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Nothing is as it seems

Written By: Lisa Simmons

Posted: 3/19/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1415   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Mysterious Phenomena
March 12, 2004 
Nothing is as it seems 
When we are talking about the mystery of things, we could really say that the only reasons there seems to be a mystery is because something has yet to be understood, or that the untruth is keeping our focus there, or that it has yet to be found, discovered, and even that could be a result of the previous mentionings. 
From the moment we entered school, the textbooks in school were thought, by our young minds, to be the factual truth of things. From that point we began to believe that anything other than science fiction must be true if it was in writing. While going though that , some of us attended church as a child and were taught that what was “written” in the Bible is in fact TRUTH. On top of this , we, as children were taught to listen to our elders and that they had our best interest at heart, therefore we believed all or at least most of what they said to us and taught us. 
From there we progress into adulthood seeing in our employers and things in the world much injustice – abuse and lies. We become disenchanted with this and seek to CHANGE those that are doing what we know instinctively to be immoral, untrue or unjust. We find that we cannot fight city hall and progress on in our life settling for what we can deal with – what we can put up with in order to get through our daily endeavors. We were in a sense forced to change who we were for what we needed in life. The sins of the Father become the sins of the son . That is a saying that does hold much truth. It is through the handing down from our ancestors that we have become the society we have. 
Were we all taught from the beginning to be humane, to listen to our gut when something was not right, to love and to honor and to respect and many other moral aspects of acting humanely, I don’t believe our world would be where it is today. Oddly enough, personally I believe that the destruction and dismantling of the Native American traditions served as a pivotal point globally. Had we listened, observed, and learned from them, we might find ourselves in a very different place today. 
My point of this article is that I tend to throw out a lot of “what ifs” on this site, in the debate areas and so forth. It is not that I am scattered, it is not that I am seeking to convince anyone of any one thing. It is merely an effort on my behalf to show others that everything is not black and white. We live in a world of duality , until we do not. The only way to know the absolute truth of any one thing is to explore the untruth as well. Remembering of course that truth and untruth exist side by side in all writings written by man – not necessarily because of intention of being deceiving, but by the mere fact that ones knowledge at the time of writing may have been somewhat compromised. Not only this, but what was written at one time period changes as new discoveries are made scientifically, archaeologically and so forth. If we had the whole of everything together, it would be easy to put together that which is most logical, it would be easy to see the truth of it, whatever it may be. The world is not like this and as such requires effort on our part. 
Being Naive has it’s advantages. If one never asks and always believes what they see and hear, then they bear no responsibility should they fail at anything or be incorrect at anything because he said/she said type thing. When one begins to take responsibility to look into what they have read or heard or seen, then one begins to learn to see beyond the illusions of this world. To believe blindly is to be living a life that is not our own but rather someone else’s. Our life in this case would be the product of that which was before us. We can see by looking at the state of the world today that this is perhaps not in everyone’s best interest though it may be to some. 
Whether you are inquiring about Religion, Science, UFO’s, Ghosts, Spirits, Life after death, Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster or whatever your interest may be – it is well to ask yourself why you are having this interest. Is it to entertain you ? If so, look no further. Is it to ascertain what is in fact true and what is not so that you may come to your own personal belief about it ? Is it to seek out how man came to be? Is it to find out what purpose you are here for? Whatever your reason, you cannot take things at face value – nor , in some cases is there physical proof. So what do you do then? 
If I were to start at the beginning it would look something like this. According to most we were created from all that is the creator. The creator made us from the dust of the earth which is also comprised of all that is. That being said, we find that everything effects everything which effects us and vice versa. We find that planetary alignments effect everything, that color, sound, vibration, energy effects everything, we find that our very aura is comprised of the same things a rainbow is, and we find that in order to heal thyself , we must combine one or more elements from everything else. That being said, we are said to be a spiritual being having a human experience. Logically we must come to the conclusion that everything is of the same thing both spiritually/energetically and physically. My point here is also that some things cannot at the moment of inquiry be proven. Not any more than you can PROVE or take a picture of God/Creator and yet you believe in that. If you believe in your creator then you must have had a personal experience that caused this OR you fear being wrong OR you don’t wish to stand up against what is a mass belief.  
Your own belief system is founded on whether you 1. have had a personal first hand experience of it or 2. You have read about it so much so that you have exhausted everything in order to come to your own conclusion or belief. OR both. 
TRUTH is only that. It is not complex. Truth when aligned with the divine creator has but one outcome because it is what it is and nothing more or less. Untruth on the other hand is multifaceted and has multiple infinite outcomes as a result. Where there is chaos there is most definitely without question UNTRUTH. So, here we all are debating this and that, every answer begging another question and yet we cannot seem to get to the TRUTH of it. Perhaps it must start as the TRUTH to end as the TRUTH. Since most, though not all, things of this world have had a hand in it by man it is logical to know that it is comprised, for the most part, of UNTRUTH. Rest assured you shall not find the truth of most things in this lifetime. What you CAN do , is come to the most plausible, logical conclusion based on your own experience and research as is possible for you bearing in mind that it will constantly be challenged with new discoveries. All you must do is allow yourself to be open to the new things that come about and ascertain from them what you will based upon what you believe you already have that you believe is concrete as much as you could make it. 
By believing that we were separated from our creator, we believe ourselves to be limited. As such , we perceive separation and limitation make us vulnerable and therefore we seek to find solace in definites, we seek to have solace in 4 walls in which we have our home, we seek to have something reliable that does not change. The fact is that everything changes and nothing is the same from one nanosecond to the next. The subtle nuances are constantly shifting to and fro. 
The fact is that progression or regression are the only two choices. Which one fits your situation depends upon the amount of USEFUL knowledge you have attained and how you choose to use that knowledge. It is useful to understand that perfection cannot exist in a place where nothing remains the same very long. Perfection is a state of being and since time is an illusion and you are creating the future out of every moment of now, change is the only constant, the ONLY guarantee. Learning to co-exist within that framework and going with the flow rather than against it is the only way to reach a state of peace and harmony. 
But what is the flow you ask? That force which is greater than your own. In water the dominant force is what propels anything within it. If you go against the force, you fight the waves, you go against the current. When you do that, what happens? You stand still. 
What is the dominant force you ask? It is that which existed before us – and the nature of that force is humane. By acting within the attributes of that word, humane, you begin to see how you can co-exist within the framework of that force and become a part of it and flow and enjoy and harmonize. It is this way with all things, people and situations of everyday life.  
It would seem I have gone off track here wouldn’t it? And yet if you look carefully, I have not. You are a part of all those things that you wonder about. You are a part of those things which lies have been told about. All things of this universe are symbolic if not an actual aspect of you. This world and everything, and everyone in it, is our responsibility, it was placed in our care much as a child is to a mother. We can begin to see that how we treat others, the earth and the very things that give us clues to our beginnings come round full circle to either enhance or shadow our lives and our light.  
It is good to ask questions, to wonder at the wonder of it all. It is also good to know your own mind, why you believe as you have chosen to believe, and where your destination is to be, bearing in mind that the destination always moves once we attain it due to infinity and our true limitless existence. The journey is the point and the end is the beginning. 
It is sad that we do not live in a world of humane behavior and truth. All the more reason NOT to mimic it.  
Sometimes truth is simple. You will find it when you cease to look at the complexities surrounding the issue or thing. When you stop looking at the woman for example and see her spirit and suddenly she is beautiful. When you stop judging the lifestyle of a gay person and see the person that is beautiful inside, or when you stop questioning the whole of the religious doctrine and simply see the man, Jesus, and his message. The truth is always the beautiful part. When you learn to see beauty in all things, the shadows will no longer distract you keeping you in the dark. 
Lisa Simmons 
[email protected]