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Do all aliens have come from evil ?

stormmey   posted:7/26/2011 8:34:29 AM  
K    now I havent thought so, ive experienced what i thought were good and bad. i'm being shown a theory of them all being of satan.  I havent accepted this. what makes me think possibly, is because, i just want my old world back, where the sun and moon and sky and clouds are normal, like childhood that is. I'm being shown they're not going anywhere. Are they all evil ?
spiritech0   posted:7/26/2011 10:18:44 AM  
The book in this link is focused on the villainous entities of the known universe:http://conspiracyjournalbookshop.ecrater.com/p/10741808/round-trip-to-hell-in-a-flying-saucerHowever, if you heed the words of people like Billy Meier ( TheyFly.com ), or Ms. Dana Howard, who says the ones that contacted her are God's benevolent angels, and other who know them as their space brothers (and sisters) then the grotesque alien attacks the Hollywood faith has been preaching become plain silly.Let me put it this way just for you: Faith trumps doubt, and Christ has already defeated Lucifer because you're on the Good side. Fear not, all you need is love, be the best You, and I wish you happiness. 
stormmey   posted:7/26/2011 10:48:39 AM  
sharing magic words, thank you spirit....
gemini663181   posted:7/26/2011 10:55:54 AM  
All extraterrestrial life could not be evil. That is like saying that all humans are evil. Just as we exist evil and good, so would they. No entire intelligent species is evil. With intelligence comes the fact that thinking beings have a clue of what is wrong and right. Yes if they look at us as a lower form of life as the slavers did here on Earth then they would look at us as some form of cattle and use us to their own discretion. But we have to admit that if there are other intelligent beings who have existed longer than we have perhaps they have figured out some things that we have not. This thought could be wrong and perhaps they have figured nothing about beings who are possibly a lower form of life in which case we would be victims of their need to provide for their own species. We have to hope for the best, but they are certainly not part of our belief in Satan. The Devil and Angels if they exist are probably a human belief and not a universal belief. Even here on Earth all humans do not believe in GOD and the devil. I do believe in GOD but the numbers seem to be dwindeling. I seriously doubt that other species have the same beliefs that we have so I dont think they would believe in the Devil that we believe in.
gemini663181   posted:7/26/2011 11:03:24 AM  
Be careful of what people tell you. Uber Christianity is just as dangerous as the the other religious beliefs that believe in blowing people up to prove that their belief system is the only belief that is right. We are all allowed to believe what we want but in the world we live in it is a dangerous situation based on what we believe. We should look closely at what we are told and instructed. There is a Devil behind every bush according to some. But that is not true. We are capable of good,or evil and so are other intelligent life forms.
monica1968   posted:7/28/2011 1:42:48 PM  
 well for what it is worth i am going to put my head on the block and say neither.............good and evil.....the very act of being good and evil is a human concept......ego-based thought systems......that said there are indeed many factions of aliens some of which are scientific....some of which are seen to help the human race[or in part at least] and other who couldnt give a fig whether we lived or died...........and some are downright greedy..........and want it all.......so far on my travels so to speak......the ones who i think traumatized me the most are the ones working with certain human groups.......and i have even come across a rogue one who i think worked alone.......i am going to aagree with gemini here......because as he said.....it would be like generalising the human race.......imagine that then...gosh no.....not a chance......

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