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Clearing a House

luvdase   posted:5/19/2008 3:01:57 PM  
I once lived on property that was haunted. I learned after living there for a year that the property was an old civil war fort. There was a graveyard directly across from my property. And right beside that was an indian burial ground. I learned that there are over 100 unmarked gravesites. And the indian burial ground, the count is unknown. The only reason that I found out about it is because the county came to that property a year after I had moved there to survey and mark the gravesites. But I noticed things happening in the home before they came out there. The home that I lived in was brand new had never been lived in. Most of the things that happened were subtle. The TV's would turn back on when you turned them off. The house was full,full,full of flies all times of the year. The flies would swarm,die and swarm again. The cross that was passed down to me from my grandmother fell off the wall, and off the dresser breaking the brass jesus in half. I had lots of bad dreams. And no matter where you were in the house if your head was on a pillow you could hear what sounded like a woman and a man talking in the distance. And no matter how hard I tried,I could never understand what was being said. I heard footsteps walking up the hallway but I couldn't see anyone there. And my neighbor heard the same exact thing at my house on a separate occasion. After two and a half years I finally found two preachers to come and bless my house. Things were quiet for about a month but they started right back up. Especially the flies. So one of the preachers told me that I had the right and the power to bless my own house. Which I did using olive oil. But I had to do that every day. I would mark a cross above every window,door and the fireplace. And once a month I would bless the four corners of my property. I did that at night so that the neighbors didn't think that I was crazy.I continued to do that for a few months. I had decided to move and I hadn't blessed the house in a while. The day before I moved I heard the footsteps walking up the hallway again. I would think that the type of haunting would determine the the blessing that would have to be performed. The most severe,negative,harmful hauntings need the most experienced,qualified, priest, preacher or exercist.

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