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Abduction Account--with Photos!

Written By: Raymond Spinosi

Posted: 1/9/2001 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1557   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Aliens
The following is an abduction account written in French by Raymond Spinosi, with photos! I tried my best to translate. If there are any glaring errors, I apologize, but I did as best I could.

-- My first meeting of the "Third Marks" took place in the earth’s mysterious park of the Verdon, at the department of the High Var on the site of a medieval village fortified by Monks belonging with the order of the Temple Soldats (possibly the Knights Templar, ed.). That village names itself Casterallas and is located close to Thorenc, which is the first place on earth where according to the Paramount Tradition - the god’s Celestial Carriage, Thor, is one day himself posed. Following this, when the abbey was constructed it took on the name Thoronet. Thor is thus designated by the sign and is the name of the paramount god of the land.

It is in the middle of the unusual vestiges of this old forgotten village of the world that I experienced my first “Close Contact” encounter. It is necessary to know that on the eve of this event, following an appointment initiated by my Soma contact, an extraterrestrial entity descended from the planet Sorina (?), situated on the periphery of the “Pleiades”. I was inside the chapel of Saint Thyrse situated in the park of the “Verdon” in the department of the High…This land belonged to the first man of the order of the Temple: Hugues of Payen, Lord of the Bourguet, Brenon, Bagarri and Valcros…

This day or rather this night, did mark me for evermore of his/her/its timeless seal. But how do I share what it is that I felt inside this sanctuary, constructed on the primordial temple dedicated to the Etruscan god Tagès? How am I to be able explain to others about how I faced this unusual adventure in which I was the privileged witness? I can only use clumsy words to attempt to reinvoke the emotions that invaded my heart, soul and mind.

It was about 2am in the morning and suddenly I felt a disturbance distinctly different to a vibration as well as an invisible presence. At this point it seemed as though time and space melted away. I remember a whole spiritual alchemy that little by little modified my various plane of conscience. The word ‘Alchemy’ has descended from the Sumerian word ‘Al Chumos’ translating to mean ‘The Flavor of the Sky’.

At the height of my emotional state I found myself in the darkness of this sanctuary. Then a small bluish light formed a spiral above the stone altar. Over a period of a few seconds this light froze as if forming a circle. I approached respectfully, conscious of this grace state and to my surprise I saw a humble cut in the earth that was put on “The Pierre of Sacrifice”.

Instinctively I knew that I was destined to experience something very peculiar. It is at this moment that I heard the voice of my contact explaining to me that on the following day I had to be at the Casterallas Village imperatively during the evening and close to the chapel in ruin. I had an appointment with the “Celestial” Entities.

Hence, I had a night of little sleep in which my dream state mind was being populated by questions and desires of what was to come. I waited patiently for the day to pass sufficiently before heading toward the direction of the “Casterallas”. The hours seemed to flow slowly out of a timeless hourglass.

Then at this particular moment I felt something within, like a “Cosmic Will” guiding me to take the rock that I had placed in a piece of black cloth. The piece of stone had been marked with various esoteric symbols that had been communicated to me. But when the material was unfolded, what was revealed to me at that precise moment stirred within me the second most profound moment of my life. The stone had been transformed to a gold stone on which was incised the deal of the order of the Temple of Provence… " The God Agnus , The lamb of God"… The Spiritual Alchemy had offered me the essential, the gas of the Sky…

When I was delayed of these emotions I made following the strike of the Casterallas, a very big surprise awaited me. After another laborious nocturnal ascension, I finally reached the first buttresses of this picturesque village placed in a soft case of brume. Suddenly, a small light that was smoothly pulsating in space offered itself to me. Then, this point took the shape of a silvery disk that came closer from the " Casterallas " and in some seconds it immobilized himself/itself before me; without noise, without odor, at about hundred meters of altitude. And as I was in deep admiration in front of this cosmic demonstration, I had an Epiphany; at the same instant two bluish vortexes materialized and two beings of type humanoid wearing a silvery combination. They measured about four feet tall and their head was covered by silvery hood; they didn’t speak to me, they were merely immobile and their strange silhouette cut itself in the bluish halo that enveloped them…

They had faces so luminous that I could not distinguish their features. At this precise moment I felt a hand lay itself on my left shoulder. Surprised and afraid, I turned around suddenly where I was faced with yet another similar being to the other two behind me. After a few moments he advanced his left hand in my direction and instantly I heard very distinctly in my mind a voice similar to my very own. It was probably the communication medium that these beings had utilized. But the words themselves became imprinted in my memory, heart, and soul: “Give me this stone, your quest is finished!”

I obeyed this unusual demand and as soon as the stone was in his/her/its hand, a vibration of love, compassion, generosity and light enveloped all my being. Subsequently the three entities vanished and the vessel repositioned itself before disappearing at a dizzying speed, down the eternal spatio-temporal passageways, while carrying away with it the sum of my legitimate interrogations…