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Article that states difference between the Human Soul and the Human Spirit.

TaraStreet   posted:1/17/2012 2:29:08 AM  
Article I came across, your thoughts, opinions?

Are they one in the same? Are they different?

"The soul is our thoughts, emotions, and experiences, the things that go on in our brains/bodies. The spirit is to the soul as the soul is to the body. As the actions of the body are determined by the decisions of the soul, so the direction and values of the soul are determined by the spirit within us.

Our natural spirits tend to be unreliable, wandering in this or that direction, thirsting for some satisfaction that will last, but finding that "all is vanities".

When we truly take on Christ's spirit, we find that our soul finds true rest, purpose and power. Because God's spirit is unlimited and untainted, our soul at last finds a direction that is meaningful.

This is utterly transforming, and is what makes the Christian experience so fulfilling.

According to The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary;

Soul spiritual or non -material part of a person, believed to exist after death.

Spirit persons mind or feelings as distinct from his body; soul: He is troubled in spirit/His spirit is troubled. (and it goes on and on, go look it up)

The soul and the spirit is one and the same thing. It does not matter which religion you follow or what God you believe in or what ancient script you read, EACH AND EVERY HUMAN HAS A SOUL/SPIRIT.

Your body entered this life with a spirit, but only your spirit will leave this life. Your physical body will remain as we all know. Your spirit consist mostly of energy and intellect which is part of the Universe that was createdby the Divine creator, you may call Him what you want, it makes no difference. Not all is equally in touch with their spirits during life on earth. Some are totally and some are in denial that they have a spirit. But, your spirit returns to earth tie and time again each time in a new human body and it will keep on returning until it is time for it to be recognized my the human body it occupies. The spirit is in short your conscience. A lot more can be said about this, but I think this gives you an idea."

"A friend of mine who I met in College sudying for the Ministry answered my question regarding my concern over the spiritual life of all of us after our bodies die and he said that we will live eternally and rest in peace. I asked him then if we were going to loose our sex drive, being that it is a motivating feeling for us to procreate and enjoy. He answered back saying that our sex live will cease to exist. I then said that it would be quite boring to exist in a suspended state of animation and what I was trying to say, was that after Jesus Christ died in the cross and resurrected that he, Jesus came back not as a spirit along but physically as well as confirmed by doubting Thomas, who Jesus made him touch his scarred wound to convince him that he, Jesus was very much alive, does this mean that just as Jesus materialized that we may be able to enjoy such as well and regain all of our five senses...???"

Article written by: Botventura
spooky1   posted:1/17/2012 4:44:43 PM  
Great topic. I always thought of the spirit as kinda ur personality, sort of how u r perceved. & ur soul is what God gave u. What u believe in how good a person is. Its hard for me to get what I'm thinking typed down,hope what I wrote makes scence
macros72   posted:1/17/2012 6:41:53 PM  
Best advise I can offer you Tara is to live by your beliefs and welcome your questions until their answered in the way that clicks for you. x

Ive always believed and felt that my body and soul join resulting in a character form. This character is my mindset that then gives me likes/dislikes/phobias/allergies/beliefs etc. It also grows, learns and evolves ahead of the preset character.

I also feel that this character is taken with you after death and remains your perception for a short while. Eventually we restore to the soul with valued essence added from our last visit to 3D.(Earth)

The question of sex drive: If you still require it so it will be - only now two energies (souls) share and link. Theres no need to nip out and purchase new clothing, prepare a meal etc :) In this realm of existence love does all the work and draws you both together in deep harmony.

The Creator made us the way we are and wishes for us to question - for that is the way we grow within our indivdual character or perception.

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