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jchristopher5   posted:6/15/2011 2:01:21 PM  
First post, I hope to learn a lot from this forum.  I am intently interested in this subject.I am sure it has been discussed on here, but apparently the DoD reported "missing" $1.1 trillion from the 2000 defense budget. This was reported several years ago.   It was also referenced on this very website, in a recent article.http://www.cmkxsting.com/us-treasury-missing-trillions/ How could this happen? Now, here is where it gets wierd for some. There have been solid reports for years, largely ignored by the mass media, that the US has a clandestine space program. For example, it has been reported that Ben Rich, who once headed up Skunkworks (Lockhead Aircraft's defense division) admitted to this in his deathbed confession. He said that we have reverse engineered UFO technology, and have the capabity to fly to the stars today, and that we are doing so. I realize it is bizarre, but read this link. http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2010/08/ufo-are-real-ben-rich-lockheed-skunk.html Another specific sinkhole for this sort of money is the exploration of Mars. It was recently reported that you could see an apparently artificial "bio station" on Mars, using Google earth. Curiously, since this has been reported the coordinates have been removed and no longer exist. Please see the attached article. Maybe it isn't ours, but it does seem to be artificial. Add to that the well documented glass tubes on the surface of the planet and a lot of questions are raised. So, if its not ours.... the whose is it?http://paranormalutopia.com/2011/06/mars-bio-station-coverup611/ Disregarding the specifics, a clandestine space program of any sort of scale would take money to fund. It would come from the DoD's so called black budget. Could the possible existance of this secret program be draining trillions from the US treasury over the last few decades? I said it was bizarre, but there has to be a bizare answer on how over $1 trillion could be missing, from the year 2000 alone. I know some of you think I must be cooking meth or something. The truth is that I just know in my heart, from studying this, something big is going on, and the truth is being kept from us. There is so much evidence in the form of testimony from hundreds of people, including former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Regardless of where it went, we deserve an answer as to how we could have lost $1.1 trillion!  

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