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My "Non-imaginary" Friend

Jester87   posted:12/14/2011 1:19:07 AM  
Hello everyone. New to the site, but have been reading different post for probably the last 3 hours and I am in love with Paranormal News now. So after reading everything I thought I would just throw this out there.

I have had MANY different experiences happen to me in my lifetime. More so when I was younger, but rarely things still happen now. Im not going to write a book about this, but I do want to tell you the thing that tied me to the paranormal from a young age.

I had an "imaginary friend" from the age of about 8 to about 18. His name was "Nameless" And he wasnt imaginary to me. He started as a friend i could talk to when I was alone, he took many different shapes, could be different ppl, look however he wanted. Or not be seen at all, and just talk to me in my head. He warned me when things were going to happen. I would pick up the phone just before it would ring because he would tell me someone was about to call. (This trick freaked my parents and friends out alot) He told me once to tell my sister not to swirve because an animal was going to run in the road. So I told her "Slow down, when you see the animal dont swirve." She said "What?" and at that moment swirved to miss a deer in the road and we wrecked in a ditch. (Things like this happend alot also) He even gave me answers to my test in school if I didnt know the right one, and guess what, they were right. Our relationship ended up going very sour when i got older. Nameless went from my best friend to my biggest problem. We practiced giving him control of my body at different times, and over time he began to take control when I didnt want him to. I began sleepwalking, and even doing things without the memory of doing so. Also, he was strongest when I was at my weakest. I was a borderline anorexic from about the age of 11 to 18. The longer I went without eatting, the stronger he was. The more he would give me answers, show me things. And I did it because I really did love him. He was a huge part of my life and the thought of him not being there scared me to death. Eventually eatting became a crime worth punishment. If I ate a meal, it was like starting back over at day one. And he was strongest when I would go at least three or more days fasting. If I did eat and we would have to start over, and I was punished. I would hurt myself because again, it made him stronger, and it was retribution for my crime. I had to have stitches on several occasions because I would cut to deep or to wide. Anyway, I make him sound horrible and he really wasn't. We had our negatives and our positives. But I did eventually get tired of always arguing with him over the whole eatting and cutting and such and one day I told him to leave and never come back. He ask me if that is what I really wanted and i told him yes. It was right after my graduation, I had just moved out of my parents house and had a studio apartment. We were arguing about something and in the middle of the night I got thrown out of bed. My futon bed had been flipped upside down. I told him to leave and never come back. And he did...

I have told a few ppl about him, but no more than I can count on one hand. The last thing I want is for someone to think Im crazy or something, even though I wonder all the time if maybe I was... or am... Idk. But I consider him a spirit, or some other being that really was there for me all those years. And I know ppl say that if I had to do those things for him, then he was just bad news, but the way I look at it is, we were extremely close. And for him to stay with me involved a certain level of sacrifice. And its not like he liked it anymore than I did, but it was nessesary for him to stay strong, and keep me safe. Anyway, I havent heard from him in years... I actally miss him alot. I have layed in bed begging him to come back. I have ask "Any other spirits that might be listening, if you can find him, tell him to come back" No prevail. He is gone, probably for good. When he left, my ties with the paranormal world greatly deminished. Things used to happen all the time, I would see and hear things that I knew wasnt Nameless. Now, nothing hardly ever happens, and when it does, I am scared shitless and dont persue it like I used to when I know he was there and had my back. And he was bad ass. I wasnt scared of anything bc I knew that there was very little in my world or his that he couldnt handle.

Some of you will read this and think that I am a freak, or that Im crazy. But the thing is I am basically normal. Anyone that knows me or has known me could vouch. Im just your typical guy, with a really big secret. LOL. But I would like to get your thoughts on it. And if anyone out there does have more knowledge of the spirit world, cause I actually know very little about it honestly. (Which let me add this. When Nameless was part of my life, we kinda shared a collective knowledge base. I used to know so much more about everything, but when he left, he took it with him. I know that sounds weird, but things I used to know about the spirit world completely elude me now. Things I know I knew arent there anymore.) But if you do have knowledge about getting in touch with spirits that are gone, or even how to get them back. I would be greatly appreciative. (And sorry for the book it turned into despite my effort)
spooky1   posted:12/14/2011 6:57:11 AM  
Welcome to the site! No ur not a freak.that was a great story & thank u for sharing something so personal. IV never had something quite like that happen but I'm sure ull find some answers. Everyone here is real nice
nugglebunny81   posted:12/14/2011 7:01:29 AM  
wow, ur story brought tears to my eyes, not that i thought it was sad (which it was) but that is was frightning. have u ever thought that nameless could b a demon? n wht did nameless have to say about ur not eating n cutting? r u doing it more now in case he'd come back?i want to know everything that happened to u, id buy ur book if u wrote one. can u write me at my email? id love to talk w u more about it. [email protected]
Jester87   posted:12/14/2011 11:21:20 AM  

In Reply To:
nugglebunny81  posted:12/14/2011 7:01:29 AM  
wow, ur story brought tears to my eyes, not that i thought it was sad (which it was) but that is was frightning. have u ever thought that nameless could b a demon? n wht did nameless have to say about ur not eating n cutting? r u doing it more now in case he'd come back?i want to know everything that happened to u, id buy ur book if u wrote one. can u write me at my email? id love to talk w u more about it. [email protected]
I have thought about the possibility of Nameless being a demon, but I doubt that is what he was. He cared for me, and just from what I know of demons they lack compassion. Also, he was usually upest when I would eat, only because it meant our connection became weak. (Which was never the case when I was younger, but got worse the older I got) And I didnt like when he was weak. When he was strong, I felt powerful as well. The other questions I'll answer via email. Going to send it now.
Levinus   posted:12/14/2011 10:35:18 PM  
Depending on your experience with the word, I would call you "crazy." This sounds like text-book multiple personality disorder. Believe me, I see "crazy" people all day. I've met a guy who thought he was a pro boxer (and was off his meds). I've met people who insist they hear the word of Jesus. I've met people who insist the medicine I gave them was fattening.

It seems like a person, paired with other emotional disturbances, probably has some prior trauma going on. Anorexia doesn't just develop on a whim. There is some sort of pressure attributed that truly influences a patient's self concept. Not just "You're fat" but "You eat so much and are therefore worthless."

Likewise, the tendency for self-mutilation isn't just a spontaneous occurrence. We are talking about emotional abuse, neglect, usually criminal sorts of influences.

An alternate personality can really change your behaviors. There are some records of treating patients with MPD being a real challenge. One personality would be treated with a medicine, then they would switch. Suddenly, that medicine was ineffective. Weird, huh? Its like they never took it. And some MP's can be aware of each other. I've read of another case where a woman had several personalities that worked cooperatively. One personality would meditate, another was a physiologist, and another was a chemist. Working together, they kept the patient in pristine health.

I don't like to automatically dismiss things as medical, but its something we can measure and record. Test that theory first. If not, then move on to the paranormal. Especially where health is concerned.

It really does sound to me like MPD. Granted, I'm not a psychiatrist. But you should check your insurance and see if it is an option. I've told others before, having a situation like this doesn't make you less or weak. The brain is a hugely complex piece of equipment. It breaks, it glitches. Every day, for everyone.
Jester87   posted:12/14/2011 10:53:03 PM  
Well, I dont rule out the science part just like I dont rule out the paranormal, but if it is MPD then Im already cured. LOL, like I said, I have been "normal" for nearly six years now. He is gone. Thx for your opinion tho. I take no offense. The only reason I would rule out the MPD would be the knowing things before they happen, and his physical actions that would happen when I clearly didnt do it. I cant throw myself out of bed and turn over my sofa bed in the same instant. But then again, if I am (was) crazy, guess it could have all been in my head, which would mean that my perception on reality was unreliable. In which case, am I real. Are you real. Is any of this really happening right now...(jk)
Haha, I know that isnt the case, but there is so much we dont have a clue about out there, we think we know alot, only because of what we can see or prove. But new things are discovered everyday, And will be for the next thousand years if the human race is still around then. We think we understand the world around us, but we only understand it because we were either told to believe it that way, or it was proven to be a fact. Either way, like I said Im good now. If he ever comes back, I will see about getting a professional opinion. Only thing with that is I really dont want to end up in a padded room taking my daily "Vitamins" from the orderly. LOL
spooky1   posted:12/15/2011 6:34:24 AM  
IV had my share of being locked up in mental hospitals & I no what people mean when they say "crazy".I don't think ur sick u may have anxiety problems but u don't need a padded room.:) start.writing ur book & countinue to look for answers. And u r right we no next nothing about this world off ours.they discover new animals almost everyday.
spiritech0   posted:12/15/2011 10:19:43 AM  
Maybe Nameless can't come back because he reincarnated and he's busy eating candy. Try dowsing an Atlas til you literally pinpoint where in the world he went. But if the pendulum floats away from the map, good luck finding a starship. And yes, I'm serious.
timelordess_d   posted:12/15/2011 1:54:47 PM  
I liked your story. It was an interesting tale, but I think you should let nameless stay gone. Even though you cared for him and it sounded like he cared for you too, he was still hurting you and that's not right. But if you really feel that you need to connect with him again I think you should try hypnosis. Maybe it could get you to remember more of what you lost so you can contact him. Pleas stay safe and God speed.

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