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The Life Review Room

macros72   posted:4/3/2010 5:16:34 AM  
This so called room is carried out once the soul is more aclimatised to its true reality.  It is carried out in the souls place of choosing - be it a woodland, busy bar etc.The soul individual sits/floats with its guide and is shown its previous existence.  Here the soul clearly sees all including every refection it gave to the world around it.  But the soul does not feel nor is effected in the same way it would be if still in body.  So to see a bad reflection upon another does not hurt the soul but gives ideas on how to improve its next 3D existence.  The soul sees this past life and feels more older and wiser than the earth body connection - so it often smiles and nods when watching its review - like a parent watching a young child make mistakes.  The soul knows it was influenced by its earhtly body and thus does not take all wrongs too seriously.  Afterwards, the soul then talks with its guide and learns to accept its past life and build upon it. 
mysticaura   posted:9/24/2010 1:08:24 AM  
The LIfe Review Room is when you cross over to the other side and review the life you just lived. You look at what you have done through out your life in every detail and see what you have learned and accomplished. You can also hear what is going on.(if you want) Almost like a movie. The review room is to see if you followed your lifes plan and did what you wanted to learn from that incarnation. (yes you choose to come here and you choose your parents,siblings,children,friends..ect.. And you choose your own life and what you want to do with it in every detail)And you can decide if you want to come back again to finish unfinshed things if you choose. Or another life theme so to speak. You will feel sadness of things you did and wonder if all is right when reviewing your life. You will watch your life with your spirit guide and loved ones who will comfort you and guide you through some of those emotional times of your lifes review. But in the end you will have a great understanding of why things are the why they are and why things happened the way they did. Your children and loved chooses to live this life and have thier own reasons and when you  go "home" it will all make sence. There is no time on the other side. For example...to us one month is one hour to the other side"home". Time is nothing to our "home"life. So looking at all what we did in one life time is nothing compared to what we are. And that is never ending life. Our spirits go on.

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