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In Search Of The WolfMan

Lee Brickley   posted:5/1/2013 10:47:55 AM  

Paranormal researcher and cryptozoologist Lee Brickley is at it again! This time investigating a string of werewolf sightings in the picturesque and tranquil woodlands of Cannock Chase in England.

The Encyclopedia Mythica defines a werewolf as "a man who is transformed, or who transforms himself, into a wolf in nature and appearance under the influence of a full moon". It goes on to say that "the werewolf is only active at night and during that period, he devours infants and corpses".

Now, I understand completely that under a normal set of circumstances these statements would generally be considered true, but Cannock Chase is undoubtedly a paranormal portal area like no other. Although there have been many wolfman-like sightings in recent years, rather oddly, a number of the cases I've investigated have occurred, not during the solemn radiance of a serene full moon, but at the early onset of the bright and bustling daylight hours.

No-doubt this somewhat hairy revelation will pose more questions than answers in the mind of the truly ardent researcher. Folk may say that the appearance of werewolves during the daytime is a ludicrous, even foolish, impossibility, but are they heedlessly overlooking something profoundly important? In the case of Cannock Chase, I think they may well be.

One report I received came in from a gentleman who, on the morning in question, while walking his Labrador Retriever around the ancient Iron Age hill-fort at Castle Ring, heard the distinct sound of abnormal and unearthly howling coming from the surrounding damp and misty woodland. So loud was the noise, that his dog immediately began to draw back and cower in fear. Mr Chapman recalled that, upon glancing into the shadowy trees he saw two bright, fiendish yellow eyes glaring menacingly back at him. This was enough to seriously spook Mr C and, in his own words, he promptly "ran like the wind".

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valkyrie_bound   posted:5/5/2013 9:18:54 AM  
IF anyone has ever seen Paranormal Witness on the Syfy channel. Then you defiantly have to have seen the episode where a man recounts his encounter with a werewolf. If you haven't seen the show ITS A MUST SEE. IF you have seen the show but missed this particular episode i EMPLORE YOU TO FIND IT AND WATCH IT. It defiantly raises questions?

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