the pump settings and everything was "good" .... i just cant get this out of my mind... i have had alot of bull happen to me and my family but this one, mundane as it may be just keeps harping at me. thanks for all the help. If anyone hears about anything similar to this please let me know ([email protected])
Ninjaburgerq   posted:8/6/2011 9:17:24 PM  
I agree with Jaguarsky.  I think it was one way of getting your attention so you could take care of a potentially dangerous situation.  (I'm glad your b/f was doing okay)  Maybe someone in your house likes you and wants to make sure both of you are safe.
monica1968   posted:8/7/2011 5:50:46 PM  
 Without the risk of an onslaught from skpetics/nonbelievers.........I will say this, something you said about being perceptive for a few days after the "event". Something i know to be fact, whenever i have been "taken" for 2 or 3 days afterwards, i am able to pick up on peoples thoughts, or they pick up on mine, in one day i had 3 such occurances, and i did a test with a freind just to see that it wasnt flook. it blew her away because i put the most random sentence together and within 30 seconds that person repeated word for word what i said...i even wrote it down so i couldnt cheat......So my theory is this, as some of you are aware that them up there do not communicate the conventional human way via mouth...in my experience is done telepathically, they somehow inhance part of our brain so that communication and mindscans can be done.{mindscan is performed so they can extract all the deatails without confabuation or missing info...is all stored] fo course...i am not for one minute suggesting that you yourself are an abductee....not with the little info given...but its something to think about....of course if dont want to entertain that idea i completely understand....its just a thought......best regards
Skeptic47   posted:8/8/2011 6:00:43 AM  
Uh, there's a risk of an onslaught.
BeeLever   posted:8/8/2011 6:13:31 AM  
 Wiithout a risk of an onslaught from retards/the mentally deranged I will say that it was just a coincidence. There is absolutely nothing paranormal about what happened, I'll give it to you that it was rather weird but a coincidence none the less. Monica I have tried to be patient with you but you're really starting to test me, you have to stop making up shit to seem more interesting. She is not an abductee, no one is. Aliens were not trying to communicate to her that she might need new batteries for the insulin pump. I am going to ask you to stop feeding people's delusions so that you can feel popular. 
Levinus   posted:8/8/2011 8:04:25 AM  
Coincidence.  Agreed.  Any causes that would link both events are more unlikely than them happening together randomly.
monica1968   posted:8/8/2011 11:33:11 AM  
 IT WAS A THOUGHT....OMG.....A THOUGHT DONT JUST PICK OUT BITS.......i am not for one minute suggesting this happened to you...what part of that do you not understand.....and if you had read her following thread...is why i posted it.......INSANE.....THAT IS RICH....posting on a forum of which you have no knowlegde......maybe thats what it is.......DID YOU NOT ALSO READ...THE INSULIN PUMP WAS WORKING........NOTHING WRONG......WITH IT......BLIND IN SO MANY WAYS............
BeeLever   posted:8/8/2011 11:36:49 AM  
 I don't understand anything that you wrote. Try writing it in english.
monica1968   posted:8/8/2011 11:37:03 AM  
And is this how you treat the retatded and mentally insane......so much patience....and understanding eh.....tollerance.....all those qualties you obviously seriously lack......its you i pity.....and heaven help you.......please afford me the curtesy i afforded you.....gosh....sorely lacking thats for sure.......and i will not be bullied by morons.......if the cap fits and all that 
monica1968   posted:8/8/2011 11:42:39 AM  
 AAAAAAAAAAAAAH........SO I NEED TO FEEL POPULAR.......i dont need to feel popular......I AM popular......lol.......omg........so you have no freinds.....well that maybe because your attitude stinks......maybe thats why you sound bitter....because you are lonely......And as for not understanding what i have written.....its in perfect English......which words do you not understand...have you heard of a dictionary....
BeeLever   posted:8/8/2011 11:52:05 AM  
I would treat mentally challenged people with tolerance because I know they are people who are truly handicapped and don't know any better. If they believe in ghosts and aliens it's because they lack the reasoning to determine the real from the obviously fake. Don't pity me Monica, pity everyone on this site who has to read about how you are the biggest celebrity among aliens, about how you and your mum get abducted every other day and how you are sitting on a pile of proof of aliens and government conspiracies but you just don't want to show anyone. Either put your money where your mouth is or stop making crap up!
Skeptic47   posted:8/8/2011 11:56:39 AM  
 Monica - I recently read a post of yours, in it you misspely corroborate 'co-oborate'.You type in far from perfect English, and the idea of you trying to tell Ware what a dictionary is actually makes me laugh aloud.
monica1968   posted:8/8/2011 12:14:47 PM  

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