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Rendle"sham" Forest News

jchristopher5   posted:8/8/2011 2:37:29 PM  
Interesting story this weekend, about the event known as the "British Roswell."  In late 1980, right around Chrismas, several "on the record" officers and enlisted personnel claimed to witness some very strange lights, over the period of a couple of nights.  The incident is also called the "Rendlesham Forest Incident."  It is one of the strangest and most well-documented cases in history, and the fact that it happened on a military base makes it even more compelling.  Here is a quick rundown, with a link and some key text from "how stuff works.com."[url]http://science.howstuffworks.com/space/aliens-ufos/rendlesham-forest-incident.htm[/url]Just after midnight on December 26, eyewitnesses and radar screens followed an unidentified object as it vanished into the forest. Soldiers dispatched to the site encountered a luminous triangular-shaped craft, ten feet across and eight feet high, with three legs. The UFO then retracted the legs and easily maneuvered its way through the trees. The soldiers chased it into a field, where it abruptly shot upward, shining brilliant lights down on them. At that moment the witnesses lost consciousness. When they came to, they were back in the forest. Other troops sent to rescue them found tripod landing marks where the object apparently had rested.The following evening, after observers reported strange lights, the deputy base commander, Lt. Col. Charles Halt, led a larger party into Rendlesham. There, Halt measured abnormal amounts of radiation at the original landing site. Another, smaller group, off on a separate trek through the forest, spotted a dancing red light inside an eerily pulsating "fog." They alerted Halt's group, who suddenly saw the light heading toward them, spewing forth a rainbow waterfall of colors. Meanwhile, the second group now watched a glowing domed object in which they could see the shadows of figures moving about.During the next hour both groups observed these and other darting lights.Cable News Network learned that films and photographs were taken of these events, despite official denials. According to curiously persistent rumors, never verified but never conclusively disproved, occupants were encountered at some point during the event.When a constituent told him about the incident, U.S. Sen. James Exon launched an extensive but secret inquiry. He has never revealed his findings, even to staff members. He says only that he learned "additional information" that ties the Rendlesham case to "other unexplained UFO incidents." Now, more than 30 years later, after not commenting for three decades, the lead investigator, Col. Conrad is saying that the event never happened.  It was either a hoax, or the product of wild imaginations.  Here is the link to this recent story.[url]http://www.itn.co.uk/home/25915/US Colonel discounts 'Britain's Roswell'[/url]Conrad chastised Lt. Col. Halt, who wrote a top secret memorandum about the incident, which has been recently uncovered via the FOIA.  Conrad said that he (Halt) should know that government and military would never conspire to lie about something (ha).  Here is copy of that memo describing that evenings events:[url]http://rendlesham-incident.co.uk/evidence/official-documents/the-halt-memorandum-1983/[/url]Halt later, in 2010, wrote a sworn avadit about the events of that evening.  Several other officers and enlisted personal have also collaberated his story.  When the event happened, Halt and his team  took  molds of landing marks, where the triangular craft aledgedly came to rest in the forest.  Yet, in spite of all of this expert testimony the US investigator, 30 years later, says it was a hoax, a lie, or a misunderstanding. Check into this, if you are of the mind to investigate a little.  If you believe the story of Officer Halt, and the other men, then you are part of a "conspiracy theory", which has just now come to light since "nothing happened" on those evenings apparently.  If you believe the government/military investigator, then you are in the corner with most of the world who thinks that the governement is not hiding anything from us. I believe the men, who had every reason to forget what the witnessed, yet had the courage to speak out, or write a top-secret memo about the incident.  It is a shame, in my opinion, that most will buy this crap and believe every word that Conrad, and those like have have to say.  30 years after the fact.
spiritech0   posted:8/8/2011 5:18:59 PM  
Yeah... Like if the Nationalist Socialist Party had succeeded in erasing Jews from history then [[insert fantasy result of choice]]. Sigh.. It's the "official word of what they say you need to know" versus whatever the answers are to all our questions concerning the "official word". Here's hoping that we'll have a space program that'll officially take us past the snowball called Pluto. 
monica1968   posted:8/13/2011 3:28:49 PM  
 It happened alright, you are right JChris..... It is a British Roswell......meteorologists need not apply......

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