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seeing the oklahoma bombing months before it happened

ladybren   posted:6/27/2012 8:25:01 AM  
two months before the oklahoma bombing i saw a vision in my dream...i saw a brick building with half of the building blown to bits...i saw people in white coats running around tending to victims...i saw cars blown up...i saw screaming people...it was horrible...so i wrote the dream out and kept it for future references...i decided to call the hospital in my town to make sure their boiler room was not leaking anything and they explained everything was fine so i made them check while i was on the phone....it was fine...two months later i woke up and turned on the tv and there was that same building in my dream..the blown out half of the building...the screaming people..nurses and doctors running around..it was all there...for weeks after that dream or vision i wondered if i had only known where that building was i could have saved people until i realized it was suppose to happen after all another government inside job right ....bren
Tawana   posted:7/9/2012 4:59:39 PM  
Hi Bren ,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us , in my opinion we have period's in our life when we have psychic dream's , have you had many of these vision's in your life , lucid dreams can be very vivid , one can see everything being played out , it is memorable and it is a conscious process. Lucid Dreaming has been extensively researched scientifically , it's existence is well established in the scientific world . Maybe you could do some research into it .

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