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Operation Northwoods, And the history of false flag operations.

LincolnGenghis   posted:2/19/2012 9:15:30 PM  
Operation Northwoods was a proposal that was offered
up back in the early 60s but Kennedy would not sign off on it.
Read this creepy proposal and judge for yourselves if it does not
sound like something that actually took place more recently.
It almost looks like somebody pulled the proposal off the self,
dusted it off and made a few updates to it using a new war target
instead of Cuba.

Operation Northwoods
Tonkin Gulf Lie
False Flag 1
False Flag 2
False Flag 3
spiritech0   posted:2/20/2012 12:46:20 PM  
So, paranormal attacks are santioned by the ruling class? No kiddin'... like the Predator series. Consider it.
LincolnGenghis   posted:2/21/2012 1:33:11 AM  
Well it really is not a Paranormal tale. If you read thru the whole link of the Operation Northwoods Proposal you will find that it would fall more in the conspiracy realm. (Well unless the drafters of it were possessed by demons.)
It is a very disturbing and real Irrefutable document from the Kennedy era drafted up by the joint chiefs of staff at the time. It called for acts of terrorism to be carried out by the CIA and/or outsourced personnel on America to give them public, media and world support to go to war with Cuba.
It involved Bombings, Plane Hijackings and murder on the US by the US and placing the blame on Cuba as a pretext for a war.
The hair brained idea came across Kennedy's desk, and when he read thru it he flat out rejected it and told the Joint Chiefs to more or less go Fuck Themselves and he fired the Chairman.

I have known about this document since I believe 1999 and it is not a fabrication or an internet hoax. Its the Real Deal verifiable by numerous credible sources.

I guess take and learn from this knowledge what you will, Maybe it will give some people a pause next time something major happens in whatever country they reside, and they will sit down and analyze everything with a fine tooth comb before blindly following a media hype propaganda campaign making a call to arms.

One of the quotes that has been etched in my brain for years for what its worth is "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"

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