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Not mind blowing but still unexplainable.

weldkatom   posted:3/24/2012 10:45:29 PM  
About two weeks ago i had just finished my shift in work and went out to the "maintenance stores" for a cigarette.It was about 2am and i was alone.This room is full of paints,tools etc and a baler which means there are usually empty cardboard boxes lying about.Anyway i was just sitting there in silence playing with my phone when i heard a slap.Like the sound you get if you slap an empty cardboard box.Not three feet from where i was sitting a box slid about a foot across the floor.Naturally i was a little confused,i looked in the box expecting to find a stray cat or something,nothing,i picked it up searched around it,nothing.The building has a reputation for being haunted and the night staff all report various unexplainable phenomenon including full body apparitions.I have been working there nearly five years now and this is the only thing that i have experienced.As i said not mind blowing but i still cant come up with any rational explanation.
spooky1   posted:3/25/2012 4:38:48 AM  
Hey,welkatom I definitly belive in ghosts & haunting. Mostly from personly experience. Iv heard alot about building hauntings,meaning its common. They say they are more active at 3:00 am, I find them more active atthe2:00 hour.sounds likes it was just trying to get ur attention. Please keep me posted this is my love of the paranormal ! Thx, Spooky
Levinus   posted:3/25/2012 7:13:38 AM  
Sounds ghost-like to me. My best advice...if it is haunted, and you've already seen some things...don't go back.

I'm fascinated by the ghost phenomenon, but it scares me to pieces too. I would NEVER stay in a haunted building. I've even quit a job because the building was haunted. It is scary and stressful. I like to know about it, not live it.

My rule with ghosts is this: If you don't mess with me, I won't mess with you. If a ghost breaks my rule, I go full on Dean Winchester. I'm calling every exorcist and priest and wiccan in a 100 mile radius and won't stop until it is spiritually toasted.
Bugsy McCoy   posted:3/25/2012 8:33:43 AM  
i agree the idea of ghosts scares me aswell i am reluctant to experience things but you always wish to have an experience
to help draw your own conclusion. my one true experience was not so long ago. i needed to use the toilet in the middle of
the night so i went downstairs (where the bathroom is) and i turned the bathroom light on and opened the door and i felt the door
hit something and i glanced up and a man was stood behind the door half of him in view and half behind the door as i continued to open the door he dissapeared it was late at night and i was sleepy but this is my most convincing experience. like your cardboard book my bin in the kitchen has often slid or the lid has banged and i too cannot rationalise it. maybe it is a ghost or spirit who randomly releases energy
i cant think of any other rational force to explain inanimate objects moving on random occasions too much so to say its the wind.
i don't believe my house is haunted i have had a handful of experiences that i cant completely say i was dreaming etc
and levinus..... sam is obviously the superior winchester :) Bugsy xx
spooky1   posted:3/25/2012 9:22:06 AM  
First off sam & dean are both lovely. 2nd I wouldnt go quiting ur job.& 3rdly mr.LEVINUS thanks for NEVER sending me my dragon !!! U better send me so,ething NOW
weldkatom   posted:3/25/2012 10:28:59 AM  
I am not scared,simply curious and i go into this room every chance i get now to see will anything else happen.This means i am smoking too much though....will keep you posted!!

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