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Written By: Paranonymous X
Posted: 5/22/2016
It is an interesting observation that reality often times resembles fiction almost to the point where the two are virtually indistinguishable. Fiction offers an escape in which there is this thing called a 'plot' and the plot gives the entire story a point. What is curious is that reality does not seem to easily offer up this same device. No one understands the point to life, but people understand the point of a movie. If movies are reflections in life...where did plot come from?

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Written By: Dr. Greg Little
Posted: 5/12/2016
The aging but still energetic scientist, then 55 years old, had worked for universities and his national government for decades. He traveled frequently in his official position, often alone, and had just begun a leave of absence from his appointed government position. In the past few years he had become obsessed with dreams about life and death, the meaning of life, and many personal, ethical dilemmas that nagged him. His past, it seemed, had become a raging, swirling psychological issue. It needed some sort of recognition and closure, neither of which was the first choice of the scientist. He had tried to forget the strangeness of his past by immersing himself in a quest to understand the natural world. The strategy had worked—until now.

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Written By: Paranormal News
Posted: 4/24/2016
The superstition that the body parts of albinos can transmit magical powers to people is a belief in areas of southern Africa, found most notably around the African Great Lakes region. The belief itself is said to have been promulgated by witchdoctors who are revered and respected by society. They request and then use the parts of albinos as ingredients in certain rituals and potions which are said to bring both wealth and cure disease. As a result, individuals with albinism have been persecuted, dismembered, and killed. Despite the fact that this is the bought and sold vague explanation for what is taking place, a big question remains unanswered: where did this idea even come from? Furthermore, if the body parts themselves can retrieve upwards of $75,000 and Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world with its citizens often living on less than a dollar a day…who’s paying?

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Written By: Paranormal News
Posted: 4/23/2016
Haunted Travels, a new paranormal themed documentary hosted by Ben Hansen, is wrapping up its Kickstarter campaign in the next couple of weeks, with the objective to finish off the editing and hopefully shop it around to TV Networks and turn it into a much longer documentary. Watch a trailer for it here...

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Written By: Paranormal News
Posted: 4/20/2016
Most people have been taught that comic books are what make up modern day mythologies, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, honestly, as people know Superman and Spiderman are not real. Lex Luthor has never been blamed as the culprit behind a real world event as far as I know. What is more feasible is that it is our conspiracy theories that make up modern day mythology, because in a thousand years, there will still be room for debate in sorting out the facts from the fiction—which would not so much be the case if our mythology was based around Marvel comics.

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Written By: Paranormal News
Posted: 4/19/2016
For those with a thirst for Mandela Effects, a new one has recently surfaced that has caused a bit more concern than usual, probably because the elements which have been identified as being in error are a little closer to home: within the human body.

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Written By: Dr. Greg Little
Posted: 3/29/2016
Edgar Cayce was and is the most famous and most-documented psychic in America. While he was best known for his health information, Cayce also spoke of life in the universe during his psychic readings. One important thing that should be stressed about Edgar Cayce’s statements regarding life in the universe is that he made it clear in many readings that human life is composed of souls that pushed themselves into physical matter. According to Cayce, these souls, comprised of vibrational energy created at the beginning of time, had a mission...

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Written By: Alexander Popoff
Posted: 3/10/2016
The analysis of the Fátima prodigy (presumably a religious miracle, UFO and encounter of the third kind, or a meteorological phenomenon) leads us to a surprising result: mankind is under mind control by a mega-civilization.

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Written By: Dr. Gregory Little
Posted: 3/1/2016
The most curious of all books I encountered in my 1980’s search for the origins of the ancient astronaut theory was the Oahspe. For many years, until the late 1990s, there was a popular American magazine that directly focused on the claims made in the Oahspe, which is also called the “Kosmon Bible.” In addition, the Oahspe is intimately related to the rise of Ray Palmer’s once highly successful Fate Magazine. When Palmer discovered the Oahspe he found that the American publisher of the book, Wing Anderson, had died. Palmer bought the mailing list of people who bought copies of the Oahspe from Anderson’s family (some 40,000 people) and used the list to launch Fate with Curtis Fuller (Kripal, 2011). After selling Fate Magazine to the Fullers, Palmer started a publishing company, which reissued the Oahspe.

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Written By: Paranormal News
Posted: 2/25/2016
What could the general public learn if they could afford their own satellite? That is what the CubeSat For Disclosure team wants to find out through their Kickstarter project. Given enough funding, they hope to launch the very first satellite into Low Earth Orbit dedicated exclusively to UFO research and give the data back to the community.

Posted: 2/25/2016 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2561   Submitted By: 0x6a656666   Category: UFOs

Written By: Ben Wand
Posted: 2/24/2016
Bryan responded to my inquiry asking for an interview. He vetted who I was, which I was not prepared for. He also did not provide his last name nor a phone number. He wanted to meet in person at a cemetery. Yeah, I felt some creepiness, as visions of Craigslist sales meetings “gone wrong” danced in my head, but in the end I decided that as long as my wife knew where I was and we were meeting in an open, public location, then it would be fine. Even as I drove there and parked next to a red pickup, I was in a neutral mindset, setting aside my own odd feelings of being in a cemetery in the first place.

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Written By: Sara Gunn-Smith
Posted: 2/10/2016
Belfast, Northern Ireland – Causeway Pictures today released the new trailer for the fascinating upcoming indie documentary Hostage to the Devil. Over 5 years in production, director Marty Stalker has made a film which examines age old questions about the existence of the Devil and the debate over good VS evil, all through the life of a controversial Irish-born Jesuit priest, Fr Malachi Martin.

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Written By: Sean Casteel
Posted: 2/6/2016
Timothy Green Beckley has been in the trenches of the paranormal and psychic wars since the 1960s. He is truly a seasoned veteran when it comes to exploring and speaking out on the strange, the weird, the real-life “Twilight Zones” of human coexistence alongside otherworldly ultra-terrestrials that continue to elude understanding and even definition.

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Written By: TS Caladan
Posted: 2/5/2016
A real intelligent person, a truly enlightened individual, can turn the tables on the dark, secret, so-called Illuminati that rules the world…with a little White Magic of Truth. Yin-Yang. Did you know there is something GOOD behind evil symbols? Why should you? Secret Societies, those part of the Occult, who call themselves the ‘Enlightened ones’ don’t know this until they reach top levels…and not even…

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Written By: Paranonymous X
Posted: 1/14/2016
Psych wards are strange places—you’re put there because you’ve said or done something that makes others question your sanity, or people think you are a threat to others or yourself, and you are there until you finally see the light of day and come around and wake up to how ludicrous you are being and acting. Strangely, however, you are encouraged to talk to the other patients, and this is something that, to this day, I find exceptionally ironic. Why? Because if you actually listen to the other patients, you’ll basically never leave.

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Written By: Paranormal News
Posted: 10/30/2015
Probably a stupid idea. Obviously hypothetical. But in my mind, it makes a hell of a lot of sense, solves a lot of problems, and hey, it gives an overpopulated planet some hope. You see, it COULD HAVE been manufactured, and by considering the idea that a planet such as ours was created from the inside out by an advanced race really opens the door to a number of different possibilities that have never been fully considered. And they are good possibilities for our future. Really good. In fact, in my mind, it modifies our perception on what is possible both in our past...and in our future.

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Written By: Paranormal News
Posted: 4/21/2015
Douglas Adams once visualized a computer and presented it with the problem of finding the ultimate answer to the question of life. The result? 42. Then he wrote about it and made millions of dollars. So obviously, computers are pretty useful. God, I love this intro. Anyway, the questions remain--how useful, can we compete, why do donkeys matter, what does an extraterrestrial race have to do with Medusa, and do we live forever?

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Written By: TS Caladan
Posted: 4/20/2015
Who was Y-Man? What did he want? Was he a she? Was this a visitation from an extraterrestrial? Why did the stranger only appear at night? Was it a hologram that required nighttime to function? Was he a space-age vampire? What was it doing as it materialized and watched on major city rooftops as well as at sites of ancient ruins? Film clips showed the figure simply looked over the planet and people in front of him in the darkness, without weapons or activity of apparatus.

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Written By: TS Caladan
Posted: 3/31/2015
Conclusions of my two-year investigation will not be accepted when I report them, back at home base. It was difficult for my superiors to believe first information that the one once considered 'wickedest man on Earth' was kept alive and will be for some time in the future. They contemplated the awful possibility that when it came to 'free will' of the human race, the reason roads to war were taken before paths to peace, might be because of a single and 'vile consciousness' that remained alive even in the 21st Century?

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Written By: TS Caladan
Posted: 2/8/2015
The following statements could all be true: Stanley Kubrick was a super-genius and the greatest cinematic artist of the 20th Century. Stanley Kubrick was coerced to work for the government and faked the Moon landings that were shown to the public. Stanley Kubrick placed hints of what he had secretly done in a number of his films. Stanley Kubrick was murdered for what he did and what he knew...

Posted: 2/8/2015 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 6582   Submitted By: 0x6a656666   Category: Conspiracy Theories