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Religion and an expanded life

Written By: Grant Lawrence

Posted: 3/2/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 820   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Religion
It is unlikely that the majority of people will give up trying to
> build their ego structures or pride. Religion for most is a way to
> separate and to promote one view or belief, which usually means that
> those that hold that view or belief are the chosen or the saved.
> People look for affirmation and appreciation; unfortunately, they are
> conditioned to think that this means putting someone else down or
> condemning them because of a belief in some tenet or faith that
> really has nothing to do with their greater development.
> So, this is a game we play with ourselves and the power structures of
> the world use this to promote separation and division.
> Still, the benefits of rejecting such a view are great. Even if only
> one person is able to become congruent and align with the
> the flow of life, then that one receives those benefits of such an
> expanded life.
> Friends, what are the benefits?
> The benefits are a clearer vision. An appreciation and Love for life.
> A desire to serve and to help. We begin to lose the money lust.
> We are not as easily conditioned by the world. Sure we suffer; but,
> our suffering is lessened in the meaning and significance that we
> have given to our life. Finally, we deeply feel a connection with
> life and we begin to feel and understand that we are all a part of
> that ONE life. Obviously, we would like others to enjoy the benefits
> of wholeness and integration because we want others to feel that
> Love, joy, and release. Also, we know that the benefits to society
> would be great so we try to help with understanding and Love when
> possible.
> So, this expanded life is in many ways is at odds with what the world
> considers a religious life. But, we know that if only one person
> lives that life then that one person will receive the benefits.
> Still, we welcome all to come join us
> Grant Lawrence